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Let These Top 10 Internet Marketers Help You

BWMagic’s Internet Marketing News

Let These Top 10 Internet Marketers Help You

No matter what subjects or skills we’re learning, it is extremely
important that we learn from the best. The same goes for webmastering
and online marketing, you must seek out the Top Marketers and study
their methods.

This simple strategy has given me all the knowledge I need and it
can also do the same for you.

It’s especially important if you’re new at this Internet Stuff and
still learning the ropes. Coming under the influence of some of these
top marketers will make your job or task much, much easier. It is
also a great fun way to learn all this stuff.

I was very fortunate in my early years online because I came into
contact with some great marketers who influenced me and what I
was trying to do. Their help and guidance can’t really be measured,
and I will always be grateful for their help.

So If you’re looking for some guidance with your website and/or your
marketing, whether online or off, I would highly recommend you check
out some of these marketers. One important tip – most of these marketers
have affiliate programs, instead of spending “x” amount of dollars on
information products, simply join their affiliate programs and you
will get a first-hand training from many of these masters.

For what it’s worth, here are my own top 10 Marketers who have
influenced me the most, especially when I was first learning
all this marketing stuff.

Top 10 Internet Marketers – Old School To New School

Helping You Succeed Online Since 2002!

Kind Regards,


P.S. These are the Actual web marketing tools which
I use daily to earn a full-time online living:


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Rehashed Online Marketing Tactics That Work!

BWMagic’s Internet Marketing News

Old Web Marketing Tactics That Work!

Rehashed Marketing Tactics That Work!

Don’t know what it is about Thanksgiving but it always has me
reflecting on all this Internet stuff and why I do what I do.
Moreover, it really gets me thinking about what is the main key
to my success. My marketing tactics are very common, there are
thousands if not millions of webmasters, using the same tactics.

Doing the same things as I do… creating niche websites, article
marketing, video marketing, list building, blog marketing…
nothing new, just old online marketing tactics which have proven
to be effective and somewhat lucrative for me.

“But you’re only giving re-hashed info in your courses…”

That’s the most common statement I get from my subscribers, usually
as they leave my lists or online lessons. But you can only give what
works for you, the marketing techniques that bring in the revenue.
I believe most readers and webmasters expect that there is some
magic formula which produces all the traffic and sales. Some special
software or program which will do all the work for them so they
can be an overnight success without doing much, if any work.

Marketing hype is usually responsible for this belief. Webmasters
and marketers are constantly being bombarded with so many “Info Products”
which promise the world on a platter. In my experience, it just doesn’t
happen that way.

Sure, there are a lot of useful info products which will help you
and there are a lot of marketing software which will make your job
easier, but I don’t believe you can earn a steady income from the
web without constantly working at it. Day in, day out.

When someone leaves my lists or courses, I always check out their
sites. Now most of their sites are miles ahead of mine in design
and layout, in many cases their content is top-notch and much better
than mine. But when I look at their site’s traffic numbers I see
the major difference which makes my online sites and marketing much
different from theirs.

The blaring difference is this: the value of their keyword traffic.

How much is your keyword traffic worth in the search engines IF you
had to pay for it. In other words, how much would you have to pay for
your free organic traffic which you get from the search engines.

That’s the difference and the key to a successful web site (i.e. one
that earns money). Many times I see sites with only $10, $50… or a
couple hundred dollars worth of keyword traffic from the search engines.
My simple marketing tactic is to get that number up to $50,000 or more
for most of my sites. Some sites have gone up to $500k and one is even
up over a million. That’s what someone would have to pay each month if
they had to buy that traffic.

Other sites which I have, I have not worked (promoted and built up my
keyword values) mainly due to time restraints. There are just so many
hours in the day and I don’t want to hire employees or outsource anything.

Anyway, this is the difference and the key to online success. You have
to build up the value of your keyword traffic which you get free from
the search engines, and in my case this is mainly Google. Now we are
not talking about traffic in general, most traffic is totally worthless,
we are usually talking about quality high converting keyword traffic
which turn into sales or leads.

I pick my keywords very carefully and build sites to capture the traffic
coming from those keywords. Once you hit the first page of Google you will
start getting valuable traffic… then you have to steadily increase your
rankings up to the top and you will get more valuable free traffic.

Unlike many webmasters and marketers, this is my main objective and goal.
This is what I have to do if I want to keep making an income from the web.
And unlike those same webmasters, I start with the keywords first and build
from there… using article marketing, unique content placement, video
marketing and so on.

I believe it’s closely connecting my main objective with everything I do
online, which has made the difference. Even if you’re using the same rehashed
marketing techniques that everyone else are using, keeping your efforts firmly
focused on increasing your keyword traffic worth will make the difference
with your own marketing.

One of the best ways to get started in order to put this marketing tactic into
place is to closely check your site’s raw traffic logs. Find the keywords that
bring in the traffic which produces a sale or lead. Then start producing content
(articles, related webpages, videos, blog posts…) to help build up your
rankings for these keywords in the search engines.

Overtime, these simple marketing tactics will increase the value of your keyword
traffic and once you get that valuable keyword traffic flowing – it is very easy
to monetize it with affiliate programs, Adsense ads or finding other advertising

One useful tool I have found is the Seoquake Toolbar which you can place on your
Firefox Browser. When you visit a site it will display many SEO factors, including
the SEMrush value of the keyword traffic.

Helping You Succeed Online Since 2002!

Kind Regards,


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The Actual Internet Marketing Tools Which I USE

BWMagic’s Internet Marketing News

The Actual Internet Marketing Tools Which I USE

Throughout these newsletters, I have been trying to cram so much
information on the different marketing tools I use in order to make
a full-time living from the web. From the vital autoresponder and
list building to article marketing and one-way link building…
up to newer marketing tools like videos and blogs.

