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My Google+ Impressions & Another Possible SEO Development

BWMagic’s Internet Marketing Newsletter

My Google+ Impressions & Another Possible SEO Development

Google Spot!

So far I am really impressed with Google+, it’s clean,
simple and very easy to use. As I have said before, I am
not into the whole “social” scene as it is not my cup
of tea, but I do have a lot of these programs like Twitter,
MySpace, YouTube, Facebook… to promote my websites and
online marketing.

I have never been a very big user of Facebook, I log in
once or twice every two months or so… only to discover I
have missed someone’s birthday and people are ticked off
at me. Besides, one of my major problems with Facebook, I
can’t separate my business contacts with my close friends and
family. You simply don’t want your business associates to
know or see what you did at yesterday’s outdoor BBQ or that
all night anniversary party that ended when the sun came up.

Now with Google+ and the “Circles” feature you can keep or
separate your different types of contacts into different
groups. You can share the real private stuff only with
those close friends and family – as it should be.

This will be a major selling point for Google+ and one
of its biggest drawing cards.

Sure Facebook will lose more than a few users but does
it really have to worry? I don’t think so… at least not
in the short term.

When I asked my sister about Google+, she said, “What
is Google+?”

Could be wrong but that may be a common answer with
many die-hard Facebook users. They simply don’t know
about Google+ and/or couldn’t care less.

My sister logs into Facebook each morning to check what’s
happening among her contacts… she and people like her won’t
be switching over to Google+ any time soon.

Computer geeks and marketing types… have probably already
switched over to Google+, but considering the world population
as a whole, these users will be a small minority.

More than a few social experts have said, it is Twitter who
really has to worry about Google+ and I agree. This new program
from Google has more of an appeal to me as a Twitter
user than a Facebook user.

In other words, my Facebook contacts can stay where they are,
and I have no intention of moving then over to Google+.
However, I can’t say the same thing about my Twitter contacts,
I want them in my Google+ account… if I am not alone in
that feeling, then Google+ could spell big trouble for Twitter.

First Impressions

First impressions, Google+ feels like an expanded version of
Twitter, designed for those who find 142 characters just too

My Predictions for what they’re worth, the outlook for Google+
seems very promising… and not because it’s a Facebook replacement
or even a Twitter replacement. Google+ might just become
a vital key element of Google, if millions upon millions,
of its members use G+ as their starting point for “all things
Google” .

I have been saying for years that Google should connect
all their countless programs together in a “portal” or one
entry point.

This could be it.

If Google users use Google+ as their starting point
for “all things Google” then Google+ will be a roaring
success. Not just as a social networking site, but as
your own personal link to Google. I don’t believe any other
program like iGoogle, Google Profiles, Google Buzz… quite
filled that bill. Never really captured the hearts of users,
Google+ may just be the answer. It may just do the trick.

Regardless, for webmasters and especially for online marketers,
Google+ is a must have marketing tool. Combined with the Google+
button, it will play a major part in SEO and/or your Google rankings
in the years to come.

Add Me To Your Google+ Circles:

Titus Hoskins+

Another Possible SEO Development

WebProNews is making the argument that Google may be
re-designing its results pages or how they list their
search results. Google is testing a page layout where
the left table will move down as you scroll down…
at the moment it is static and remains at the top.

Many people believe Google is doing this so that
search results in the future will all be listed on
one page… like we now have in Google Image Search.

If Google does make this change – it will mean that
2nd and 3rd page results will be immediately visible
as you scroll down. Could make a big difference in
how much traffic you get because most Google users don’t
click beyond the first page.

I find using Google Image search really great just because
you don’t have to click to another page, like you have
to do in say – Yahoo Image Search.

As I have already told you before, Google is already using
“Authorship Markup”… you can tag your content/listing
with your author’s page and photo. If Google search results
are all listed on one page, having your photo next to your
listing will definitely make it more visible and you will
get more clicks or traffic than links which don’t have it.

