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Are You Using A Google Sitemap?

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Are You Using A Google Sitemap?

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How To Use A Google Sitemap?

A sitemap is just a list of all the URLs or pages
on your site. Search engines use these sitemaps
to help index your site.

That’s basically what a sitemap is and what it does.

If you have a small site (less than 500 pages)
one of the fastest and simplest ways to get
or generate a sitemap is to use this site:


Go to that link and put in your site’s URL
and it will generate a sitemap for you within
a few minutes. It will give you an XML file of
all the URLs on your site.

Upload your XML sitemap file to your server
where your site is located. Then check this
file in a few browsers such as Firefox,
Google Chrome… to see if it is displayed

Few other things you might want to do to make
sure search engines find your sitemap. You can
submit your sitemap to Google’s Webmasters Tool.

In addition, you can give a “Priority” to how
you want the search engines to rank your page
WITHIN your own site. Your main homepage would
be “1” and the other pages can be prioritized
to the way you want them.

Of course, there is much more to Sitemaps then
this simple example. What if you have a site
which is constantly updating and adding pages
each day?

Then you’re probably going to have to install
a sitemap generator on your server – which
can get a little complicated, especially if
you’re not good with handling scripts.

But if you want to find out more about sitemaps
try here:

Google Sitemaps Explained

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