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Opt-in list building tips, tactics and methods which are still effective – even in the age of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google Plus.

List Building Tips For The Affiliate Marketer

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List Building Tips For The Affiliate Marketer

List building is one simple marketing strategy any affiliate marketer
can use to increase traffic and sales. But there are a few simple things
you can do to make your list building and affiliate marketing much
more effective…

If you’re into affiliate marketing you will probably already know how
important list building is to your overall success. However, I sometimes
get the feeling from close examination of my competitor’s sites that
list building takes a back seat in their site layout and design.
One also gets the general feeling that list building is not as important
as it once was, especially in the early days of online marketing before
the advent of so many social media/networking sites.

Granted for the ordinary webmaster, in the age of Twitter, Facebook and
YouTube, building your own personal autoresponder lists have taken a
backseat to these social networking sites which obviously builds your
subscriber list for you. But these are third-party sites controlling
your subscribers and while they more or less eliminates the whole notion
of unwanted spam, they do present issues regarding the use of these lists.

Coming from the old school of marketing, I realized the importance of
my lists from the start. I also realized the most difficult part of building
a list was not getting the subscribers, but connecting in some way with
them and building trusting relationships with lists in the tens of thousands
is not an easy thing to accomplish.

List building in regards to affiliate marketing is of special interest
to me since I am a full-time affiliate marketer and anything which makes
my job easier I will try. Like most affiliate marketers, I have created
niche sites dealing with the products and services which I promote. One
major component of these sites is the list building element. On almost
all my sites I try to capture my visitor’s contact information to give
follow-up information which lets me market to these subscribers in a
very subtle way.

The important thing here is to offer free ebooks, guides or e-courses in
order to capture this contact information before these customers are sent
along to the merchant’s site. This is the “old squeeze page” which many
online marketers use in order to build their own list of potential prospects
for their offers.

This must be a “win-win” situation for everyone involved so I like
connecting these lists to special sales, coupons and deals which are
offered by the merchants. These customers can get $100’s off the price
of the products featured so that they end up with a good deal and you
end up with a sale.

All this couldn’t be possible if you didn’t build your list of targeted
clients or customers looking for the products you’re promoting. List
building in this area has proven very effective for my affiliate marketing,
so effective I try to put my subscriber form or box on all my webpages.
So if you’re an affiliate marketer who is sending your visitors directly
to your merchant’s site, think again, and see if building or capturing
your visitor’s contact information is worth your while? If done properly,
this can be an excellent way of increasing your sales and commissions.

Another form of list building which I believe too many affiliate marketers
take for granted is the powerful little “cookie”. For those not in the
business, a cookie is simply a piece of code which identifies your referrals
as belonging to you or your affiliate ID, if a sale is made immediately
or for any time in the future you will get credit for the sale because
you referred the customer or client.

Now, the trick here is to pick affiliate products and programs which
have a 90 Day Cookie or more; if a sale is made in those 90 days you
get credit for the sale. The longer the length the better, there are
even some products and companies which give life-time cookies.

Why is this so important you ask?

Well, if you have a popular site you can quickly build up a long list of
potential customers cookied with your affiliate IDs. The larger the list,
the more sales you will make. Affiliate marketing is a numbers game,
the more numbers you have, the easier it is to succeed. I have found
this so profitable that I try to “cookie” all the lists I build in the
process mentioned above, so that all these potential customers have my
affiliate IDs attached.

So it doesn’t take a genius to realize, used in combination, this can be
an extremely profitable form of list building which every affiliate marketer
should be doing if they haven’t already figured out this simple marketing
strategy. Build your lists, cookie your lists, and then sit back and reap
the rewards.

If you want to find out more about list building, why try this handy eCourse: list building .
And if you want to check out a good practical Autoresponder System – Aweber

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List Building In The Age Of Twitter

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List Building In The Age Of Twitter

If you have a web site or you’re into online marketing – you will
probably already know how important list building is to your success.
You simply must have some way of building your list in place.

Years ago, when I first started with this online stuff, one of the first things
I learned (learnt) was how to build lists in order to increase my site’s traffic
and sales. At first I was mainly concerned with using my lists to bring repeat
visitors to my site and to build up some kind of relationship.

I soon discovered one of the most effective ways of doing this was simply
offering quality information in the form of a free ebook, video or newsletter
in return for the contact email.

Your site’s visitors would opt-in to your email list in order to get quality
information from you, which gave you the chance of offering follow-up information
in order to fully engage your subscribers with your site.

This doesn’t have to be complicated or a lot of work.

I believe one of my most effective list building systems is where visitors can
opt-in to get discount coupons on high-end products. When merchants give discounts,
special sales… I simply send out an email to these subscribers with the offers.

Ridiculously simple but it works.

Another version of this list building system is where I give 6 or 7 follow-up
information emails on a product or service. Within those emails are links
to a discount page where I place all my discounts and sales for that particular
product or service.

Again simple yet very effective.

But things have changed in the field of list building. I am still doing those
techniques above and will continue to use them because they work.


There are now new programs on the web which make it much easier to build
your list of contacts.

When I think of all the time it took me to just get 10,000 subscribers, I am kinda
freaked out that some kid can put a few music videos on YouTube and in less than
a month have over 160,000 subscribers.

The same thing with Twitter, where building a list of 100,000 followers is fairly
common. The potential for building a large quality list is at anyone’s fingertips.
And all these programs can be used in addition to your onsite autoresponder which
you’re using to build your contact list.

