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My 8 Favorite Quotes About Google For 2013

Bizwaremagic’s 8 Favorite Quotes About Google For 2013

Google Spot!

All things considered 2013 was a very good year for Google.
It fought off Facebook to remain the number one ranked site
on the web according to Alexa.com, which measures traffic stats
on the web. Google’s share price topped $1000 and kept going.
Everywhere you looked, Google was in the news – promoting its
Google Glasses, Chromebooks, Android System… while quietly
acquiring one robot company after another.

Google had a very good year, but it also received some very
bad press, especially with its ongoing privacy issues and the
whole YouTube commenting mess which solidly backfired. Google
owns YouTube, and in 2013, they tried to integrate the Google
Plus ghostship into the popular YouTube site – requiring users
to use Google+ in order to comment on videos. The backlash was
immediate and massive.

As many disgruntled YouTube users and webmasters will contest,
Google can be a real “Miley Cyrus with her twerk on” when
it wants to be!

Despite its countless resources, Google still hasn’t learned
one of the most obvious facts about the web or even human nature
for that matter. You simply can’t force any program down
someone’s throat if they simply don’t want it.

However, as Google grows in power and influence, it will no doubt
dictate both our surfing habits and how we live our lives. This
influence is becoming so strong Google is approaching omnipotence.
Naturally, people will start to rebel, and I am probably at the
head of the line, especially when it comes to Google judging worthy
content on the web. In my opinion, they are simply getting it all
wrong when it comes to discouraging keyword link building and
disqualifying whole sites because of a few minor issues.

While my last year’s resolution was simply to ignore Google, I have
failed horribly. No matter how hard I try, the lovely beast has come
up in my articles and writings numerous times… so here are my
8 favorite quotes about Google for 2013:

“I am an atheist – I don’t believe in Google”

“Who Died and Made Google God?”

“Bless me Google for I have sinned.”

“Google is our Titanic”

“Content is NOT King, Google is King”

“Google has come a long way from that timid backrub
between two Stanford Graduates Larry Page and Sergey
Brin in a Menlo Park garage back in 1998.”

“At least they got the first two letters right!”

“The click is mightier than Google.”

There you have it, my most favorite quotes about Google in 2013.
For any non-webmasters reading this, Titanic was the original name
for the Penguin Update and BackRub was the original name given to
the search engine which later became known as Google. As for 2014,
I have again made it my resolution to completely ignore Google this year.
Just wonder how long that will last?

+Titus Hoskins


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Using Google Authorship Markup for Visibility and List Building

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Using Google Authorship Markup for Visibility and List Building

Kiss Me I'm Google

Google Authorship – Now For Something Completely Different
Written by

For some time now, I have been trying to get my Google Authorship
“markup” to work with my online content. Years ago, I went through
all the directions from Google and had my name/content verified by the
big G or so I thought. Google Author Markup

However, back then Google did not display my picture and link
to my Google+ profile or even to my old Google profile – remember
those. I didn’t worry, it was just something else I would get around
and fix when time allowed.

Quite frankly, I didn’t take Google Authorship all that seriously.

Why you ask?

Mainly because, I had been conditioned by the countless programs
offered by Google and then only to find out they had been canceled
months later… anyone remember Google Buzz?

Then came the latest bombshell – Google would be using Authorship
as a ranking factor. How important a ranking factor remains to be
seen but as we move away from the old SEO factors and links – your
authorship profile and the number of readers/followers you have
in your Google+ circles will take on much more importance.

Feels like the whole SEO game has changed when it now comes to ranking
in Google… it is no longer about Links and PageRank, but about
how large of an online readership or following you have in not only
Google+, but Twitter, Facebook, YouTube… and the other social networks.

So getting your Google Authorship and picture displayed with your
content is crucial for success on the new web. Don’t forget about
link building but just make sure Google is displaying your picture
and details in their SERPs.

It’s no big secret that for Google, the web user’s experience is
paramount. The better that experience, the higher your Google rankings,
will be.

Just recently, Google started ranking higher those YouTube videos
where watchers stayed the longest… regardless of how many views
or links, it is the videos which command the longest viewing times
being ranked the highest.

The same thing is being applied to general web content and sites…
the content where viewers spend the longest time seems to be ranked
higher. This is common sense – forget about how many links the content
has; if viewers spend two seconds judging it and clicks away – how good
is this content really?

However, if a viewer clicks the link and spends 5, 10 or 20 minutes
reading the content, chances are high the content is exactly what the
viewer is searching for and results in good user experience. Over time,
Google with its constant flow of data and stats can easily rank the
content which supplies the best user experience.

They have always been important factors but now – time spent on site,
bounce rates and even page load times – take on a whole new significance
for ranking high in Google.

That’s why building a large loyal online readership or following can
be vital for the success of your content and site. It’s no longer about
how many links you have but about how many readers/followers/fans you have.

Thankfully, Google is now displaying my Authorship Profile in their SERPs.

