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Should You Use YouTube, Twitter, Facebook… In Your Marketing?

BWMagic’s Internet Marketing Newsletter

Should You Use YouTube, Twitter, Facebook… In Your Marketing?

First, I must admit to you that social media sites like Twitter, YouTube,
Facebook… are not my thing. I frankly don’t like them but that hasn’t
stopped me from using them to my advantage.

I find Twitter way too silly and Facebook way too nosy… the one in
the whole bunch which I like the best is YouTube and even that comes
with a lot of qualifiers.

But it’s not so much the sites themselves, it has to do with age and
old habits. I can remember a time when marketing on the web didn’t
include any of the above because they just didn’t exist. Life was a
lot simpler then – all you had to be concerned about was creating great
content and building your keyword rankings.

However, you have to change and adapt with the times or you will quickly
lose out to those who can change their marketing on a dime. So despite
my own feelings, I use all these social networking sites and tie them
in to all my online promotions.

One of the underlying strategies web marketing demands is that you firmly
place your content in the whole mix of what’s happening on the net. The
more you connect your content to all involved parties, the less Google
can ignore your content.

The biggest mistake most beginning webmasters and companies make – they
create a perfectly good site and place it on the web. Then they patiently
wait for something to happen…

…many are still waiting!

That’s not how it’s done, at least not in my case. You have to become
pro-active, you have to get out there and actively promote your site.
Write articles, join forums, make comments, tweet your content, create
related videos, build a fan base, build your lists… in other words,
get involved with the web.

The more you get involved and the more you can get your content tied
up in the whole discussion of the web, the faster you will succeed.

These new social/networking sites makes it very easy to get your content
noticed and into the whole mix. Google can’t ignore your content if
1000’s are re-tweeting it, Google can’t ignore your video if 1000’s of
tubers are giving it the thumbs-up, Google can’t ignore your latest
article if 1000’s are clicking the “like” button…

…you will get Google’s attention.

This is all important because Google controls 70% – 80% of the search
traffic and getting listed at the top of Google is still the key to
succeeding on the web. These sites can help you get that Google traffic
and that’s the main reason you should use them.

Now, the one I like the best is YouTube, not because it is owned by
Google, but a well made video can jump instantly onto the first page
of Google for some very popular/lucrative keywords.

No SEO, no backlinks, no on-page optimization… your video is on the
first page and in some lucky cases, stays there for months at a time.

And this doesn’t take into consideration that people are now by-passing
the search engines and using sites like YouTube to do their searches –
finding their answers in videos, rather than using an ordinary search engine.

Another reason why I really like YouTube is that you can quickly build
a community around your content. You can quickly build your list of
subscribers and friends… all making comments and adding video responses
to your channel.

Plus, these channels can be super targeted… you can have one on web
marketing, you can have one on list building… in other words, you can
have a channel on each topic area of your site.

Then there is the whole nature of videos themselves, people like them
and they like getting their information in video form. It is more universal
and you will reach more viewers, many wouldn’t be caught dead reading
your article but will watch an interesting video based on that article.

In addition, I believe YouTube will only grow in importance in the future.
This is based on some recent developments – CNN reports that Google plans
to spend 100 million on original programing to create 20 premium channels.

And recently when Larry Page took back the CEO job at Google, he created
vice presidents in seven key areas – YouTube and video was solidly in the
mix with search, social, Chrome, mobile, local and ads. This shows that
Google is placing a lot of importance and emphasis on YouTube going forward.

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Will “GoogleMe” Finally Make Google a Two-Trick Pony?

BWMagic’s Internet Marketing News

Will “GoogleMe” Finally Make Google a Two-Trick Pony?

If you have been reading this small marketing newsletter or emails,
you know I am probably too obsessed with Google and everything
connected with it. However, since 80% of my online income
comes directly or indirectly from Google there is a reason for
this insanity.

Or in other words, without my high rankings in Google my income
would be cut down to 20% – Ouch!

For this reason I keep a close eye on Google and all the rumors
swirling around it. Lately, the buzz concerns “GoogleMe” or “Google Me”
which is supposed to be a “Facebook Killer”, a social network
program/site being developed by Google.

(I am not making this up folks – this rumor comes from CNN –
best source on the planet for rumors and gossip. Find it here:

Since Google started people/critics have been complaining that
Google is a “one-trick pony”, its one and only really successful
venture has been its lucrative search engine and its obvious
dominance of that market – at least in the North American

Despite offering up or buying up some very popular programs
such as Gmail, Youtube, Google Voice, Google Buzz, Android
and even venturing into the Nexus One Phone —- Google is still
mainly known for online search.

Now, besides Apple and Microsoft, Google’s main competition is
Facebook, which has the growth and numbers Google can only
dream about. People have embraced Facebook and use it daily to
connect with colleagues, friends and family.

However, Facebook is morphing into more than just a social network
of like minded individuals – it is becoming a search engine. The
Facebook “Like Button and Box” is becoming a more democratic way of
voting for your most popular websites and products. Facebook’s
Open Graph Search can be seen as a real challenge to Google.

The search functions on Facebook even have an “auto-suggest” feature
which makes it even more effective. All this must have Google concerned
since it really has no competition to worry about – the upcoming
Bing/Yahoo might be a minor irritant but Google has already strongly
beaten those two in the search marketplace.

This brings us back to the question at hand – does Google have a
Facebook type program in the works? Can it possibly give Facebook
some competition?

Most of Google’s new programs have not caught fire with the general
public – at least not in the way that Facebook has. Google Buzz,
Google Voice, iGoogle, Google Wave… all have been debuted with
much fanfare and buzz, only to stall or peter out; at least when
you compare them to something like Facebook.

GoogleMe, if it does surface, could suffer the same faith or it could
break the mold and give Google another popular program to further
develop and strengthen its search dominance. And it can be monetized in
the save way that Google has monetized (some say ruined) YouTube.

However, others disagree, many believe Google monetization of YouTube
has made that program stronger and has given a revenue source for
millions of young Spielberg wanabes. More power to them and Google.

Now from a marketing angle, GoogleMe like Facebook, could be a great
place to promote your website and/or products. Recommendations from
family and friends play a vital role in what we finally buy. Recommendations
from people we know and trust is a major buying factor and marketers have
taken advantage of this fact for a long time.

But can a GoogleMe really give Facebook some real competition?
The answer is a definite YES.

People will use the site that gives them the best features and
programs, but Facebook’s numbers could be a problem for Google,
most people use Facebook because that’s where everyone else is.

If GoogleMe becomes “the” place to be on the web, then it will
finally give Google its second “out of the ballpark” program. One
that can generate lucrative revenue streams beside search, although
search will probably be a major part of any program Google creates.


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