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Bizwaremagic Launches Its First Viral Marketing Campaign

Bizwaremagic Launches Its First Viral Marketing Campaign
(And Needs Your Help!)

These days they say everything should be viral – including one’s promotion and marketing. More essential, because of the ever-increasing importance of social media, webmasters and online promoters should not ignore this viral element in their campaigns. Instead, the experts suggest because of the nature of the Internet, viral marketing/promotion should be embraced and even exploited.

Easier said than done.

Getting an image, video or web content to go viral is extremely difficult. It’s like trying to read human nature and then having all the cards fall into place. One never knows what will catch a browser’s attention and compel that said viewer or reader to share your content.

Short of cute talking kittens and sneezing pandas, creating a viral campaign of any kind is an “iffy” business. Combine this tricky feat with marketing and one is entering a virtual minefield – no pun intended. Chances are extremely high your so-called viral content may just stay static, and the only place it will go viral is in your own mind.

However, life would be no fun if everything was easy to do. And we would all be heroes or at least heroes for just one day as the song goes!

Actually, years ago, I did have a web page go viral. Well, in this case, it delivered some extra 70k visitors to my site in one day. Guess that was a viral event, one of my site’s articles was featured on the front page of Digg.com, and many sites picked it up or linked to it. This so-called viral event gave me a good chance to study this kind of web traffic, and I naturally wrote an article about it located here.

Usually, viral content has to appeal strongly to the emotions, the absurd or the funny bone. It this content can quickly capture a strong sentiment or belief – it has a much better chance of being “liked and shared” in the many different social media sites – with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ being the major venues.

In my modest opinion, this viral content must also have a strong visual element or appeal. Catching eyeballs is the name of the game. Strong visual images are needed to catch the attention of these eyeballs as they scroll news feeds at ever increasing speeds. It’s all about the hook.

This year I am creating some (hopefully) viral content around Black Friday. This campaign will consist of different images/banners/content revolving around this annual shopping holiday/frenzy that happens on the Friday after Thanksgiving in the States. This shopping event and the days surrounding it (including Cyber Monday) has become an important revenue generator for many merchants – online and in the real world.

As an online marketer, it also has been proven to be my most lucrative time to market on the web. Some may find the emphasis on marketing to be somewhat crass but doing affiliate marketing allows me the freedom to create content and have fun on the web. Don’t knock it until you have tried it.

However, I find it’s a delicate balance, so I try to supply valuable/helpful content along with all those affiliate links to soften the blow. Information first, selling later. Nobody likes the hard-sell, including myself.

So with all this in mind, this year I thought I would try some humor with my marketing. I am also exploring the whole hashtag field with the “#blackfriday = #theshoppingdead” idea. Many people have come to hate the whole concept of Black Friday with all its heavy-handed commercialism and mindless buying frenzy. I do believe we all become “the shopping dead” around this time – bouncing from one great deal to the next. Most of us do lose our brains in the process.

Black Friday - The Shopping Dead

I am a huge fan of AMC’s The Walking Dead, and it has become an integral part of popular culture. Here I am making an editorial comparison between it and the frenzied buying associated with these shopping holidays. Might be unfair criticism or parody, but it perfectly symbolizes the brainless consumerism associated with Black Friday.

Regardless, I am also featuring this whole “don’t go brainless” concept with the promotion of my own buying guides I have on my sites – especially the Laptop Buyer’s Guide and the Corporate Business Gifts Guide which have always proven popular during the Holiday Season. Granted, I have always heavily promoted during Black Friday/Cyber Monday and will do so again this year.

Download Our Free Laptop Buyer's Checklist PDF

Do Not Go Brainless Into That Good Store

Corporate Business Gifts - The Shopping Dead

4 Nifty Ways To Find The Best Online Deals

4 Nifty Ways To Find The Best Online Deals

If you agree with any of what you have read or like the content associated with it, please share one or two of the images on this page and help make this content go viral. Might sound simplistic, but you never know where that first share, like or pin will end up.

Titus Hoskins

Amazon Holiday Gift Guides - The Shopping Dead

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Should You Use YouTube, Twitter, Facebook… In Your Marketing?

BWMagic’s Internet Marketing Newsletter

Should You Use YouTube, Twitter, Facebook… In Your Marketing?

First, I must admit to you that social media sites like Twitter, YouTube,
Facebook… are not my thing. I frankly don’t like them but that hasn’t
stopped me from using them to my advantage.

I find Twitter way too silly and Facebook way too nosy… the one in
the whole bunch which I like the best is YouTube and even that comes
with a lot of qualifiers.

But it’s not so much the sites themselves, it has to do with age and
old habits. I can remember a time when marketing on the web didn’t
include any of the above because they just didn’t exist. Life was a
lot simpler then – all you had to be concerned about was creating great
content and building your keyword rankings.

However, you have to change and adapt with the times or you will quickly
lose out to those who can change their marketing on a dime. So despite
my own feelings, I use all these social networking sites and tie them
in to all my online promotions.

One of the underlying strategies web marketing demands is that you firmly
place your content in the whole mix of what’s happening on the net. The
more you connect your content to all involved parties, the less Google
can ignore your content.

The biggest mistake most beginning webmasters and companies make – they
create a perfectly good site and place it on the web. Then they patiently
wait for something to happen…

…many are still waiting!

That’s not how it’s done, at least not in my case. You have to become
pro-active, you have to get out there and actively promote your site.
Write articles, join forums, make comments, tweet your content, create
related videos, build a fan base, build your lists… in other words,
get involved with the web.

The more you get involved and the more you can get your content tied
up in the whole discussion of the web, the faster you will succeed.

These new social/networking sites makes it very easy to get your content
noticed and into the whole mix. Google can’t ignore your content if
1000’s are re-tweeting it, Google can’t ignore your video if 1000’s of
tubers are giving it the thumbs-up, Google can’t ignore your latest
article if 1000’s are clicking the “like” button…

…you will get Google’s attention.

This is all important because Google controls 70% – 80% of the search
traffic and getting listed at the top of Google is still the key to
succeeding on the web. These sites can help you get that Google traffic
and that’s the main reason you should use them.

Now, the one I like the best is YouTube, not because it is owned by
Google, but a well made video can jump instantly onto the first page
of Google for some very popular/lucrative keywords.

No SEO, no backlinks, no on-page optimization… your video is on the
first page and in some lucky cases, stays there for months at a time.

And this doesn’t take into consideration that people are now by-passing
the search engines and using sites like YouTube to do their searches –
finding their answers in videos, rather than using an ordinary search engine.

Another reason why I really like YouTube is that you can quickly build
a community around your content. You can quickly build your list of
subscribers and friends… all making comments and adding video responses
to your channel.

Plus, these channels can be super targeted… you can have one on web
marketing, you can have one on list building… in other words, you can
have a channel on each topic area of your site.

Then there is the whole nature of videos themselves, people like them
and they like getting their information in video form. It is more universal
and you will reach more viewers, many wouldn’t be caught dead reading
your article but will watch an interesting video based on that article.

In addition, I believe YouTube will only grow in importance in the future.
This is based on some recent developments – CNN reports that Google plans
to spend 100 million on original programing to create 20 premium channels.

And recently when Larry Page took back the CEO job at Google, he created
vice presidents in seven key areas – YouTube and video was solidly in the
mix with search, social, Chrome, mobile, local and ads. This shows that
Google is placing a lot of importance and emphasis on YouTube going forward.

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