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Can Google+ Stop Facebook From Becoming The Top Site On The Web?

BWMagic’s Internet Marketing Newsletter

Can Google+ Stop Facebook From Becoming The #1 Site On The Web?

Google Spot!


How To Join Google+

I am seeing a lot sites/people using the “invite”
to Google+ to build their contact list, get clicks…

don’t be deceived!


Can Google+ Stop Facebook From Becoming The #1 Site On The Web?

All the talk this week has been about Google+ and can it beat
Facebook at the social networking game? If you just examine the
Alexa numbers alone… you will see that Facebook is beating Google
hands-down in some very important traffic stats.

Actually, in both May and June, Facebook knocked Google out of the
number one position a couple of times, you can see this if you
compare the stats for Google and Facebook in Alexa. But where Facebook
must have Google really concerned is in the number of “Pageviews”
and “Time Spent on Site” – Facebook easily wins the day.

Google had to do something to compete with Facebook, otherwise
Google would have to give up its position as the #1 site on the web.
Perception is everything on the web and Google would lose both
revenues and reputation, if it has to settle for second place.

Will Google+ become popular?

Google+ might catch on or it might not, anyone remember Google Buzz,
Google Wave, or even iGoogle – those haven’t exactly been knockouts
with 3/4 of a billion users?

Right now, Google+ is getting some good press – like this PC World
article giving “9 Reasons To Switch From Facebook to Google+”


The whole “Trust” angle could be a major factor in the success
of Google+… I believe Google has built up a lot of trust with
web surfers, this could bring onboard a lot of users.

But even with some good press and some good reviews, especially
when it comes to the “Circle” feature of grouping friends, doesn’t
mean hundreds of millions will be leaving Facebook for Google+.

Once you have all your networks built up in Facebook, many
people are not going to jump ship just because another program
comes along, even if it’s from Google. Then again, we always
have to remember, the Internet is very “fluid” and changes

MySpace was once the most popular Facebook!

But many web users will always think of Google as a Search Engine
and leave it at that; they will keep their social connections

However, Google+ only has to cut into Facebook’s numbers, to
knock Facebook back down a couple of pegs. And/or to stop Facebook
from getting to a Billion Users, which will have its own bragging

Of course, I look at all this stuff from an SEO viewpoint, Google+
will give Google another powerful way to rank web content. It will
be another large pool of data Google can draw upon to discover
what content, sites, videos, articles… users are sharing and

I believe a major SEO shift is happening in the background…

Instead of just backlinks, Google is now looking more closely at
your whole site and content, ranking it accordingly. Google MAY
also be getting ready to switch more of their ranking signals
towards their OWN data coming from 160+ million Google Chrome users,
the new Google +1 Button and the even newer Google+ social networking
platform we are talking about here.

Plus, Google also has all that data from Youtube, Google Analytics,
Adsense and Adwords… and of course, all that countless data from
it’s own search engine and how people use it.

In addition, we have big major changes on the horizon with ICANN’s new
“generic” or “dot anything” domains coming next year. This could
really switch up the whole Seo/Ranking game.

But remember, Google is always in control… just recently they
de-indexed ALL “co.cc” domains for too many spamny links and for
violating Google rules. All the sub-domains gone – vanished from
Google in one instant. If any of these new “generic” domains
goes down the same spammy road, Google can just de-list the
domain. Scary to say the least…

This also shows, regardless of how the Facebook vs Google+
plays out, Google is still in the driver’s seat and wheels
enormous power on the web. If I were Facebook, I would be
adding new features like video chat… and keeping a close
eye on what Google is doing with Google Plus.

If you want other views/opinions on Google+, here’s a very
good post from Webpronews:


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Google Ranking Factors According To 132 SEO Experts

BWMagic’s Internet Marketing Newsletter

Google Ranking Factors According To 132 SEO Experts

Google Spot!

Just about every year or so, SEOmoz.com comes out with a
list of Google ranking factors (Google calls these things
signals) compiled by a list of SEO experts. This year they
used 132 SEO experts examining data from over 10,000 Google
search results.