As far as I can gather, my main problem was initially signing up to my
Google+ account through my gMail account. A Big mistake!


This makes it easier for Google to verify you and your content.

Eventually I did sync my Google+, Google Chrome, Google Profile, gMail
account… all under one Google identity. But I wasted a lot of valuable
time in building my online readership though Google Authorship in the
meanwhile. Kick myself number 245.

Another issue which could cause problems. Make sure you add


to all your articles and content you want displayed with Google Authorship.
In other words, just adding your name or Google+ may not be enough – make
sure you add “by” followed by your Google+ name/link.

I also found it helpful to link to your new content via your Google+ account
and also you can use the LABS section in your Google Webmaster Tools to verify
or list your content links.

Another issue I found concerned my mugshot or photo in my Google+ account,
for some reason the software wasn’t picking up a person! So I changed my
image and made sure it fitted the size requirements Google needed. 250px x 250px

Since I write articles and content for other sites, mainly SiteProNews, it
was very important to have my Google Authorship up and running. Not only for
online rankings or visibility but my main reason was list building.

Google Authorship can be the perfect vehicle for building your list of contacts
and not just through your Google+ account, but your own list of contacts which
you totally control.

In essence, the whole Google Authorship program, is a move to a more social
based ranking system. A move away from SEO or online site factors to more emphasis
being placed on the author or the creator of web content. It’s not exactlythe sites
which are important, but the quality of the author’s writing and content which
are important.

This small shift could mean a big difference on the new web.

Helping People Succeed Online Since 2002!

Kind Regards,
+Titus Hoskins


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Is Pleasing Google Worth It Anymore?

BWMagic’s Internet Marketing Newsletter

Is Pleasing Google Worth It Anymore?

Kiss Me I'm Google

Is Pleasing Google Harming Your Business?

Every site owner and webmaster must answer this question for themselves,
but since all the endless updates and constant algorithm changes, Google
is not making that decision any easier. Since the Panda and Penguin Updates,
some webmasters go so far as wondering whether ranking in Google is worth
all the pain and frustration.

Then the cold hard reality and more importantly, your traffic log stats,
hits you in the face. Google search engine traffic is very valuable – get
just a faction of this traffic, and you can have a profitable site or business
on the web. For many webmasters, obtaining high keyword rankings in Google
for your niche or business, simply means steady sales and leads on a daily basis.

However, if your site has come under a manual penalty or suffered with
all the different changes, is Google worth your time to fix? If you can
afford to out-source your recovery and link building chores, pleasing
Google is well worth it. But if you’re a small operation and have to
spend all your time fixing issues, which Google is constantly inventing
and re-inventing, then you may consider all the time wasted too costly
for the survival of your online business. It’s a business call or decision
every site owner has to make.

In other words, don’t ignore your site and business, just for the sake of
pleasing Google. For over 10 years, Google has been conditioning webmasters
and site owners to jump when they say jump – we are probably all guilty of
being manipulated by Google. Dog, Pavlov and Bell. More sadly, we have all
become addicted to all that free search traffic – maybe it’s time we all
kicked the Google habit.

Concentrating only on Google may be the wrong strategy here and one only
site owners must decide for themselves.

Again, what makes this decision really tricky, Google simply controls the
majority of the web’s search traffic, especially in the lucrative North
American market. So even if you get a number one ranking in both Bing and
Yahoo… the traffic is nothing compared to what you would receive with a
number one ranking in Google. Been there, done that.

However, Google has become extremely unstable in the last year and a half.
Getting and maintaining your Google rankings and traffic are a total crap-shoot,
almost every day, there are changes to Google’s algorithm, the complex formula
they use to rank sites and content on the web. No matter how pure your site
is or how pure your marketing tactics may be – there’s no guarantee your site
won’t see a drastic drop in traffic from Google, without any notice or warning.

So is Google worth all the hassle?

Yes, but putting all your marketing efforts into the Google traffic basket
can prove to be a fatal mistake. One many site owners and marketers sadly
discovered in 2011 and 2012. A much better marketing strategy is to diversify
your traffic sources – so you’re just not receiving the majority of your traffic
from Google search. Make sure your site can be found and ranked high in the other
search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and now Facebook. Build traffic links with other
related sites in your niche, put the emphasis on getting targeted traffic and
visitors, and not just for SEO reasons.

In addition, make sure your site has a strong presence in all the major social
networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest… and so on. Build
strong communities in all these networks and use these communities to boost
your traffic. Don’t forget about Google, but just consider it like your rich
step-sister, the one standing in the doorway, which can be relied upon, to give
you extra valuable traffic every now and then.

However, if you’re still having trouble with Google and becoming more frustrated
each and every day – take heart and always remember this important fact and never
forget it:

The Web Is Mightier Than Google – Always Has Been And Always Will Be.

Helping People Succeed Online Since 2002!

Kind Regards,
+Titus Hoskins

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