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Google As Content Creator And Every Webmaster’s Competition?

Google Does Your Mama & Your Web Content!

Google As Content Creator And Every Webmaster’s Competition?
Written by Titus Hoskins

(Update – This post was a test. This site doesn’t hate Google or your Mama!
We are running a series of tests or experiments to discover if Google
purposely keeps “anti or negative content” directly relating to Google
from its index. In other words, does negative content about Google get
a “fair” chance of being displayed or is it filtered out? Does Google
have a “Brand Rinse Filter” in play which keeps negative content out of
its index? Also, can having too much anti-Google content place your site
in jeopardy or lower it in the rankings? We will do a major report if
these tests/data proves anything and a report is warranted. If you’re curious
this post was NOT indexed in Google while the previous post was indexed
within 24 hours. Same blog, same site – but different content. Go figure!)

A cynical look at Google as content creator via its Mother’s Day Page.

While celebrating Mother’s Day can never be criticized or ridiculed,
Google’s CONTENT PAGE for the upcoming Mother’s Day leaves more than
a bitter taste in some webmaster/marketers’ mouths. Creating such a
page honoring mothers should be applauded and praised – IF it’s not
the start of more content pages on more and more subjects.

Who wants to compete with Google? More importantly, can one truly
compete with Google?

If Google becomes a content creator and online marketer, instead
of supplying third party search results and cute little logo doodles,
we all may be up that proverbial creek. Google has the resources
and money to produce superior content to anything else found on the
web. They could simply “out content” even the most creative webmasters
and site owners on the web.

Google probably already knows this.

Over the last few years, Google has slowly been entering the content
game, especially with Google Knowledge Graphs. One gets the general
impression Google is simply dying to get into not just displaying
search results but creating those search results pages themselves
and keeping those visitors entirely on their site, or on Google+,
YouTube or any other site it owns.

Google also knows the real money is in keeping those search visitors
on its own properties until they click a Google ad or promotion.
Creating your own content and keeping visitors amused until they
click those ads will bring home the bacon and cut down on all those
Adsense payouts. There’s nothing stopping Google from creating its
own content and cutting out all those pesky webmasters and websites.

Do it and be done with it.

Just in case, you’re one of those who believe Google would never go
that far. Just take a close look at the Mother’s Day page hosted on Google.
It has a Gift Guide which uses Google Shopping to find handy last
minute gifts for mom. It also has a link to Google Offers if you’re
still looking for that special gift.

Plus, it has links promoting Google Hangouts and YouTube.

Fine, every company has the right to promote itself and its products,
but thinking of Google as a neutral provider of independent search
results is wearing mighty thin. Can Google be impartial and still
promote its own products so heavily? Can Google become a major content
provider and still remain neutral when it comes to supplying legitimate
search results?

However, an entity such as Google just doesn’t stop at supplying search
results, especially if it knows it can create more relevant and better
content than 95% of the stuff out there. Google was born to expand
and it’s not going to stop or remain neutral when money is at stake.

Goog has already become much more important than Google will ever be.

There’s no stopping Google, and there are no limits. There are even rumors
Google may be opening up its own retail stores (like Apple) in the near future.
But why should anyone be surprised, the web is just the starting ground for
a company like Google… next thing you know they will have us all wearing
awkward looking devices connecting us to the web and Google 24/7, 365 days
of the year.

Oh, the horror!

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