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July 9, 2010

Will “GoogleMe” Finally Make Google a Two-Trick Pony?

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Will “GoogleMe” Finally Make Google a Two-Trick Pony?

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If you have been reading this small marketing newsletter or emails,
you know I am probably too obsessed with Google and everything
connected with it. However, since 80% of my online income
comes directly or indirectly from Google there is a reason for
this insanity.

Or in other words, without my high rankings in Google my income
would be cut down to 20% – Ouch!

For this reason I keep a close eye on Google and all the rumors
swirling around it. Lately, the buzz concerns “GoogleMe” or “Google Me”
which is supposed to be a “Facebook Killer”, a social network
program/site being developed by Google.

(I am not making this up folks – this rumor comes from CNN –
best source on the planet for rumors and gossip. Find it here:

Since Google started people/critics have been complaining that
Google is a “one-trick pony”, its one and only really successful
venture has been its lucrative search engine and its obvious
dominance of that market – at least in the North American

Despite offering up or buying up some very popular programs
such as Gmail, Youtube, Google Voice, Google Buzz, Android
and even venturing into the Nexus One Phone —- Google is still
mainly known for online search.

Now, besides Apple and Microsoft, Google’s main competition is
Facebook, which has the growth and numbers Google can only
dream about. People have embraced Facebook and use it daily to
connect with colleagues, friends and family.

However, Facebook is morphing into more than just a social network
of like minded individuals – it is becoming a search engine. The
Facebook “Like Button and Box” is becoming a more democratic way of
voting for your most popular websites and products. Facebook’s
Open Graph Search can be seen as a real challenge to Google.

The search functions on Facebook even have an “auto-suggest” feature
which makes it even more effective. All this must have Google concerned
since it really has no competition to worry about – the upcoming
Bing/Yahoo might be a minor irritant but Google has already strongly
beaten those two in the search marketplace.

This brings us back to the question at hand – does Google have a
Facebook type program in the works? Can it possibly give Facebook
some competition?

Most of Google’s new programs have not caught fire with the general
public – at least not in the way that Facebook has. Google Buzz,
Google Voice, iGoogle, Google Wave… all have been debuted with
much fanfare and buzz, only to stall or peter out; at least when
you compare them to something like Facebook.

GoogleMe, if it does surface, could suffer the same faith or it could
break the mold and give Google another popular program to further
develop and strengthen its search dominance. And it can be monetized in
the save way that Google has monetized (some say ruined) YouTube.

However, others disagree, many believe Google monetization of YouTube
has made that program stronger and has given a revenue source for
millions of young Spielberg wanabes. More power to them and Google.

Now from a marketing angle, GoogleMe like Facebook, could be a great
place to promote your website and/or products. Recommendations from
family and friends play a vital role in what we finally buy. Recommendations
from people we know and trust is a major buying factor and marketers have
taken advantage of this fact for a long time.

But can a GoogleMe really give Facebook some real competition?
The answer is a definite YES.

People will use the site that gives them the best features and
programs, but Facebook’s numbers could be a problem for Google,
most people use Facebook because that’s where everyone else is.

If GoogleMe becomes “the” place to be on the web, then it will
finally give Google its second “out of the ballpark” program. One
that can generate lucrative revenue streams beside search, although
search will probably be a major part of any program Google creates.


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January 15, 2010

Is Article Marketing Still Effective In 2010?

by @ 8:17 am. Filed under Article Marketing, Uncategorized

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BWMagic’s Internet Marketing News

Is Article Marketing Still Effective In 2010?

Don’t exactly know what it is about starting a new year of marketing online,
but I always stop and take a hard look at all my marketing tactics and methods.
Article marketing is always at the top of my list, mainly because it is and has
always been the cornerstone of everything I do on the web.

By cornerstone I mean it is the key to basically all of my online earnings. Without
article marketing I wouldn’t be a full-time online marketer – it’s as simple as
that. No articles, no income.

Articles bring in the targeted traffic. Articles build those all important one-way
backlinks. Articles build those even more important top rankings in Google for your
chosen keywords. Articles build your online reputation and credibility in the eyes
of your visitors.

I was struggling on the web for around three years before I wrote my first article.
“10 Reasons To Put RSS On Your Site” which is still on around 8,000 sites
around the web.

