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Recent Google Changes That Affects Your Rankings & PageRank

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Recent Google Changes That Affects Your Rankings & PageRank

Google Spot!

On the surface, with it’s different spokespersons and Webmaster Tools,
Google is becoming much more transparent when it comes to how they rank
content on the web. They are openly discussing such things as:

1. Reasons Why Your PageRank On the Google Toolbar Would Drop?

Besides having fewer links pointing to your site, there are many more
reasons why you may lose PageRank. You may have made internal
linking changes which are affecting your PR. The Googlebot may
have trouble accessing all of your content. Google may believe
you’re selling links and have penalized your site. There may
be canonicalization issues with the www vs non-www versions of
your site.

All these issues are discussed in this Matt Cutts Video:

2. Google May Let You Know About Any Automatic and Manual Spam Action Against Your Site?

Google is becoming much more open about reporting both automatic and
manual spam penalties taken against your site. Webmasters may now find
out if their site is violating Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and how to
fix any problems. Google says it will become more active in solving these
issues for webmasters.

3. Webmasters Can Even Make A Reconsideration Request To Get Their Site Back On Track.

If you do have find yourself or your site having an automatic or spam
action against your site, you can use the “Reconsideration Request” after
you have fixed the problems. Google says it will be more open and transparent
on letting you know about the status of your site.

“Now, if your site is affected by a manual spam action, we may let you know
if we were able to revoke that manual action based on your reconsideration request,”
explained Tiffany Oberoi and Michael Wyszomierski (Google’s Search Quality Team)
in a blog post. “Or, we could tell you if your site is still in violation of our
guidelines. This might be a discouraging thing to hear, but once you know that
there is still a problem, it will help you diagnose the issue.”

You can find more about making a Reconsideration Request below:

4. Google Browser Extension Which Lets Searchers Block Your Site.

Google has announced that it is letting searchers, through a browser extension,
to block sites that they don’t like. Now Google is using this data and incorporating
it into their algorithm to lower these blocked sites in their search results.
One of Google’s search quality engineers Johannes Henkel has stated: “We’ve also
started incorporating data about sites people have blocked into our general search
ranking algorithms to help users find more high quality sites.”

For those webmasters in very lucrative niche markets, this is extremely scary
stuff and wide open to abuse. One can even imagine “less than honest” people
hiring or ultizing whole armies of paid searchers blocking the sites of their

5. Google’s Aim To Return “Single Page” or “View All” In Their SERPS.

This may be an important ranking factor since it is something all webmasters
can easily fix. Instead of placing a long article or a lengthy piece of content
on several pages – place this content on a single page. Google is placing more
emphasis on these View All pages and are ranking them higher. This all has to
do with improving the searcher’s overall experience and providing quality content
in their SERPs.

These are just Five recent Google changes or issues which every webmaster should
be aware of and acting on – if any of these affects your site. Google is THE most
important search engine and it is in your best interest to keep Google as Happy
as is Humanly possible. Just make it your daily mantra.

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Does Google PageRank Count Anymore?

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o Does Google PageRank Count Anymore?


This week I would like to give you some news about Google PageRank
and my opinions on it. PageRank won’t go away and it is a much
discussed issue if you’re a webmaster and have a site.

That little green bar gives Google’s ranking of all the web pages
on the web – including yours. PR10 is the highest, PR0 is the lowest.

PageRank doesn’t mean much in SEO turns anymore – your page can
have a low PR ranking but still come up first in Google’s index.
Many times above pages that have a much higher PR ranking than
your page.

However, I take a much broader view of PageRank and find
it still very important. You can find out why by reading
my article below…

Feature Article

Does Google PageRank Count Anymore?
Copyright © 2009 Titus Hoskins

Being a full-time SEM (Search Engine Marketer) I have been
conditioned like Pavlov’s dog (not a pretty picture) to jump
every time Google twitches. Lately Google has been doing a
lot of twitching.