I always find this an interesting read and usually come away
with a feeling of how these SEO experts believe Google ranks
pages and sites. If you’re trying to get those top Google rankings,
you should look closely at their findings here:


According to these experts here’s a brief overall summary of
these ranking factors or signals.

2011 Ranking Factors:

Page Level Link Metrics – 21.45%

Domain Level Link Authority Features – 21.13%

Page Level Keyword Usage – 14.93%

Domain Level Keyword Usage – 10.73%

Page Level Social Metrics – 7.22%

Domain Level Brand Metrics – 6.78%

Page Level Keyword Agnostic Features – 6.74%

Page Level Traffic/Query Data – 6.26

Domain Level Keyword Agnostic Features – 4.92

Now Compare these to the…

2009 Ranking Factors:

Trust/Authority of The Host Domain – 23.87%

Link Popularity of The Specific Page – 22.33%

Anchor Text of External Links to the Page – 20.26%

On-Page Keyword Usage – 15.04%

Registration + Hosting Data – 6.91%

Traffc + CTR Data – 6.29%

Social Graph Metrics – 5.30%

Could be just me, but I kinda believe SEOmoz in the
latest rankings is guilty of stating these factors in
a more complicated manner than they should be or how
Seomoz has explained these in the past. For heaven’s sake,
“Agnostic Features”??? Do they mean independent features?

Some companies who charge for SEO services, have a way of
making all this SEO sound complex and complicated. Just wish
they would “dumb it down” instead of “complicating it up”.

For me, achieving and maintaining top rankings in Google has
always come down to producing a steady flow of content (articles,
blog posts, press releases, videos…) with my targeted keywords
in the anchor text of the links pointing back to my ranked pages
in Google.

Quite frankly, without quality backlinks, I don’t see someone
getting to those top spots in Google for extremely competitive
keywords. Now, if you have the exact .com domain phrase, more
than likely you will rank high for that keyword, if it is not
too competitive.

I try to get “do follow” links, but “no follow” links are also
very good, especially if they come from authority sites. Many of
the above experts also believe “no follow” links do pass along
some PR.

Now these latest 2011 ranking factors seem to be pointing to more
“on-page” factors… page and domain linking structure, keyword
structure, site quality, right optimization, social media usage
and so on.

In other words, SEOmoz and their SEO experts are saying the way
you have your site and pages designed has become more important
to how Google ranks your content. Social media indicators are much
stronger and links are still important but rather than raw quantity,
try to diversify your links because those .edu and .gov are more
important than ever. These experts also think Facebook nods are
better than Twitter.

Keywords are Still King

You should pay special attention to your keyword or keywords when
creating your webpage. Keep it at the beginning of your title, place
it in your Meta Tags, place it in the H1 tags, first 100 words or
even the first word in your content, last 100 words, place it in
bold or italics, in internal anchor text links to this page, alt
image attributes, place it in the URL…

After Google’s Panda Update there seems to be a general shift
away from “off-page” factors to “on-page” factors. More emphasis
is being placed on the quality of your site and the layout of your
content. On-page and social media metrics have moved up in importance.
Backlinks have moved down…

Unique Content is More Important

Having unique content has always been important, but I believe it
has taken a jump up – after Panda. These experts also agree unique
content is important. In the survey, the importance of having unique
content across your whole site came in at 89.4% and with freshness of
content at 74.9%. Other factors include bounce rate, click thru data,
number of error pages, age of site, page speed load times, other sites
on IP address, number of hyphens and characters in domain name, length
of time before domain expires… one final note, may have missed it,
but I didn’t see the “country” or “where” your IP address is located
makes a difference in how you rank in Google.

At least that’s my reading of these latest factors from SEOmoz and of
course, I always like to get other people’s take on these rankings.
WebProNews has a very good summary/opinions on these Google Ranking
factors from SEOmoz here:


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