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Google Gives More Search Data To Webmasters

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Google Gives More Search Data To Webmasters

You have probably heard about this already but it is very important,
especially if you’re like me and into search engine marketing.
Google thru its Webmaster Tools program is now sharing very detailed
search data for each individual search query made to your site.

What it means is this:

Say you have a site on “golfing” or “golf”.

You can now go to your Webmaster Tools account and click on a keyword
query such as “best golf clubs” which web surfers would use to find your

Google will give you a break-down of its own search data:

– number of impressions

– your clickthrough rate (how many surfers click thru to your site)

– list of your site’s pages that were linked to in the results

Assuming all these numbers and data are accurate (there is a big discussion
going on right now, whether or not Google’s data is totally accurate), it will
give webmasters and marketers some useful information. It can help you improve
your conversion rate to get more visitors – which is the object of the game.

But a word of caution, don’t take anything coming from Google or any other
site on the web as gospel. I always like to compare any data with my own
web stats and web logs… always make it a practice to cross-reference your
important stats with other sources.

Besides using your own site stats and Webmasters Tools, use Google Analytics,
use Alexa data, use your Adwords and your Adsense data… plus all your performance
reports from all your different affiliate networks you’re using like Commission

By checking all these different sources, you will get a more comprehensive
view of how well your site is doing in regards to traffic and your visitors.

Regardless of how accurate it is , this new search data coming from Google is
well worth checking out and analyzing. Mainly because just increasing your
conversion numbers by a few notches can mean many more visitors to your site.

If you want to find out more about this topic and what it can mean for your
site, I suggest you check out this great page on WebProNews here:

If you’re not using Google’s Webmaster Tools, I more strongly suggest
you get it here:

Google Webmaster Tools

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