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Is Content Marketing The New SEO?

Content Marketing

Is Content Marketing The New SEO?

Written by Titus Hoskins

Search Engine Optimization or SEO has long been the main stable of many a
successful webmaster or site owner, but is it still effective on today’s web?
After Google’s many decimating algorithm updates, especially Penguin, has SEO
run its natural course? Guess the real question here is a little more dramatic
– is SEO dead?

One thing is certain; Google has drastically changed how the web now works.
Through its many algorithm changes and fear mongering Google has altered
forever how content is presented and accessed on the web. Exact keyword
linking, the very heart of the Internet, has been severely if not fatally
damaged. In addition, finely tuned optimized webpages and sites are now
looked on with disfavor – especially by Google, the company that controls
75% of the web’s lucrative search traffic.

In recent years, webmasters and site owners have become so scared of Google’s
Mighty Wrath, they hesitate to even keyword link to content on their own sites
and are extremely leery of linking out to any resources, no matter how helpful
these may be for their site’s visitors. The erosion of these essential keyword
links has made the web less relevant and useful. And the fallout is just beginning.

Link building of any kind is now perceived as “unnatural” and against Google’s
infamous Webmaster Guidelines. At the very core of this discussion, if webmasters
have to actually build links then these links can be seen as unnatural and manipulated.
Backlinks from article resource boxes, blog posts, press releases, forum comments…
have all come under disdain. In other words, link building by its very nature,
is wrong and should be avoided if you want to rank in Google.

Not everyone agrees with this statement, but one does get the general overall
feeling that SEO and link building, in particular, have lost their effectiveness
on the Post-Panda/Penguin web. Webmasters have also become keenly aware of their
link profiles and backlinks from other sites. These same webmasters are scrambling
to clean up any bad links – either by removal or by disavowing them in Google’s
Webmaster Tools.

[For a very insightful look at links and link building in 2015 – read this article
by Eric Ward, a link expert who pioneered the process long before Google reared its
delightful head.]

So if link building and on-page optimization are out, what is there left for the
poor webmaster to do? One over-riding solution that is gradually coming to the
forefront is content marketing. This solution is a broad term that encompasses
a whole series of promotions webmasters and site owners can do to bring their
content into the spotlight.

This new method can often be seen as a roundabout way to promote your site and
brand. Instead of traditional SEO methods, a webmaster puts into place or builds
numerous social platforms and subscriber bases, in order to push or market their
content. For example, in the not so distant past, if a site owner wanted to build
backlinks/seo for a certain important webpage on his or her site, they would
build/exchange links from other related sites, perhaps do a guess blog post or
submit a related article to another site and do other like-minded things.

Now with content marketing the process has changed slightly – a webmaster can do
an infographic of that “certain important webpage” and submit that infographic
to all their social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest,
StumbleUpon, Linkedin… where they have thousands or 10’s of thousands of
followers/fans eager to like and share this infographic. Or the resourceful
webmaster can make a related video to not only share on YouTube, but also on
all the other social bookmark sites.

Webmasters are now marketing/promoting related content (infographic, video,
slideshow, image…) in order to create buzz and momentum for their webpage or
brand. Subscribers and followers will comment, like and share this helpful,
funny or inspirational content to their fans and followers. All this social
activity and engagement can be seen as the new SEO. One can use it to build
natural backlinks to your website.

Same old, same old… you’re thinking, but not really.

This whole social involvement/sharing is much harder to manipulate and can be
seen as a more “natural” ranking metric by the search engines – especially Google.
Having thousands of social media followers discussing and recommending your content
will no doubt be a major ranking factor in the years to come.

In a similar light, how many active followers/fans your brand or site attracts
will also be another important ranking metric when the search engine come calling.
How well you can “market” your content will play a significant role in the number
of visitors or clients your site receives. Lastly, actively promoting your content
in all these social platforms may just be the new SEO.

Want more help with content marketing? Here are:

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Does Google Believe Your Links Are Natural?

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Does Google Believe Your Links Are Natural?

If you’re like me and monitor hundreds of major keywords
in Google on a daily basis, the last few weeks have been
really interesting. There seems to be a major shake-up
in the works, mainly regarding your site’s backlinks
and if they appear natural or not.

Google, now more than ever, seems to be judging the
quality of your links. Do your links follow set norms
or standards? Do they appear natural? Or do they
apppear manipulated?

Thousands of webmasters have received Google’s answer
in the form of a message in Google’s Webmasters Tools
– your site’s links appear unnatural.