Specifically, the rather startling news from Google Webmaster
Trends Analyst Susan Moskwa that Google has ditched PageRank
from Webmaster Tools.

“We’ve been telling people for a long time that they shouldn’t
focus on PageRank so much; many site owners seem to think it’s
the most important metric for them to track, which is simply
not true,” states Moskwa. “We removed it because we felt it was
silly to tell people not to think about it, but then to show
them the data, implying that they should look at it.”

Find more here on WebProNews:


Now, for SEO reasons or for ranking in Google’s index, PageRank
has long been downgraded by Google. However, even missing
a few dangling bits, history has shown us eunuchs still wheel
tremendous power. PageRank is no different.

Regardless of what Google wants to happen, PageRank is still
extremely important to anyone marketing on the web, especially
if you’re selling SEO services or operating a web business. Try
selling SEO services when that little green bar on your site
is pointing to PR0 or worst yet, pointing to a solid gray bar.

Obtaining a high PR7 or PR8 simply means more business and revenues…
regardless of how Google is or is not using PageRank. People know how
to count and they learned long ago, a ten is a lot more than
a big fat zero.

Placed against a PR1 site, a PR8 will win more respect in the eyes
of potential clients and can produce enormous profits for the site
owner and we won’t even mention the still widely practiced
habit of selling links, which Google is desperately trying to stop.
Total and full elimination of PageRank would be an honest start
but it will still be an uphill, if not a losing battle, for
Google to fully eliminate link selling.

Even with my modest sites, I have turned down a small fortune
by not selling text links on any of my sites. When I had a PR6
site instead of a PR4 – those link requests were nearly doubled.
So one can easily understand Google’s position and the need to
downplay PageRank, if they even want to put a small dent in all
this link selling and buying which is still rampant on today’s

PageRank is Google’s creation, and unless they remove it fully
from their system and the Google toolbar, then PageRank still Counts.
Actually, in the whole scheme of marketing your website on the
net, PageRank counts big time. And in more ways than one.

There are several reasons why you shouldn’t count PageRank out.

For years Google has been downplaying the important of
PageRank and states it’s only one of about 200 ranking factors
which determines how Google ranks its index for keywords.
Obtaining top organic rankings for popular lucrative keywords
in Google simply means money in the bank. Actually, even a movement
of only one or two places on those first page SERPs (Search Engine
Results Pages) can make a major difference to any online marketer’s
bottom line.

Now while you can have a lower PR number and still rank above
other higher PR pages for your chosen keywords, I have even had
many times when my PR drops but my actual SERPs rankings in Google
goes up, mainly due to building related relevant backlinks. So
PageRank counts little towards your keyword rankings but it can’t
be totally dismissed.

Mainly because, even if PR is just one ranking factor, in close
competitive keyword battles (I am presently fighting tooth and nail
for some very choice keywords) just one ranking factor such as
high PR can make the difference of whether or not you get to the
top spot. Big dogs are still jumping and for those of us who know
how to count, getting a number one spot in Google makes all the
difference in the world.

Not only because Google controls roughly 80% of all search engine
traffic, but more importantly Google has established unmatched
credibility and brand recognition in the eyes of potential customers
visiting your site. Web users trust Google. Web users look to Google
for guidance and direction. Web users believe what Google is telling them.
In the online world, rightly or wrongly, perception is everything.

As an online marketer, I am completely amazed each day at the
marketing power Google now commands with web surfers and with the
general population. Google is king of online search and no other
search engine even comes close to Google.

PageRank is Google’s ranking system, and in the eyes of those who
notice these things, it still wheels tremendous influence and power.
By default, PageRank is Google’s opinion of your site, and web
users can count (at least to 10) and if Google believes people
are still not counting when it comes to PageRank, then they are fully

The author is a full-time professional online marketer who has numerous
niche websites. For the latest web marketing tools try:
Free Marketing Tools
Copyright © 2009 Titus Hoskins. This article may be
freely distributed if this resource box stays attached.


Kind Regards,