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... How To Clean LCD Screens

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Home Made Solution

 Most experts suggest you can use a 50/50 cleaning  solution of distilled water and isopropyl alcohol. You  should use a soft cloth such as an old cotton T-shirt or  handkerchief. Don't use tap-water, tissues, paper  towels or ordinary dish cloths.

 Shut down any devices before cleaning. Dampen your  large cleaning cloth with your solution and apply very  gentle pressure, cleaning the display in a circular  motion. Let dry before turning your device back on.

 Word of Caution  - you should always check your owner's manual  for the recommended cleaning method for your LCD TV or Laptop  Screen.

 LCD Screens .......... Quick Cleaning Tips & Guide

Restore All Your LCD Screens To Like New Condition

Dust, dirt, smears and smudges can ruin your full enjoyment of your LCD screens, monitors, and TVs. Use these cleaning tips and recommendations to restore all your favorite LCD screens and monitors back to their original conditions.

Bring all your LCD screens back to life...

Cleaning Guide for LCD, Plasma and Laptop Screen Monitors

Our recommended cleaning solutions for all your LCD screens:

MircroFiber Cloths & Wipes

These are new, revolutionary microfiber cloths which allow for an unequaled cleaning.

These heavy weight, non-damaging, lint free, and washable/reusable cloths will
safely clean all your electronic monitors, displays, laptops, HDTV, Plasma Screen
TVs.... Use in conjuction with iKlear or Klear Screen cleaners.

Price:$12.95 Klear Screen Micro-Chamois (16-inch x 16-inch)

Klear Micro Chamois

Totally washable and reusable, these optical grade cloths will clean any LCD
screen without any damage - to be used with the iKlear or Klear Screen Formula.
Includes One Large Micro-Chamois Polishing Cloth and iKlear Wet/Dry Travel Single.

Price: $11.11 Klear Screen iKlear Micro Chamois Kloth

Klear Travel Singles

iKlear travel cleaners are perfect for cleaning all your LCD screens when you're traveling.
Laptops, cameras, PDAs... convenient and handy.

Price: $9.99 KLEARSCREEN iKlear Travel Cleaner Singles

Please Contact us with any unique ways of cleaning a LCD screen that has worked for you.

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