These webmasters have been told by Google to:

“Specifically, look for possibly artificial or unnatural
links pointing to your site that could be intended to
manipulate PageRank. Examples of unnatural linking could
include buying links to pass PageRank or participating
in link schemes.”

In fact, Google has de-indexed some popular blog networks,
where webmasters could purchase links to manipulate their
rankings in Google. This is a warning sign for other
webmasters to make sure your links are natural and not
manipulated in any way.

Of course, if you have been practicing SEO, you probably
have been actively building backlinks to your site and
web pages for ages. Now is a good time to re-examine your
link building practices and see if they do meet Google’s

This is very serious business, if your links appear unnatural,
you will lose your rankings in Google. It can even make your
site unprofitable.

Anyway, as usual, I have written another article on this
topic and I list 5 or 6 things you can do to make your
links appear more natural in the eyes of Google.

You can find the article here:

Google & Your Links

But I would like to leave you with another helpful tip.
One easy way to monitor your current links and keywords
in Google is simply to create Google Alerts for your
site’s major keywords and your site’s URL. Then whenever
Google indexes a link containing these keywords or your URL
– Google sends you an email. Great way to track your links
and also a great way to track your competition.

Google Alerts

Helping People Succeed Online Since 2002!

Kind Regards,
+Titus Hoskins


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New Link Building Service From Brad Callen – Seo Link Monster

BWMagic’s Internet Marketing Newsletter

New Link Building Service From Brad Callen – Seo Link Monster

Seo Link Monster Banner

Seo Link Monster

Whenever I see a new product by Brad Callen – I take close
notice of it. Mainly because years ago, it was a simple free
web marking guide from Brad that gave me my livelihood on the net.
Maybe I would have found out all this “marketing stuff” on my
own, but Brad saved me years of trial and error.

That free course proved to me that Brad knew his stuff when
it came to getting top ranked keywords in all the search engines,
mainly Google.

Brad knows his stuff and I have always used many of his major
products such as Keyword Elite and SEO Elite . His SEO software
tools are top-notch and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Once someone shows you how to do something and it works, you
sort of go overboard in singing their praises. But I still try
to remain objective when evaluating any new software or marketing

In a nutshell…

SEO Link Monste is a series of blogs linked together in a
network. If you subscribe to this link building system, your
links will get displayed on all these keyword related blog sites.

Why would you want it?

Obviously, getting backlinks to your content/site is extremely
important when it comes to achieving high keyword rankings and
traffic from the search engines. Usually, the more backlinks you
have, the higher you will rank.

Even in very competitive keyword niches, get enough backlinks
and you start to rank on the first page for those keywords.
Usually, the stiffer the competition, the more links you will
have to have in order to rank.

With one exception, the quality of your link sources is extremely
important. One high quality backlink from a very respected authority
site could be worth (for ranking purposes) more than a hundred, or
even a thousand of lesser quality links.

SEO Link Monster will only be as good as the quality of the blog
networks where your links will be coming from. If these are mostly
“spammy” blogs, be aware. If they’re of a higher quality, then you
have a link building service that’s worth buying or subscribing to.

I have long learned that you can do all the site optimization you want,
but if you don’t have enough quality links pointing to your content,
you simply won’t rank on the first page in Google.

Quality links = Higher Rankings = Targeted Traffic

That’s basically all there is to web marketing if you go the
SEO route, you do need those quality links and SEO Link Monster
is offering you a solution.

Will these linking structures work Post-Panda?

As far as anyone can gather, Panda has nothing to do with linking,
it has to do with the design and quality of your content. It closely
examines your site’s load times, bounce rates, time spent on site,
duplicate content… all those site/content metrics are considered
to see whether or not your site/content gets a penalty or downgrade.


This is in addition to Google’s basic Algorithm or rankings which is
still largely determined by the number of quality backlinks you have
pointing to your content. It is my belief that if you have enough of
these backlinks you can still beat your competitors – but it will take
more of them if the Panda is not smiling when it sees your site.

I also believe this is one of the main reasons we are seeing a lot
more link-building products or services being launched at this time.
There are thousands of Panda Challenged sites out there, looking for
ways to build their rankings back up. More links could help in this

P.S. One of the ways I use to check-out any product is to see
who is endorsing it. I use SeoQuake for Firefox to check the rankings
and traffic stats of the sites recommending this product. Gives
you a good indication of where these folks are coming from and how
effective they are at marketing on the web. The sites/webmasters
recommending this looks pretty solid, but keep in mind this is an
affiliate product.

Helping People Succeed Online Since 2002!

Kind Regards,
+Titus Hoskins


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