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My 8 Favorite Quotes About Google For 2013

Bizwaremagic’s 8 Favorite Quotes About Google For 2013

Google Spot!

All things considered 2013 was a very good year for Google.
It fought off Facebook to remain the number one ranked site
on the web according to Alexa.com, which measures traffic stats
on the web. Google’s share price topped $1000 and kept going.
Everywhere you looked, Google was in the news – promoting its
Google Glasses, Chromebooks, Android System… while quietly
acquiring one robot company after another.

Google had a very good year, but it also received some very
bad press, especially with its ongoing privacy issues and the
whole YouTube commenting mess which solidly backfired. Google
owns YouTube, and in 2013, they tried to integrate the Google
Plus ghostship into the popular YouTube site – requiring users
to use Google+ in order to comment on videos. The backlash was
immediate and massive.

As many disgruntled YouTube users and webmasters will contest,
Google can be a real “Miley Cyrus with her twerk on” when
it wants to be!

Despite its countless resources, Google still hasn’t learned
one of the most obvious facts about the web or even human nature
for that matter. You simply can’t force any program down
someone’s throat if they simply don’t want it.

However, as Google grows in power and influence, it will no doubt
dictate both our surfing habits and how we live our lives. This
influence is becoming so strong Google is approaching omnipotence.
Naturally, people will start to rebel, and I am probably at the
head of the line, especially when it comes to Google judging worthy
content on the web. In my opinion, they are simply getting it all
wrong when it comes to discouraging keyword link building and
disqualifying whole sites because of a few minor issues.

While my last year’s resolution was simply to ignore Google, I have
failed horribly. No matter how hard I try, the lovely beast has come
up in my articles and writings numerous times… so here are my
8 favorite quotes about Google for 2013:

“I am an atheist – I don’t believe in Google”

“Who Died and Made Google God?”

“Bless me Google for I have sinned.”

“Google is our Titanic”

“Content is NOT King, Google is King”

“Google has come a long way from that timid backrub
between two Stanford Graduates Larry Page and Sergey
Brin in a Menlo Park garage back in 1998.”

“At least they got the first two letters right!”

“The click is mightier than Google.”

There you have it, my most favorite quotes about Google in 2013.
For any non-webmasters reading this, Titanic was the original name
for the Penguin Update and BackRub was the original name given to
the search engine which later became known as Google. As for 2014,
I have again made it my resolution to completely ignore Google this year.
Just wonder how long that will last?

+Titus Hoskins


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