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List Building Tips For The Affiliate Marketer

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List Building Tips For The Affiliate Marketer

List building is one simple marketing strategy any affiliate marketer
can use to increase traffic and sales. But there are a few simple things
you can do to make your list building and affiliate marketing much
more effective…

If you’re into affiliate marketing you will probably already know how
important list building is to your overall success. However, I sometimes
get the feeling from close examination of my competitor’s sites that
list building takes a back seat in their site layout and design.
One also gets the general feeling that list building is not as important
as it once was, especially in the early days of online marketing before
the advent of so many social media/networking sites.

Granted for the ordinary webmaster, in the age of Twitter, Facebook and
YouTube, building your own personal autoresponder lists have taken a
backseat to these social networking sites which obviously builds your
subscriber list for you. But these are third-party sites controlling
your subscribers and while they more or less eliminates the whole notion
of unwanted spam, they do present issues regarding the use of these lists.

Coming from the old school of marketing, I realized the importance of
my lists from the start. I also realized the most difficult part of building
a list was not getting the subscribers, but connecting in some way with
them and building trusting relationships with lists in the tens of thousands
is not an easy thing to accomplish.

List building in regards to affiliate marketing is of special interest
to me since I am a full-time affiliate marketer and anything which makes
my job easier I will try. Like most affiliate marketers, I have created
niche sites dealing with the products and services which I promote. One
major component of these sites is the list building element. On almost
all my sites I try to capture my visitor’s contact information to give
follow-up information which lets me market to these subscribers in a
very subtle way.

The important thing here is to offer free ebooks, guides or e-courses in
order to capture this contact information before these customers are sent
along to the merchant’s site. This is the “old squeeze page” which many
online marketers use in order to build their own list of potential prospects
for their offers.

This must be a “win-win” situation for everyone involved so I like
connecting these lists to special sales, coupons and deals which are
offered by the merchants. These customers can get $100’s off the price
of the products featured so that they end up with a good deal and you
end up with a sale.

All this couldn’t be possible if you didn’t build your list of targeted
clients or customers looking for the products you’re promoting. List
building in this area has proven very effective for my affiliate marketing,
so effective I try to put my subscriber form or box on all my webpages.
So if you’re an affiliate marketer who is sending your visitors directly
to your merchant’s site, think again, and see if building or capturing
your visitor’s contact information is worth your while? If done properly,
this can be an excellent way of increasing your sales and commissions.

Another form of list building which I believe too many affiliate marketers
take for granted is the powerful little “cookie”. For those not in the
business, a cookie is simply a piece of code which identifies your referrals
as belonging to you or your affiliate ID, if a sale is made immediately
or for any time in the future you will get credit for the sale because
you referred the customer or client.

Now, the trick here is to pick affiliate products and programs which
have a 90 Day Cookie or more; if a sale is made in those 90 days you
get credit for the sale. The longer the length the better, there are
even some products and companies which give life-time cookies.

Why is this so important you ask?

Well, if you have a popular site you can quickly build up a long list of
potential customers cookied with your affiliate IDs. The larger the list,
the more sales you will make. Affiliate marketing is a numbers game,
the more numbers you have, the easier it is to succeed. I have found
this so profitable that I try to “cookie” all the lists I build in the
process mentioned above, so that all these potential customers have my
affiliate IDs attached.

So it doesn’t take a genius to realize, used in combination, this can be
an extremely profitable form of list building which every affiliate marketer
should be doing if they haven’t already figured out this simple marketing
strategy. Build your lists, cookie your lists, and then sit back and reap
the rewards.

If you want to find out more about list building, why try this handy eCourse: list building .
And if you want to check out a good practical Autoresponder System – Aweber

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Some Tactics For Getting Those Top 5 Spots In Google

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Some Tactics For Getting Those Top 5 Spots In Google

Google Spot!

Actually, getting in the #1 spot is best but I will settle for the top 5 or
even anywhere on the first page for very competitive keywords. Obtaining those top
rankings for your targeted keywords in Google will obviously be very important to
achieving your online goals.

