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Google vs Bing – Who Wins The Little Miss Search Award?

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Google Zipper

The Photogenic Award Goes To…

While Bing may be losing the search war, at least when
it comes to “user numbers”, but can the case be made
that Bing will win the Little Miss Photogenic Award.
However, don’t rule Google out when it comes to putting
on a good show for its visitors, this little Backrub
has made some great interactive moves in the past few

Today’s Zipper image almost takes the crown, but the
Pac-Man game from a little while back, was much more

Is it just me, or has Google increased the number of
these “special logos” they feature on their home search
page? Could this be in response to all the images Bing
is displaying? Isn’t all this foolishness, sounding more
and more, like a little Miss Search contest? My dimples
are prettier than your dimples…

Google UnZipped

But this is serious business, serious as in Billions,
since gaining the patronage of loyal users who log in
each day does mean money in the bank for these search
engine companies. Hands down, Google seems to be winning
that war with over 65% share of the lucrative US search
market, but according to Alexa, Google has been knocked
down from its #1 spot numerous times last year by Facebook.

The premier social network repeated this feat several
times again this year and this must be worrisome for
Google, which has long been the top site on the web.
But even more troublesome is the fact that Facebook
users spend much more time on site or logged in, than
do Google users. And did someone say Facebook was
developing its own search engine?

All serious stuff indeed, but back to our Little Miss
contest, who wins the photogenic award for having the
best visual presentations? Bing? Google?

Google UnZipped

Months back, I became so annoyed at Google’s whole
Privacy Changes and its cruel Panda Updates, I switched
my computer’s homepage from Google to Bing. I have been
enjoying immensely the eye-popping images which are
presented each day. It does make me want to keep using
Bing and seeing all those pictures.

However, I do find the Google’s presentations much more
creative or should we say inventive. Besides, in a former
life I have been an artist and art teacher, so liking
things which show the creative and whimsical side of life
is probably in my DNA. While the search engine marketer
in me is totally ticked at Google’s recent move to favor
corporate brands in organic search, I must admit some of
Google’s doodles are true masterpieces. They keep me
grinning all day long.

So who wins?

Who cares… just keep those images coming so I can get
my daily fix.

+Titus Hoskins


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How “Google Plus Your World” Affects Your Traffic

BWMagic’s Internet Marketing Newsletter

How “Google Plus Your World” Affects Your Traffic

Google Spot!

Just when I thought Google couldn’t pull out any more
surprises – they start 2012 off by rolling out “Google Plus
Your World”. This really personalizes your Google search,
especially with it comes to all those Google+ profiles
and posts.

Your searches in Google can now relate directly to the
people and topics you care about in your life. Google will
now show “personal results”, “profiles in search” and “people
and pages” in their results and autocomplete.


Google is reasoning that behind each search query there
is a whole community which the searcher might want to
follow or join. It gives Google search a much broader
application when it comes to finding information on the

Nothing wrong with that but…

Many are saying Google is too self-promotional by just
using their own Google+ system – why not include Twitter
and Facebook profiles as well? Actually, there are
several ongoing disputes regarding this matter and whether
or not Google has complete access to data from Twitter
and Facebook.

Here’s an interesting video with Google executive chairman
Eric Schmidt where he states they’re not favoring Google+
in the results. You can judge for yourself:

Regardless of this argument, a much more beneficial question
will have to be…

What does “Google Plus Your World” mean for your site’s traffic
and/or online marketing?

First, now more than ever, you simply have to have a Google+
profile for yourself or your company. The traffic and SEO benefits
are simply too great to ignore. You must have a Google+ account
and promote it along with all your other social profiles such
as Twitter and Facebook.

In addition, you should be making regular Google+ posts with
photos… as all these will now show up in Google search. This
is another fast way to get your content displayed on Google.

Keep in mind, once someone is logged into Google, their previous
clicked sites and activity will show up at the top of the
listings. This makes organic search and rankings less important
because any site can now be at the top; build up a large
active community around your site and you will get more
repeat traffic from Google.

Just like every savvy online marketer knows how to get their
content into Google News within minutes, now we also have
Google+ as a direct way into Google search. Marketers and
webmasters should take advantage.

