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New Link Building Service From Brad Callen – Seo Link Monster

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New Link Building Service From Brad Callen – Seo Link Monster

Seo Link Monster Banner

Seo Link Monster

Whenever I see a new product by Brad Callen – I take close
notice of it. Mainly because years ago, it was a simple free
web marking guide from Brad that gave me my livelihood on the net.
Maybe I would have found out all this “marketing stuff” on my
own, but Brad saved me years of trial and error.

That free course proved to me that Brad knew his stuff when
it came to getting top ranked keywords in all the search engines,
mainly Google.

Brad knows his stuff and I have always used many of his major
products such as Keyword Elite and SEO Elite . His SEO software
tools are top-notch and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Once someone shows you how to do something and it works, you
sort of go overboard in singing their praises. But I still try
to remain objective when evaluating any new software or marketing

In a nutshell…

SEO Link Monste is a series of blogs linked together in a
network. If you subscribe to this link building system, your
links will get displayed on all these keyword related blog sites.

Why would you want it?

Obviously, getting backlinks to your content/site is extremely
important when it comes to achieving high keyword rankings and
traffic from the search engines. Usually, the more backlinks you
have, the higher you will rank.

Even in very competitive keyword niches, get enough backlinks
and you start to rank on the first page for those keywords.
Usually, the stiffer the competition, the more links you will
have to have in order to rank.

With one exception, the quality of your link sources is extremely
important. One high quality backlink from a very respected authority
site could be worth (for ranking purposes) more than a hundred, or
even a thousand of lesser quality links.

SEO Link Monster will only be as good as the quality of the blog
networks where your links will be coming from. If these are mostly
“spammy” blogs, be aware. If they’re of a higher quality, then you
have a link building service that’s worth buying or subscribing to.

I have long learned that you can do all the site optimization you want,
but if you don’t have enough quality links pointing to your content,
you simply won’t rank on the first page in Google.

Quality links = Higher Rankings = Targeted Traffic

That’s basically all there is to web marketing if you go the
SEO route, you do need those quality links and SEO Link Monster
is offering you a solution.

Will these linking structures work Post-Panda?

As far as anyone can gather, Panda has nothing to do with linking,
it has to do with the design and quality of your content. It closely
examines your site’s load times, bounce rates, time spent on site,
duplicate content… all those site/content metrics are considered
to see whether or not your site/content gets a penalty or downgrade.


This is in addition to Google’s basic Algorithm or rankings which is
still largely determined by the number of quality backlinks you have
pointing to your content. It is my belief that if you have enough of
these backlinks you can still beat your competitors – but it will take
more of them if the Panda is not smiling when it sees your site.

I also believe this is one of the main reasons we are seeing a lot
more link-building products or services being launched at this time.
There are thousands of Panda Challenged sites out there, looking for
ways to build their rankings back up. More links could help in this

P.S. One of the ways I use to check-out any product is to see
who is endorsing it. I use SeoQuake for Firefox to check the rankings
and traffic stats of the sites recommending this product. Gives
you a good indication of where these folks are coming from and how
effective they are at marketing on the web. The sites/webmasters
recommending this looks pretty solid, but keep in mind this is an
affiliate product.

Helping People Succeed Online Since 2002!

Kind Regards,
+Titus Hoskins


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