I don’t have some magic formula just online marketing stuff that works. Very simple stuff
that everyone can do to get those top rankings. Here are some things I do:

– article marketing thru the free article directories

– create videos on my niche products

– make blog posts in my niche areas

– do press releases for my targeted products

– create free ebook guides on my subject areas

– build separate lists for each major niche market with follow-up emails

– participate in online forums with my sig links added

– find out my competitors’ main backlinks and duplicate them

– create Google Alerts for my major keywords and add comments/links to the ones I like

– keep adding fresh content pages to my sites keyworded to phrases used by buyers

Now on second thought, some of those are not so simple but they can be easily
done by most webmasters. Or you can get someone to do them for you, for example,
I get my videos done for me. If you’re poor at writing or have little time you can
even get someone to write your articles for you as well.

Still, these tactics are fairly basic online marketing stuff which anyone can do
to get those higher rankings. Perhaps, what many webmasters fail to realize, getting
and keeping your keywords on the first page of Google does take a lot of work and time.

For very competitive keywords, I usually put in a year’s work to get to those top
spots. It sometimes takes a lot less if your content (an article or video) becomes
viral and lands on a lot of sites, that does happen but for me it is mostly building
steady one-way quality links back to the page or site I want ranked high.

However, it is this time factor which DEFEATS most people, they don’t have the patience
or the resources to wait it out. After a couple of months they throw up their hands
and come away believing all this Internet marketing stuff is for the birds.

Don’t get the wrong idea, there are probably programs and systems out there which
will give you instant success on the web – I just haven’t found them yet, nor am I
really looking since I have figured out how to get those top rankings and earn money
on the web. However, the catch is, it usually takes around a year or two of hard work
before the serious money starts flowing.

There are exceptions, if you’re good at writing articles, you can get immediate
traffic and a few sales. Same goes if you’re into making videos and they become
popular and featured in Google… you will make some sales.

However for steady targeted traffic which flows regularly and keeps the sales
coming each day – then you will need to keep those top rankings in the search engines
for your keywords, especially in Google. Once you get those top rankings, I find
you have to maintain them by continuing to build links by writing articles, making
posts, creating videos… and so on.

My goals are very modest, steady money for me is around $100 – $300 aday,
keep in mine I am doing affiliate marketing or sales where I usually get
from 2% to 5% since I am promoting high-end electronics which offer low
commissions. I also do some ClickBank type info products where the commission
rates are much higher – 50% or more.

I also concentrate most of my time on products/services which give me
a recurring income – make one sale and earn a percentage for years to come.
The trick here is to promote products where once clients sign up they tend
to keep these products for years… services like web hosting, autoresponder
services, telephone services, internet services and so on.

If you have your own products your daily earnings will be much higher, same
thing if you do drop-shipping… but that also brings in other complications
and worries. I like affiliate marketing before it suits my lifestyle, I refer
the sales or clients and the merchants does all the rest.

Now, I have also found if you target longer keyword phrases which has little
traffic but also much less competition, you can bring in sales in a matter
of months, sometimes weeks. This “long tail marketing” as its called, those
faster but you have to cover a lot of ground to be successful.

I prefer picking “mid-range” keywords that have competition but if you put in
the work you will land on the first page of Google. I usually stick to keywords
which have around 1000 – 10,000 searches a month. Highly popular keywords which
get hundreds of thousands or millions of searches I don’t bother with because I
know I just can’t compete with multi-national companies getting most of this traffic.

So it is a matter of picking the keyword battles which you have a good chance of
winning. You do need to do a lot of research to see who is ranking for these
keywords, what kind of backlinks they have and what kind of resources they’re
pouring into obtaining/keeping those rankings?

I also check to see who owns the domains in the top five spots or on the first
page, if one person or company owns 4 or 5 of these sites, it means you’re going
to have your hands full trying to compete for the top spots.

One simple strategy for getting those top spots in Google is to create two
or three keyworded domains competing for the top spot. Link these together
and one or in most cases all of them will land in the top three or four position.
For lucrative keywords this can prove very profitable because your sites
are receiving the majority of the web traffic for those keywords.

However, keep in mind, in many niche markets major companies are now hiring
writers, SEO services and webmasters to get those top spots.

