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Pinterest Marketing For Online Marketers

Pinterest Marketing For Online Marketers

Pinterest Marketing Image

Pinterest is the latest social “buzz” site of the moment, stacking up numbers which
would even make Google blush. This “picture” bookmarking site has only been around
since 2010 (domain was created at the end of 2009) and holds the record for the fastest

growing site in history.

It took Pinterest only 9 months to go from 50,000 to 17,000,000 users. It is increasing at
40% each month and is on track to reach 180 million users by the end of this year.

Impressive numbers indeed, but for webmasters and online marketers, that’s not really
the important factor concerning Pinterest. What really has marketers buzzing is Pinterest’s
referral numbers.

Members or users of Pinterest “click thru to your site” more often than users of Facebook,
Twitter, Stumbleupon… in other words Pinterest has become a valuable source of free
targeted traffic on the web. More importantly, because your pins can get re-pinned over and
over again, your content lasts a long time and has legs.

Many experts compare this traffic to YouTube content which can deliver traffic to your
site for years.

That’s what really has online marketers excited about this new picture sharing site, use it
properly and Pinterest can deliver targeted prospects for your business for years into the
future. It is also great for building a community of customers or interested parties, ready
for your latest offering.

Of course, like any online site or platform, Pinterest has to be used in the right manner,
if you plan on marketing your business or site on it. If you just figure on signing up for
Pinterest, pinning a few images and then wait for the referral traffic to flood your site –
well, you might hit it lucky but like all these social programs, you have to prime the pump.

One of the best resources or experts on Pinterest (which I have found) is Jason Miles –
Vice President for Advancement at Northwest University. He runs a very informative site called http://marketingonpinterest.com

But the real reason I pay special attention to what Jason has to say – his wife runs a Doll’s Clothing/Pattern site on
the web! They have first-hand experience of how Pinterest has helped their niche business and have figured out ways to
take full advantage of Pinterest from an online marketing perspective.

As a given rule, I find it is these “hands-on” individuals who supply the best information, regardless of the program
or platform. The same applies here – they have been there, done that and give us the best nuggets of information which
bring in the traffic and sales.

So if you’re wondering how you can use Pinterest for your business or site, watch the following video carefully and
take notes. This video is called “Pinterest Marketing for Niche Businesses” and was done via Ken Evoy’s SBI SiteBuildIt Review program.
It will give you valuable information on how to use Pinterest to your advantage and help you really discover what
all the fuss is about.

Important Takeaways:

– Always create an Attractive/Informative/Interesting image for each
piece of content you have on the web. Make these images your “pre-selling” tools
which will get re-pinned and bring targeted traffic back to your site or business.

– Always remember it’s about building online communities and joining those
communities together. Fully integrate your Pinterest followers with your
Twitter, Facebook… followers.

– Always make sure you have your images fully optimized with your
information – product name, product description… and of course,
a link back to your site.

+Titus Hoskins


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Pinterest, Images And Getting More Traffic

BWMagic’s Internet Marketing Newsletter

Pinterest, Images And Getting More Traffic

I must make a confession, while I have been using images to
get targeted traffic for years, until a little while ago I had
never heard of Pinterest.com! As I said before, I am not that
much of a social media person, but that hasn’t stopped me from
taking full advantage of Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin…
when it comes to promoting my sites.

Have you heard of Pinterest?

It’s a very simple concept – an online bulletinboard where people
pin their pictures. Pinterest users can share and re-pin images that
they like and you can also follow other pinners.

Pinterest has only been around for two years but is slated to
be the break-out social media site for 2012.

According to Bizreport, Pinterest delivers almost as
much referral traffic as Twitter and Google.

According to Hitwise, Pinterest is one of the top 5 social networks
on the web. In an article, Huffingtonpost states that Pinterest hit 10 million
monthly views faster than any other site in history. But what really
caught my eye, were two important facts concerning traffic…

– Pinterest delivers more referral traffic than Google+, YouTube
and Linkedin Combined

– Pinterest users stay on the image site longer than Facebook users

On average, Pinterest users spend 15.8 minutes sharing images, while
Facebook comes in at around 12.1 minutes. This metric is important
because, where Internet users spend most of their Internet day is
vital to advertisers and the amount of traffic you get.


Another important feature which caught my attention – you can link
your images directly to your site or URL. This is extremely vital
for getting traffic and exposure for your products or services.
You can also tag or keyword your images which is needed for
full SEO benefit.

Furthermore, you can also pin your videos on the site, which
really makes Pinterest something you should be interested in,
pardon the pun.

Being a former professional artist (albeit a poor one), I am extremely
interested in using Pinterest to full advantage. Over the years, images
have been a great source of traffic for me, especially from “image search”
on the major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Some webmasters and online marketers ignore the importance of images
in their promotions. Don’t! These images can be a great source of
traffic for your site or sites.

Only downer I can see, you have to put your name on the waiting
list before you can get an invite from Pinterest. Currently, from
what I can gather, the waiting time is around one week.

But the sooner you’re on that waiting list, the sooner you
can be pinning images and getting all that free traffic.


Helping People Succeed Online Since 2002!

Kind Regards,
+Titus Hoskins


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