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Cyber Monday Offers At Bizwaremagic

Cyber Monday Offers At Bizwaremagic

HP.com (Hewlett-Packard Home Store)

Quick Update

Cyber Monday is often one of the busiest days online
– especially if you’re covering special promotions.
Bizwaremagic has a whole list of deals, coupons and
special offers that can save the alert shopper $100s
of their next computer item or holiday gift.

All the major retailers are offering great discounts
on this day… and many of them are listed on this
small business site.

If you’re in the market for a laptop, tablet, desktop
PC or a monitor… try the sales/offers/discounts
on these pages:




Toshiba & Lenovo

And if you’re looking for Corporate Business Gifts – we
have a whole list of offers here. Including a special
“double your chocolate amount” from zChocolat and
up to 50% off on personalized gifts from Things Remembered.

You can find these Cyber Monday sales Here.

Happy Shopping!



Best Black Friday Deals

BWMagic’s Internet Marketing Newsletter

Best Black Friday Deals

Best Corporate Business Gifts - Shop Now

Like every Black Friday or long before it, my inbox becomes flooded with
holiday offers, coupons, doorbusters and bargains. I comb through
all these offers and place the best ones on my webpages.

Like years past, there are some excellent savings to be had, if one
acts fast and manages to snap up any of the limited doorbreaker or
doorbuster items. Bit hectic, but shopping online does beat camping
out in the cold.

Best Dell Black Friday Deals

I have spent the last few days updating numerous pages on this site
with the latest Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and coupons. Mainly
my Corporate Business Gifts Pages and my Dell, HP and Alienware laptop
coupons pages – there are some great deals to be had if you’re in the

Hot holiday items this year include the tablet devices such as iPad, iPad
mini, Surface and the Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook. Smartphones are again very
popular, with the Samsung Galaxy S3 giving the Apple iPhone a run for
its money.

Black Friday Deals & Online Marketing

Besides making a few bucks, these holidays are an affiliate marketer’s
dream come true, what I really enjoy is all the marketing behind the
scenes. Creating graphics, writing press releases, doing viral marketing,
trying different PPC campaigns… and the list goes on.

Working out an advertising budget and sticking to it is perhaps the
hardest rule to follow. The more you spend in advertising, the more
you will earn – especially during these holiday buying events such
as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However, there is a fine line and
you don’t want your business to end up in the red on Black Friday
of all days.

This year I am putting more emphasis on social bookmarking sites
like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Even though I don’t
find that kind of viral traffic half as good as search engine
visitors… for me at least, search engine and PPC traffic converts
much better into a sale.

The only exception – if you can manage to get the social traffic
to subscribe to one of your newsletters or marketing funnels – then
your chances of achieving better conversion rates go way up. Customers
buy from people they know – so establishing a good relationship is crucial,
especially in the online world.

Best Black Friday Alienware Deals

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday are excellent times to pick
up that perfect holiday gift at the best price, it is also an excellent
time to do online marketing and test out new strategies.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to go back to monitoring my
Black Friday traffic in Real-Time in Google Analytics.

Happy Shopping and Happy Marketing Everyone!

Kind Regards,
Titus Hoskins



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Bizwaremagic Gearing Up For Black Friday & Cyber Monday Shopping Season

Bizwaremagic Gearing Up For Black Friday & Cyber Monday Shopping Season

Bizwaremagic.com and its handy online laptop Buyer’s Guide is
gearing up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which are less
than a month away. Already we are seeing major online retailers
such as Dell preparing for the upcoming holiday season, especially
Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Dell has even released some handy Bookmark pages which potential
shoppers can bookmark to make sure they get the best deals when
they’re offered.

Bookmark Special Dell Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals

Bizwaremagic has already done one Dell PRWeb Press Release for the
upcoming Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping events. Other Press
Releases are planned for the upcoming holiday season and will
be released on those days.

In addition, we are updating all our laptop and desktop coupons
pages, making all the latest deals and bargains are listed on our
site. We cover major laptop makers/retailers such as Dell, Toshiba,
Apple, HP… and many more.

Bizwaremagic pays special attention to the “gaming laptop niche” and
has recent starting promoting the Razor Blade brand rigs. It already
promotes Alienware, MSI, Asus, Origin… among others. The site even
has a special page completely devoted to Alienware Laptop Coupons, which
is located here.

Plus, another major part of the Bizwaremagic site, has been its Corporate
Gift Guide. This guide will be updated for the upcoming holiday season and
will also be featured in a few press releases. Visitors can find handy
buying tips/advice for buying corporate and promotional gifts… for
customers, employees and bosses. To find this guide, click here

As always, Bizwaremagic places most of its marketing on supplying
needed information for the potential customer of any promoted product
or service. It is this emphasis on information which has made us
so successful in selling affiliate products online. This information
can be found in numerous buying guides offered through the site.

Of course, this handy buying information and tips, are backed up with
the latest discount coupons offered by the major manufacturers and retailers.
Shoppers not only get the information they want but they also get the
latest coupons where they can save $100 off their desired purchase item.

Information + Coupons = Savings

Which leads of course, to a happy consumer – on Black Friday, Cyber
Monday or any other day for that matter.

Kind Regards,
+Titus Hoskins


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