What level is your networking career at?

Each person in network marketing will usually go through FOUR distinct mind set levels in their career. By the time they reach the 4th mind set they are probably working full time in the industry and already earning a substantial income.

The first mind set is Excitement. Or blind ignorance. You think... Everyone should want to do this! This is so easy, all I have to do is find a certain number of people to follow me.

Within a few months (about 90 days) you start to realize that finding "a certain number of people" is not the answer.

You have now reached the Confusion Level and start thinking I must not have what it takes to make it. I really have to learn this business. Unfortunately, this is where most people quit. They realize online marketing takes hard work.

If you make it through the Confusion stage you will eventually arrive at the Competent mind set. At this point you have "Gotten Plugged Into A Leader" who teaches duplication systems and you have decided to try them.

At this Level recruiting is no longer a problem but you begin to understand that recruiting is just the beginning and SPONSORING is the real answer. Properly Sponsoring people in this wonderful industry provides the most rewards and benefits.

You are at the highest level possible for recruiting in network marketing. When you get to the Sponsoring Level your success has arrived or is about to. By now you have discovered that even brand new people can get to this level quickly and easily with the proper tools, sponsors and a little training! You learn success is not finding people - it's developing people.

If a person does not develop all the way to the 4th mind set level - they will usually quit and run around crying, "Network Marketing Stinks". This is because they may have recruited a lot of people but did not work to build their business or teach those people how to repeat the process. Their business fails.

Imagine if you could skip years of frustration and go right to the Sponsoring Level. I have been operating at this level for awhile now and all I can say is this - it's worth whatever you have to do to get to this level.

Which level are you currently at? Are you ready to get with a program? Are you ready to go to the next level?

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