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Will Google Introduce One-Page Infinite Scrolling For Search?

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Will Google Introduce One-Page Infinite Scrolling For Search?

Google Spot!

Google is constantly making changes to how they
rank pages AND how they display their search results.
Webmasters and site owners can do a lot to affect the
outcome of the first one by building more links,
increasing the quality of their content and practicing
better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques.
However, besides picking the title and description,
webmasters have little control over how Google displays
your listings in their organic search.

Recently, we have seen Google introduce Instant Search,
automatic fill-ins, page previews… could more exciting
changes be coming down the pipeline?

Rumors are flying that Google may adapt a one-page layout,
like they now have for Google Images, and introduce
infinite scrolling with a static menu on the left
always in view. This could possibly change Google’s
SERPs dramatically, to say the least.

Just imagine, you have a listing/ranking for your site
in Google but it’s currently in the 30 or 50th spot.
You have a really catchy title and description which
attracts a lot of clicks if only people could get the
chance to view it. Now, if Google sees the light and
goes with infinite scrolling, searchers will now have
a greater chance of seeing your listings and clicking
through to your site. More traffic, more visitors and
more sales.

Let’s face it, most people don’t click beyond the first
page and very, very few click through to the third or
fourth page. While I have seen slightly different percentages
stated, I read in the Warrior Forum that “89% of all traffic
goes to the webpages on the first page. And 42% of that goes
to the page ranked number 1. The last place finisher on page
1 gets 3%.”

While top 5 organic results will still probably get the
majority of the traffic… but in the slight chance that
Google does introduce this new format, many more Google
users will see your listing in the 30th or 50th spot.
Might be a small learning curve but searchers will go deeper
into the search results if all they have to do is scroll down,
without clicking those extra pages.

To find out more and to watch a video of this new
Google Interface – you can click here:

Will Google Remove Pagination From Their SERPs?

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