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Is Recovery From Google’s Penguin Impossible

Is Recovery From Google’s Penguin Impossible?

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Is There Life After Google Penguin?
Written by Titus Hoskins

Don’t know why reading a very informative article by Ben Pfeiffer
on Seroundtable entitled You May Never Recover From Google’s Penguin
came as a shock to me. Recovery from Penguin or any Google
Blacklisting may be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

This really seems to be the case with Penguin and not so much
with Panda, where site/content changes can bring back some former
Google traffic. However, with Penguin the doors may have been
permanently closed – your site’s link reputation has doomed it
from EVER getting any significant traffic from Google again
– especially from lucrative income producing keywords.

And it’s not like we weren’t warned since Matt Cutts said, at
the very beginning with Penguin – get rid of your domain and
start over. Forget your site, regardless of age or reputation,
and transfer your contents to a new domain if you want to get
traffic from Google.

Maybe Cutts didn’t phrase it in those exact words but that’s
the underlying theme of what’s been reported online in posts
and videos.

While we wait for another major Penguin Update coming in 2013,
one really has to wonder if all the link changes and link
removals will make a difference to how Google sees your site.
Will even using the Google Link Disavow Tool fix what Google
believes to be your “Spammy Link Profile” attached to your domain?

Perhaps the final verdict will be clearly seen in this next
Penguin Update, but for the moment, it looks like Google has
definitely “Blacklisted” certain URLs and recovery from this
“Blacklist” will be impossible. Once your site is marked, it’s
game over as far as Google is concerned.

Even more alarming, all those countless hours fixing problems
and trying to please Google, may have been a total waste of
valuable time for many site owners affected by the latest
Google fallout.

To find out more on this subject go here:
Special Report On Marketing After Google Panda/Penguin

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Reactions To The Latest Google Panda 2.5.2 Update

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My Reactions To The Latest Google Panda 2.5.2 Update

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Ouch Google! That Really Hurts… My Reactions To
The Latest Panda 2.5.2 Update

Last week, for the first time in over 10 years, one of Google’s updates
hit one of my sites. Most of my other sites weren’t affected and the ones
with the “keyword specific” domains actually when up in the rankings.
Also those sites which were narrowly focused on one topic or subject
area fared the best.

This was the Panda 2.5.2 update as some webmasters are calling it.

Matts Cutts of Google, warned there would be “minor flux” in the
listings over the next couple of weeks, but there is nothing “minor”
about it, especially if it was one of your sites that lost the traffic.

I take these Updates in stride and try to keep my sense of humor about
the whole thing, but it usually means I have to do more press releases,
unique articles, videos, blog posts… to get some of the affected keywords
back up higher in Google. However, this couldn’t come at a worst time
as we’re heading into the lucrative holiday shopping season.

Years ago, Google did the same thing, made major changes to its listings
just about now. They promised webmasters they wouldn’t do the same thing
again, but here we go…

I honestly believe that when Google makes changes to their algorithm and
put these adjustments live – they have no way of predicting the outcome
and how drastic it will be for some very good sites.

Anyway, if you want to read more of my views and reactions to this latest
Panda update go here:

My Reactions To Panda 2.5.2 Update

I also give links to several Search Engine Forums where webmasters
are discussing this issue and what to do about it.

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Kind Regards,
+Titus Hoskins


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Google Instant – Implications For SEO & Internet Marketing

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Google Instant – Implications For SEO & Internet Marketing

Here’s a more detailed follow-up to last week post on Google
Instant. After only of a week of testing, I believe these
recent changes within Google will have more impact than
I first thought. Here are some of my views and findings…

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While reading Harry McCracken’s rather insightful article on Google Instant
in PCWorld, I was reminded once again, how narrowly focused my own thinking
has become in regards to Google. I keep forgetting, not everyone is into SEO
or Internet Marketing (lucky bastards), and that Google search has a function
outside of SEO.

I keep forgetting that the general public actually uses Google for online search,
there are millions of web users out there who have been using Google Instant to
find out the weather, the latest Lady Gaga outfit or which flat-screen HDTV to buy?
Of course, I know this to be the real function of Google, but if you’re a full-time
search engine marketer, your perspective is solidly aligned to all the SEO elements
– keyword rankings, link building and content placement in the most dominant search
engine in the world.

Basically, you will be more concerned with how Google Instant will impact those
top keyword rankings, your click through rates and most importantly, what effect
will it have on your conversion rates and sales? More specifically, how does this
instant search impact the display of your listings in Google and what are the
long-term ramifications this instant display will have on your online marketing?

There are even some so-called experts which say Google Instant will be the end of SEO.
This is a rather foolish notion since the underlying structure of using optimized
strategies to obtain top rankings in Google or any other search engine, has not changed.
We still have the emphasis on quality content, high quality backlinks and on-page
ranking factors.