Writing was always a passion of mine, but it was more on the creative side, although
I did work briefly as a reporter for a very small community newspaper. Looking back
on it, I believe (perhaps falsely) that I had to gain all those years of experience
before I could start writing about it.

Which was the totally wrong attitude to take. Anyone can research a favorite subject
or topic and write a short informative article on it. Most of us have been doing that since
grade school – it is the same as writing a report or an essay.

Only with article writing you actually see monetary returns almost immediately. Surfers
search for an answer in the search engines, your article pops up, they read it and then
click the link to your webpage where you have conveniently placed your affiliate links
or your own products.

A small percentage of those article readers will buy your products and you’re in business.

Over time, all those backlinks in your resource box at the end of your article will
make your keywords rise in the search engines, especially Google. Then as someone searches
in Google – your site pops up, they click thru to your webpage and a small percentage
of these visitors will buy your product or affiliate product displayed on your page.

Smart marketers will also start building a large list of prospective customers by
offering a free guide, ebook or software program to get those visitors to sign-up to your
opt-in list. These marketers can then do follow-up with all these potential customers.

That in a nutshell is an article marketing model or funnel which thousands of online
marketers and webmasters are using. And have been using for years.

But will article marketing remain effective in 2010 and the coming years?

More than likely the answer would be yes but the web is constantly changing and
there are other games worth playing. The same kind of marketing system could be
done with Videos, Blogs, Social Networks and even with Twitter. Your options are
more varied…

However, I find article marketing can be integrated into all elements. For example,
Ezinearticles lets you Tweet your articles to all your followers. I turn my best
articles into Videos and place them on YouTube which opens up a whole different
flow of traffic to my webpages and affiliate links.

Likewise, you can place your articles or links to them on FaceBook,
MySpace and the other social networks. I find getting your articles
on Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon… can bring in a lot of traffic and
increase your rankings.

But the question remains – is article marketing as effective as it once was?

My own answer and personal opinion is no since it’s effectiveness has been watered
down somewhat because every “tom dick and harry plus sally” is doing it.
Everyone has discovered how writing short informative articles on the topic
of your site can be very lucrative.

When I wrote that first article five years ago, I was ‘writer #1561′ with
Ezinearticles. Now they have over 240,509 writers!

Back then, I found your article was placed on a lot more sites mostly because
there wasn’t that many articles out there and competition was much, much less
than it is now. More people writing more articles simply means your article
falls into a bigger pool of other articles.

However, the popularity of these free article directories have grown and some
of these sites have very high traffic numbers. Just look at the Alexa numbers
for the popular article directories on the web:

However, article marketing is still a very good way to get your site and name
on the web. It can still bring in traffic and help build those all important
backlinks and search engine rankings. This is one marketer who will not be giving up
article marketing any time soon.

Some of my most effective techniques for article marketing are:

– Place your targeted keyword phrase in the title, usually at the beginning.

– Make sure your article is informative and supplies the information a reader is searching
for – but always try to motivate the reader to click your links in the resource box for
further information since your main objective is to get the reader to click thru
to your site.

– Most experts say to keep your article short, around 400 – 700 words, but I have
found longer articles of 800-1500 words do really well.

– Place your targeted keywords in the anchor text of your resource box links, that’s
the underlined clickable part. Vary these keywords to avoid keyword spamming.

– For very important sites, try writing an exclusive unique article for that site alone.

– Always spell-check and proof-read your articles. Grammar has never been my strong
point so what I do for finding the correct usage of some tricky phrases or words
– I do a search in Google with “quotation marks” to find out which one has the most
links/usage… I go with the one that has the most links, even if it’s wrong, thousands
of people are making the same mistake. Many marketers do the same thing with mis-spelled

While they can be expensive, I also like using paid article submission sites such as
Submityourarticle, ThePhantomwriters and Isnare… mainly because article marketing
has been so profitable for me, I don’t mind pouring some of those earnings
back into those sites. It saves me time and extends the reach of my articles.

Article marketing will continue to be one of your best ways to build backlinks, raise
your rankings and bring in potential customers to your site. It works for me and hundreds
of thousands of other webmasters – it should also work for you.


In addition, this has been a very busy week and I thought these links
would prove to be of interest/help to you:

How Google Ranks Tweets?

This is a posting on WebProNews which I found very interesting and
beneficial to read. Google looks at now only the number of followers
you have, but the quality of those followers when ranking your Tweets.


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