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BlogID comes highly recommended. Create your OWN blog and join the wave of the future - the old static html website is gone! The new RSS driven sites are ready to take over the web. All technologies change - anyone remember the 8 track? the video cassette? Blogs and RSS is just a better way of doing websites. It's does a better job of getting your information 'out there'.
Full power and easy to use - BlogId comes with 1 GB of space - your name 'dot' com and your name 'email' address. Brand your name, company, hobby, etc. with this new technology. Excellent for new ventures just starting up...get your message 'out there'. Convenient and powerful - it will give you an added advantage over other static websites. All your content can be 'syndicated' with one click. Try this new technology today. You can use the form below to make a quick check to see if your name is still available!

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