In the background nothing has changed, in the foreground everything has
changed. Well, somewhat.

Google Instant is a game changer for online marketers simply because it changes
“How” your listings are displayed. Not only is the faster speed a factor but Google
is guessing or rather dictating what the web surfer is searching for so Google’s
influence on what’s displayed has increased 10-fold. They are displaying results
not only based on rankings BUT on what their data tells them you’re looking for?
How big a role this other compiled data and web users histories plays in these
suggestions only Google knows.

Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google has been quoted as saying, “Never underestimate the
power of fast. Quick, quick, quick – we want to help you right now… we can understand
things like what you really meant.”

Only time will tell what effect this “jumping the gun” or “making up your mind for you”
will have on Internet marketing. The long-lasting effect of Google imposing its results
on the web searcher will no doubt have some strong impacts on web marketing. Getting
those first suggestions when a surfer types in just one or two letters… will become
the real money-makers in terms of online traffic and sales.

Those companies and products which pop-up first will gain in market share and importance,
but hasn’t this always been the case with getting those first place keyword rankings in
Google? Yes, but now Google is giving the searcher options and planting seeds/suggestions,
which Google has done in the past but not at this speed. The implications for online
marketing could be enormous, assuming of course, web surfers actually use this function
because Google does give users the option of turning off Instant search. In our hurried
fast-paced world, one would reason, web searchers would not turn off this function, although
if your Internet connection is too slow, Google will automatically turn off Instant search
for you.

From a marketing angle, webmasters must now note Google’s keyword suggestions which quickly
pop-up and target them in their SEO efforts. Analyzing and targeting which keyword phrases
Google are displaying in your niche market will be vital to capturing the majority of traffic.
Surfers will click on Google’s suggestions to find what they’re looking for on the web.
Getting top rankings for those 4 or 5 suggestions will become important if an online marketer
or webmaster wants to cover/corner all the search territory in their niche. Whether you actually
target these keywords would really be determined by their commercial intent probability which
can be discovered by using Microsoft’s Adcenter Laps
and of course, the amount of traffic each keyword gets each month.

Another area of concern has to do with the ever decreasing space for organic listings
on the new Google Instant interface. With the drop-down menu and depending upon how many
paid listings are shown, there may only be room for 3 listings instead of five or more
above the fold. Keep in mind, we are mainly talking about lucrative keyword phrases which
will also usually have three Adwords paid listings in the spots where organic search results
were formerly displayed. Searchers are lazy, they will probably not scroll down, especially
if they see different listings popping up as they narrow down their search. So your SEO has probably
gotten much harder since you will now have to aim for the top 3 spots – thanks Google.

Of course, savvy online marketers know the real gold is in the long-tail keyword phrases
which surfers use to find what they’re looking for on the web. Google Instant could possibly
play havoc on this whole process because before the searcher finishes typing in the long 4 or
even 5 word phrases, they would be exposed to maybe 4 or 5 pages of Google listings… chances
are great that searchers will click on one of these listings before they finish typing,
especially if the listing contains a part of the searched for phrase.

Marketers will have to closely analyze their own web stats and conversion rates in regards
to Google Instant. I am seeing little change in my own online marketing… traffic has dropped
on some sites and risen on others, subscription rates are up and sales are steady. Other web
marketers have seen a bigger jump in traffic and sales from Google Instant.

What really concerns me is the fact that Google may not only be pre-judging their rankings but
also your mind. They are playing a much bigger role in how you decide which listing you click.
Granted, this is probably drawn from unbiased data but will the influence of top-brand companies
be more dominant in Google’s Instant results?

Another general concern, will the display of so many listings make it harder for your site or
page to be clicked? Will giving the searcher so many options so quickly, lower your chances
of getting that click-thru, even if you have the top spot in Google? The laws of probability
and human nature says your chances have diminished somewhat in this new instant search environment.
Not good news if your livelihood depends upon getting that click.

There is also a Star function which “logged in” Google users can click to
bookmark their personal choices, these listings will be at the top under
“Starred Results” if you search the same keywords again.

However, many of these changes and no matter how fast Google gives you their search results,
will not change the fundamental principles of good SEO practices. Keyword positioning will
still get you to the number one spot in Google for your chosen phrase if you have the time
and resources to create quality content, build quality one-way backlinks and use good on-page
optimization. Besides the smaller emphasis on organic traffic, the only other real concern is
in the degree to which Google will use their suggestions and how much those suggestions are
based not on SEO ranking factors but on users’ histories and compiled data. Even with this concern,
Google Instant, even at warp speed, doesn’t negate the importance of getting those top rankings.

For many search engine marketers, like myself, it’s business as usual. Full speed ahead.

To read more on my first impressions of Google Instant go here:

Google Instant Search – Faster Than The Speed Of Type

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