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List Building In The Age Of Twitter

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List Building In The Age Of Twitter

If you have a web site or you’re into online marketing – you will
probably already know how important list building is to your success.
You simply must have some way of building your list in place.

Years ago, when I first started with this online stuff, one of the first things
I learned (learnt) was how to build lists in order to increase my site’s traffic
and sales. At first I was mainly concerned with using my lists to bring repeat
visitors to my site and to build up some kind of relationship.

I soon discovered one of the most effective ways of doing this was simply
offering quality information in the form of a free ebook, video or newsletter
in return for the contact email.

Your site’s visitors would opt-in to your email list in order to get quality
information from you, which gave you the chance of offering follow-up information
in order to fully engage your subscribers with your site.

This doesn’t have to be complicated or a lot of work.

I believe one of my most effective list building systems is where visitors can
opt-in to get discount coupons on high-end products. When merchants give discounts,
special sales… I simply send out an email to these subscribers with the offers.

Ridiculously simple but it works.

Another version of this list building system is where I give 6 or 7 follow-up
information emails on a product or service. Within those emails are links
to a discount page where I place all my discounts and sales for that particular
product or service.

Again simple yet very effective.

But things have changed in the field of list building. I am still doing those
techniques above and will continue to use them because they work.


There are now new programs on the web which make it much easier to build
your list of contacts.

When I think of all the time it took me to just get 10,000 subscribers, I am kinda
freaked out that some kid can put a few music videos on YouTube and in less than
a month have over 160,000 subscribers.

The same thing with Twitter, where building a list of 100,000 followers is fairly
common. The potential for building a large quality list is at anyone’s fingertips.
And all these programs can be used in addition to your onsite autoresponder which
you’re using to build your contact list.

Anyway, below is a recent article on building your list with Twitter and the
whole key is to integrate all your social networks programs into your web site.
Make it extremely easy for anyone to sign-up to your Twitter, YouTube, MySpace…
accounts from your site. Connect everything together and promote your
social contact sites just like you would your own site.

In this article I also give you some tips on how to increase your Twitter
followers – you can find it here:

List Building In The Age Of Twitter

Top 10 Linkedin Strategies To Increase Your Contacts/Income

Another online resource which is extremely helpful but you don’t hear too much
about it is Linkedin, which you can also use to build your list of contacts.

I am not an expert on Linkedin, so of course I do the next best thing – seek
out someone who is!

One of the best experts on how to use Linkedin is Lewis Howes.

He has become somewhat of a LinkedIn “guru”, someone who has developed
and used strategies to make this program work for him and for you, if you
follow his advice.

I personally find Linkedin has the most professional or highly connected contacts
on it, more so than on YouTube or even Twitter – high level experts and business
people who can really help your business grow.

To get a free video of the Top 10 Linkedin Tips you can use to fully take advantage
of this networking site. He also has an ebook entitled “Linkedin Master Strategies”
at a reasonable price you can consider but make sure you view the free video.

You will have to give an email address because of course Lewis is also building
his list. (Tip: I often use a secondary email address when signing up to things
like this – if the follow-up information is extremely good and the person is
some one of high quality. I will then often re-subscribe to them using my primary
email address!)

To discover these common sense tips on how to use Linkedin to your advantage
click here:

Linkedin Master Strategies

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