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First Day of the Rest Of Your Life

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First Day of the Rest Of Your Life

My first day was around 8 or 9 years ago, when I started
my first website. And I haven’t looked back since, but getting
was the hardest part.

Just doing it.

I was full of doubts and I was very, very skeptic not only
about starting a site but also about the net, which was more
of a novelty back then. Today, I am just glad I made that first
start and never gave up.

Since that time I have created many sites and helped many
get started online, including family members. My brother now
several sites and is also starting to see those sales come in…


He is much more computer tech savvy than me and even has a
couple of years of training in the “IT” field. Both of us are
now helping our sister build her first site.

I won’t lie to you… starting a site and getting all the
linking and SEO right is a bit tricky. So too is picking a
niche market that’s lucrative but not too competitive is probably
the hardest part.

Been there, done that.

Actually, when all is said and done, the hardest part is just
getting started. Doing some marketing research, picking your
keywords, buying that domain and then creating your site and

The key is to start small… plan on building a 4 or 5 page
site at first and then keep growing as you find out more about
your chosen subject.

I have said this a hundred times… all this web stuff is not
rocket science. It’s just a matter of finding a topic or subject
you really enjoy and creating a site about it.

It does help to have a flare for writing but now that videos
are taking over, even that is less important. You can just
talk and record videos on your subject.

But making that first start is always the hardest part. Once
you get over that hurdle, you will probably be like me, thanking
your lucky stars every day that you got involved with web marketing.

You won’t be alone, there are hundreds of thousands, perhaps
even millions who have done the same thing.

Sometimes it’s helpful to find out how some of these people
got started and where they ended up. Ken Evoy of SiteBuildIt
(one of my highest recommendation for newcomers) has created
a page giving examples of ordinary people who have started
web sites and web businesses.

Telling what they were doing before and after they started
their web sites. It makes for very compelling viewing, especially
if you’re seriously thinking about venturing down the same

Anyway give it a look if you’re interested in starting the
First Day of the Rest of Your Life:

SBI SiteBuildIt Review

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