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Independence Day Sale – Get 33% Off Ken Evoy’s SBI & bizXpress

Independence Day Sale – Get 33% Off Ken Evoy’s SBI & bizXpress

Independence Special

SBI Independence Day Sale – 33% OFF
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Sitesell’s popular web hosting packages from SBI! & bizXpress
(WordPress Version) have always been a favorite promotion on
the Bizwaremagic.com site. This is mainly because Ken Evoy’s
products over-deliver, not only on quality but also on all
the different features involved in these hosting packages.

They come highly recommended, especially for the beginning
webmaster or site builder who may need extra instructions
on how it is all done.

SBI and bizXpress will give you step-by-step instructions
on how to create a site. The material is extensive and can
be a little overwhelming but well worth it – if one puts
in the time and effort to truly work the tools given by

No other web-building system on the web even comes close to SBI!

However, don’t jump to the wrong conclusion, building an
online business will take much hard work and some time.
Nothing happens overnight, and this is not one of these
“get rich quick” deals… put that thought far from your

These hosting/site building packages will give you all the
tools you need to construct a very SEO friendly site and more
importantly it will tell you what “Not To Do” when building a site.

Perhaps, the most important part of the whole SBI and Sitesell
is the very active online forum which comes with these packages.
These active members will go out of their way to help beginning
and/or seasoned webmasters. It is this community, which has
built up around SBI over the years, that gives these packages
true value and worth.

This Independence Day you can check out these hosting deals
and seriously consider giving yourself a decent shot at your
own online independence. Believe me, the lifestyle cannot be beat.

Sitesell and Ken Evoy, for the first time, is offering 33%
off both SBI! and bizXpress with this Independence Day Sale.
This might just be the right time to check out these hosting

You can find our review of SBI: here.

Kind Regards,
+Titus Hoskins

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Some Thoughts Upon Getting My OWN SiteSell Sub-domain


Some Thoughts Upon Getting My OWN SiteSell Sub-domain

I have promoted Ken Evoy’s SiteSell hosting/marketing system for years.
It is a marketing system I believe in and promote whenever I get the chance.
Sure, it’s an affiliate program and some people say you’re only promoting
it because you can make a few pennies doing it.

However, what those same people don’t realize, I am a full-time online
marketer and have been for over 5 or 6 years. I can promote any affiliate
product and probably make a few pennies doing it. But I have learned over
the years it is much, much easier to promote quality programs and quality
products on the web.

SiteSell and SiteBuildIt fit that bill perfectly.

Certain products just sell themselves and SiteSell’s SiteBuildIt (SBI) has
been one of my best affiliate products. People just don’t buy this complete hosting
and marketing package once. They keep buying it year after year, once they
realize what a quality program it is and the benefits it can bring them.

From the beginning, besides the professional quality, what impressed me most
about Ken Evoy and SiteSell was the sheer amount of marketing knowledge and
tools which comes with this product. SiteSell is a whole marketing package
and it is this total package which really caught my eye years ago.

Most of all, it is the whole community which surrounds SBI which makes
it so appealing, especially for the beginning webmaster or online marketer
who needs a little help along the way. It is the forum connected to this
community which is SiteSell’s biggest asset. Knowledge is everything on
the web and you won’t find a group more willing to share than SBIers.

Internet marketing is a very complex subject and getting more complex
as the web evolves… just imagine a few years ago we didn’t even have
sites like FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube… keeping up with all the latest
information and software programs you need to successfully run a modern
website boggles the mind.

Ken Evoy’s whole marketing system keeps you in the know. His team does
all the hard work and members reap the benefits. As new hosting or marketing
requirements come online, SiteSell is right there – offering its members
the latest programs and tools they can use to stay on top of it all.

Over the years, one of the biggest complaints I hear about SBI or SiteSell,
it COSTS more than other hosting on the web.

Yes, you can get much cheaper hosting from other places, but you won’t
be able to get all the programs and software which comes with a SBI site.
Nor will you be able to get the information you need to get you started
and the information you need to keep you progressing.

SBI supplies all of the above. It checks all your online marketing boxes.

If you’re serious about starting an online website or business, you want
a complete hosting/marketing program which will deliver all the goods.
SBI and Ken Evoy does that. Plain and simple.

Actually, the only other complaint I hear from people who I refer
to SiteSell, there’s just too much information. The sheer amount of
information and programs supplied by the SBI system can be more than
a little overwhelming, especially for beginning webmasters or marketers.

However, if you take it one step at a time and go the video training route,
most newcomers quickly adjust to all the information being supplied. And
again, it is the forum with its whole community of SBI users which comes
to the rescue – there is nothing like getting tips and help from people
who have gone down the same road as you have.

SiteSell is the complete package. It will take you step-by-step through
the whole process of creating your online website. It will also give you
all the marketing tools and programs you need to succeed on the web. It
will help you create your own online business if that is your goal.

For businesses or companies, SiteSell does offer marketing packages which
will do all the hard work for you and run your online site. For those
companies which want an online presence but don’t want to do the actual
day-to-day running of a site, this can be an attractive solution.

Overall, Ken Evoy and SiteSell is a very professional and very complete
online hosting/marketing package which won’t disappoint. It gives you
everything you need to start and run an online site or business. Sure,
it costs a little more than other hosting packages, but in this world
you get what you pay for and you will soon discover what you get from
SiteSell is simply priceless.

And I am not just saying that because they gave me a Sub-domain. Honest!

SBI SiteBuildIt Review

Titus Hoskins