This also opens up another door when it comes to marketing
on the web. As studies have shown, personal “product recommendations”
from friends and family do play a major role in what products
we finally decide to buy. Factoring in the whole new “Google Plus
Your World” element will give marketers another road to pursue.

All this can mean much more targeted traffic to your site
and a greater opportunity to build a list of prospects (community)
around your site’s topic. The same goes for any company
or site promoting their products on the web.

In the near future, we should all be prepared for Google’s
next moves. Especially in the area of Authorship Markup and
how it plays into these new Google+ changes to personal
search. In addition, be prepared for Rich Snippets to play
a major role in Google SERPs, but that’s another topic for
a future newsletter.

For now, everyone should be exploring Google+ and taking
advantage of what it can do for their site or company in Google’s
new “Plus Your World” universe. Just personalize Google’s
new changes to meet your own needs.

Helping People Succeed Online Since 2002!

Kind Regards,
+Titus Hoskins


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Can Apple’s Siri Defeat Google?

BWMagic’s Internet Marketing Newsletter

Can Apple’s Siri Defeat Google?

Apple's Siri

Image via CrunchBase

Recently, a guest speaker at the Pubcon search engine
marketing conference, stated: “SEO will be dead in around
6 months!”

Of course, that statement was supposed to shock and
draw attention to a curious question. Can the mighty
Google finally have some serious competition on its hands?

Before you start shaking your head, that speaker’s
name was Leo Laporte of “This Week In Google” or TWIG
for short. So this is someone who probably has a closer
eye on Google than you or I.

Don’t know about you, but for the most part, I am
way too busy figuring out Google’s latest Algorithm
changes, to wonder if the whole foundation is about
to crumble. But this competition is something I never
thought of as even being competition.

The “David” in question here is Apple’s Siri Technology
which they bought in 2010 and introduced on the iPhone 4S.
Siri is part of the iOS 5 and is a natural language software
that processes and answers your questions.

Siri is like your own personal assistant who gets to
know your individual preferences and adapts over time
to truly personalize your results.

Basically, Siri will search out information for you and
personalize the results to your liking and taste. It
can use speech and text to give you the answers to all
your questions.

At its core, isn’t this something that Google is
currently doing? Answering questions and supplying

The big question…

Can Apple’s Siri do a better job than Google?

At the moment probably not, but what about a few
years down the road? Apple has a massive data center
in North Carolina collecting information (sound familiar)
that can be honed and perfected to deliver precisely
what’s needed.

What if this Siri Technology is opened up for
third party applications and developments? What
if those other parties have a vested interest in
promoting and using this new language technology.

And what if Apple removes all Google search from
its countless mobile devices and replaces it with
Siri search?

Of course, Google is not some helpless little
competitor that can be easily defeated. It
has huge resources to take Apple on in an all
out war for control of the web. We already see
Google taking that battle to Apple with the
Android and other devices such as the Chromebook.

Google is also moving into speech and may even
“outdo” Apple when it comes to semantic speaking
search. Needless to say, no one is counting Google
out just yet.

However, many are saying Siri has “personality”
and is already connecting with its users in a way
that Google search hasn’t. Plus, Apple is well
known for turning technology into very usable
“must have” everyday items, but is there
enough Steve Jobs DNA left to continue this

Let’s face it-

Apple showed us how to use the Walkman.

Apple showed us how to use the Smart Phone.

Apple showed us how to use the Tablet.

Can Apple show us how to use a search engine?

Ultimately, it is those search users who will
decide how the future of the web plays out.

But getting back to the more serious question
at hand – how will all this new “spoken” search
affect online marketing and SEO? How can one
optimize their sites for Siri? How do they
make sure their product or business comes up
when a Siri user asks a question?

Forget the battle between Apple and Google, it
is this SEO question which will be the major battle
and concern for webmasters and online marketers in
the coming years, if not months.

For further information try the Forbes article

Forbes – Why Siri Is A Google Killer

Helping People Succeed Online Since 2002!

Kind Regards,
+Titus Hoskins


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