It sometimes can be unnerving – imagine you’re a small webmaster operating
in a niche for years and suddenly you have four or five top brand multi-billion
dollar companies competing with you for the same keywords in the search engines.
This happened to me and to Google’s credit, small webmasters still have a chance
to keep their spots on the first page.

How long before these small webmasters are totally wiped out is anyone’s guess,
but I believe for very lucrative keywords it is only a matter of time before
these big companies throw so much advertising revenue and SEO resources at getting
those top spots – a little guy will have a very slim chance of holding their

Fortunately, there are countless small niche markets and products that an online
marketer can target and rank well for in Google with just a little hard work and
patience. Using some of the tactics listed above will get you to those Top 5
spots in Google – just give them and yourself some time to reach your goals.

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Google Mayday Update – Is Affiliate Long-Tail Traffic The Target?

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Google Mayday Update – Is Affiliate Long-Tail Traffic The Target?

After you have been marketing online or running a website for so long,
Google sort of becomes everyone’s whipping boy. Anything goes wrong
– just blame Google. Last week I told you about Google changing the
title of one of my sites – well they are now displaying the original
title again.

But this was more of my own fault because I had inadvertently
added links which changed the layout of my site, but no harm done
since it’s now back to the right title I want displayed in Google.

So you should read the following information in the same light, while
it is so easy to blame Google – you still have to find ways to
work with Google if you want to succeed on here.

That said…

Since last summer when Google first gave webmasters an example Sandbox
of Google Caffeine, small online marketers like myself knew things were
about to change and change in a big way. Google from the beginning of
this year has slowly been implementing the Caffeine Update or changes
into its index.

Hardest hit seems to be the long-tail affiliate keywords… or rather
sites with high rankings in Google for long tail keywords have seen a drop
– sometimes just a few places down or even off the first page all together.
Remember, there is not much traffic coming to these long-tail keyword
phrases in the first place, so any movement down can spell disaster for
your bottom line.

From the beginning of April and into May – I have seen a drop of 5% to 10%
in my traffic… while this is quite normal and nothing to worry about,
traffic to my main site regularly swings up or down 4,000 or 5,000 in a month.
However, the traffic that has dropped this time is made up mostly of the
lucrative long-tail keywords, which is totally troublesome to say the least.

But I am not alone in this… many online marketers and webmasters are
seeing the same thing. Here is a popular thread at Webmasterworld.


To compound the problem of the Mayday Update, Google has gone and changed
its whole SERPS interface by adding the left side column and countless new
functions or features on that first landing page.

This is probably in response to the perceived threat from the upcoming union
of Bing and Yahoo. Real or imagined, Google is pulling out all the stops to
meet this competition head-on. Unfortunately, all these changes are playing
havoc on how surfers are now behaving when they search for something in Google.

There are so many options, surfers no longer have to rely only on organic
search results – they can use images, videos, news and even use the shopping
function, which totally wipes the online marketer with an information website
out of the picture.

From a marketing perspective, all these new features and updates changes
how to get your links onto Google’s first page for popular keywords. Did you
know that by making a video and placing it on YouTube… you can instantly
get on that first page for some popular keywords.

That’s why I have in the last year started including videos in all my
marketing, it is an easy way to get on that first page in Google. It could
take months to get there by the old SEO routes but a good video can get you
there in minutes.

Another quick way is News Items and Press Releases, while these are only
temporary, you can get on that first page in Google for your chosen keywords.
Plus, Google’s new SERPS interface is more interactive so searchers will no
doubt stay on that first page longer, increasing the chances your links will
be clicked.

Using and creating images with your keywords in them is another way to get
traffic in the new improved Google. It is something you should be doing.

But back to the long-tail keywords and the Mayday Update, some marketers
are saying it is this new Google interface which is causing the drop in
this long-tail traffic, especially when surfers now have the choice to
have Google’s results displayed with all shopping links or with less
shopping links.

In some cases, with many of my keywords, in the non-shopping links
– my links are displayed the highest or much higher than in the
“everything” display. It will take some further fine-tuning in order
to optimize your content for all of Google’s new functions.

If you want to read more about the MayDay Update and the new Google Interface,
I have written another one of my longer articles… which you can find here:

Google Mayday Update: A Surgical Cut To Affiliate Long Tail Traffic?

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