Now I won’t sugar-coat your chances of succeeding with your online endeavors,
it is getting extremely difficult to compete in some major lucrative niches
because more and more of the big companies are going the SEO route and
targeting organic traffic from the search engines. And probably that 95%
rule still stands – most online marketers fail.

But then again, in the off-line world, many ordinary businesses also fail.
The determining factor I believe is not only how hard you work but also
how smart you work. This especially applies to the online marketplace
where most of your daily chores can be automated.

People do make a living online and I am simple proof of this fact. I am
nothing special but I did make some good decisions along the way, many of
which have proven very beneficial to my online marketing. Don’t get the
wrong impression, I also made a lot of silly decisions and mistakes as
I was growing my online business, but in the end I succeeded.

What really stands out for me, are the marketing tools which I chose and
which simply makes my online marketing work. For example, without an
autoresponder most of my income would ground to a halt and without my
online sites I simply wouldn’t have a business in the first place. The
same goes for my articles and their distribution around the web.

To a lesser extent, many of the software programs I use make my workload
manageable and more efficient, but if I stopped using them, my income wouldn’t
entirely dry up, but my job would be much harder to do.

So I sat down and closely listed my most essential marketing tools, everything
I use in the run of a work day to get the job done, starting with the most
important and ones which are more optional.

Web Sites… these are your most important marketing vehicles on the web.
They bring in the cash whether you’re promoting/selling your own product or
you’re promoting affiliate products. You must have a good fast web host with
quality service and affordable prices. Now, I have many web hosts… the ones
that I would recommend are Bluehost> and for simple sites GoDaddy, which I also
use as my main Domain Registrar, where I keep and manage all my domains. These
have proven very useful for me without any major headaches and I have been using
them for years.

If you’re new at this online marketing stuff, I would strongly recommend you use
SBI or SBI SiteBuildIt Review. Now SBI will be a little more expensive than a regular
hosting program but you get so much more with SBI. You really get a whole
marketing package which is important for the beginning marketer or webmaster.
It shows you HOW to build your site and helps you with all the important major
decisions in that process. You also get access to an very active online forum
where members will help you out.

Autoresponder… this is my most vital marketing tool. You have to build your
list of prospects/customers and you have to follow-up with these prospects in
order to make the sales. All of this follow-up marketing can be automated and
run like clock-work. I use aWeber and strongly recommend it, mainly for the
professional service and all the extra features which it has. You can easily
personalized your emails to make your marketing more effective and you can use
Plain Text or HTML emails to connect with your subscribers.

Article Distribution… another vital part of online marketing has to do with
article marketing and one-way link building. Now, if you have the time, you can
distribute all your articles yourself, simply log into hundreds of article
directories on the web and submit your articles. Actually, this is a bit of
an exaggeration because most marketers submit their articles to a much smaller
group of select article directories. However, using these distribution services
saves time.

PRweb – I use this service for my press releases which can get expensive but again well worth it.

SEO Software – There simply is no denying it, SEO and getting high rankings for
your targeted keywords will be the most important factor in your success if you go
the organic traffic route. You will need at least one good piece of keyword research
software. I highly recommend Brad Callen’s Keyword Elite or SEO Elite
believe they sell for around 100 bucks but it’s the best 100 bucks you will ever spend.
These keyword tools will make your marketing easier and put you in the game.

Website Management – Optimize your site for the search engines, and for analyzing and
managing your site… WebCEO is an option I would highly recommend, especially for
businesses who need help with promoting their site or sites.

Product Creation – If you want to learn how to build a website, create your products
or how to do online marketing (promote a product) – I would highly recommend the Dashboard
line of tools from Marlon Sanders. Believe me, in the course of running two sites on
marketing tools, I have examined countless marketing tools/products over the years.
None impressed me more than those of Marlon Sanders, they are consistently good and
what I really like about them – there’s no BS, it’s all straight forward directions.
Do this, don’t do this, this works the best, you need this set-up first… solid marketing
tips and advice.

Finally, there are many simple software or marketing programs/sites which I use on
a daily basis. These tools simply make my workday very easy. Here’s just a few of these…
many which you can download or use for free. Few will have a small price.

Google Analytics – Valuable free information about your sites and your marketing. Not
entirely accurate but it will give you an overall view of what is working and what is not.
PayPal – This site is simply invaluable for transferring funds and accepting payments.

Affiliate Networks – These are the professional affiliate networks such as Commission Junction
and LinkShare. These networks also have extensive marketing information and tools which you
can use to market on the web. What products are selling, what ads are effective… vital
stats to help with your marketing.

SeoQuake – Very handy free Firefox toolbar which will give you some quick SEO information about
a web site. Great for checking out link partners and your competitors.

Alexa – This site will give you valuable (if not entirely accurate) traffic stats on your
own sites and your competitors.

3D-FTP – This is a really fast and powerful FTP agent which I use to upload all my files
to my different websites. It can also check the speed of a web site and tell you how fast
it is. Great time saver and I believe it costs around $40 but well worth it.

Pinnacle Video Maker – Videos are playing a more important role in my online marketing
and this video editor is simple and fun to use. Used in combination with YouTube, videos
made through this system can be quite effective for your marketing. Priced around $50 and
up depending upon what options you choose.

NoteTabLight – Simple editor which you can download for free. Don’t know why, but this
is the program I use for writing all my articles and even my web pages.

That’s it! When you closely look at the marketing tools I actually use in the day-to-day
running of my online sites the number is rather small. Of course, these are just tools
like a hammer and nails, what you build with them is whole another story entirely.

Helping You Succeed Online Since 2002!

Kind Regards,


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