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What is Spyware?

Spyware, adware, malware, trackware, etc. are tracking devices that are maliciously placed on your computer to track and record your computer use and your surfing habits. These agents are innocently picked up by your computer, without your knowledge, while your're surfing the net.

Spyware and Adware are becoming a real nuisance for computer owners. Reliable sources such as the National Cyber Security Alliance put the percentage of computers infected with spyware/adware at 90%.

These agents can infect your PC's operating system - slowing it down and interfering with the smooth running of your computer. These unwanted visitors are becoming a major headache for many computer owners.

They also pose a greater threat - concerning Identity Theft and the Invasion of your Privacy. This may potentially result in serious financial and legal problems not of your own making! Many people are innocently unaware of these programs silently running on their computers.

If you have reached this page - you must be concerned about this problem. Now is the time for action. The solution is simple - Strike first!

Preventive action is the best way to deal with spyware and adware. Nuke these problems before they can get a foot-hold on your computer. Stop them from even entering your computer's system. And if you already have spyware on your computer - don't worry - just try the programs listed below to remove any spyware and to prevent any further infections.

These Highly Rated Spyware Removal Software Products are some of the most effective and comprehensive you will find to remove spyware and adware from your PC.

Try this link to Remove Spyware Strike from your computer:::: Click Here!

Or This Guide RECOMMENDS: Spyware Doctor for removal of Spyware Strike - Just Click The Box Below!

Just running the Spyware Doctor will find and delete most of the infected files from your registry. Please Note - You can find the corrupt files by running the Free Doc, but you will have to shell out $30 to get the Program to delete the files for you or you can delete them manually yourself. Either way you may still have to manually rename 'wiatwain.dll' to something else, then restart and delete it. One way to solve your problem with Spyware Strike.

Spyware Doctor *****

SpywareDoctor comes highly rated - making many 'five-out-of-five' top lists including Tucows and Cnet. This software is very comprehensive, easily tracking malicious agents like adware, trojans, malware, and trackware. It provides real-time protection against all these nasty spyware agents. Try 'SpywareDoctor' by PC Tools. Highly recommended.

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