Anyway, below is a recent article on building your list with Twitter and the
whole key is to integrate all your social networks programs into your web site.
Make it extremely easy for anyone to sign-up to your Twitter, YouTube, MySpace…
accounts from your site. Connect everything together and promote your
social contact sites just like you would your own site.

In this article I also give you some tips on how to increase your Twitter
followers – you can find it here:

List Building In The Age Of Twitter

Top 10 Linkedin Strategies To Increase Your Contacts/Income

Another online resource which is extremely helpful but you don’t hear too much
about it is Linkedin, which you can also use to build your list of contacts.

I am not an expert on Linkedin, so of course I do the next best thing – seek
out someone who is!

One of the best experts on how to use Linkedin is Lewis Howes.

He has become somewhat of a LinkedIn “guru”, someone who has developed
and used strategies to make this program work for him and for you, if you
follow his advice.

I personally find Linkedin has the most professional or highly connected contacts
on it, more so than on YouTube or even Twitter – high level experts and business
people who can really help your business grow.

To get a free video of the Top 10 Linkedin Tips you can use to fully take advantage
of this networking site. He also has an ebook entitled “Linkedin Master Strategies”
at a reasonable price you can consider but make sure you view the free video.

You will have to give an email address because of course Lewis is also building
his list. (Tip: I often use a secondary email address when signing up to things
like this – if the follow-up information is extremely good and the person is
some one of high quality. I will then often re-subscribe to them using my primary
email address!)

To discover these common sense tips on how to use Linkedin to your advantage
click here:

Linkedin Master Strategies

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List Building

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List Building – Is It Still Relevant On Today’s Web?

BWMagic’s Internet Marketing News

List Building – Is It Still Relevant On Today’s Web?

Years ago, when I first started in online marketing, all the rage was
something called “list building”. I immediately jumped on this subject
and started gathering every list building technique one could possibly
imagine. It very quickly became one of my most favorite areas of Internet
marketing to explore; so much so, that when I reached my first goal of
getting 1000 subscribers, I was so pleased with myself, I even wrote an
ebook on list building.

But that was then, this is now.

Since that time, online marketing and even the web itself, has changed
tremendously. And we are not talking about small changes or minor
adjustments here – the web has fundamentally changed from the core up.
People simply use the web in a different way than they used it 10 years ago.
It has become so much more of a user-friendly place, so much so, that
marketing on this friendlier web has become a whole new ballgame.

The question remains: is list building still relevant on today’s web?

The answer is still a solid “YES”, but the “WAY” lists are built have
almost changed completely. Not too long ago, traditional list building
meant you slapped some sign-ups forms (provided by your webhost or an
autoresponder service) onto your web pages and you were in business.
Subscribers who signed up to your list or newsletter, would receive
follow-up emails from you or your site.

Anyone could do it since it was so straightforward and so simple,
almost to the point of being idiot-proof. However, the underlying
key to building a successful list was gaining loyalty and forming a
lasting relationship with your subscriber. Successful online marketers
and list builders will tell you, this was really the hardest part.
Communicating effectively with your subscribers over a long period of
time is extremely difficult to do and does require gaining some skills,
especially in the copy writing area.

So what has changed the list building process?

In a couple of words, three to be precise: social networking sites.
These social networking programs and sites have completely changed how
lists are built on the web. Actually, these social network sites such
as FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube… have made list building as
easy as taking your next breath. List building is integrated into these
programs so seamlessly, many users are unaware they are actually building
a list.

Simply by using these social networking sites any webmaster or marketer
can build a list of contacts or subscribers. Call them friends, fans or
followers – they are your subscribers and you can easily reach them with
your next posting, tweet or video. There are countless teenagers on many
of these social networks who have subscribers that number in the 100’s of
thousands, even in the millions. And the rate at which they build their
list of subscribers, would put many a seasoned marketer to shame.

There are several reasons why this new way of list building is much more
effective than traditional list building methods. First, building your
list of contacts is fully integrated into these network programs, often
it is the main goal or purpose of the program. Seeing how many followers
you can get on Twitter has become a world-wide sport – just go ask Ashton Kutcher!

However, from a marketing perspective, using these programs elimenates
one of the major drawbacks of marketing on the web – spam. Actually,
contacting your list by email is becoming troublesome, even with double
opt-in, many of your emails never get through to your legit subscribers
because they are blocked by spam-filters and Internet service providers.
Using these social programs is a way of contacting your subscribers without
the whole issue of spam being considered at all.

Perhaps, an even more important reason to use these social media sites to
build your list, has to do with the tricky problem of establishing relationships
with your subscribers. These sites make it much more easier to build that
long-lasting relationship with your contacts. In the case of YouTube, it can
simply mean making a video and talking directly to your subscribers.
Communication is direct and immediate. In most cases, there’s no need to
acquire additional skills or techniques. Besides, in most of these social
network sites, the communication is often more effective because it’s just
not one-way, your subscribers can easily communicate back with you.

Same goes for Twitter, which has become the list building tool of choice
for many webmasters and online marketers. Twitter is an excellent medium
for building your list. It can be used effectively to get your message out
to thousands of like-minded followers and have that message spread rapidly
around the web. Marketers are now taking advantage of such a system to market
online, but be aware abusing this program will get you banned especially if
you just use it to send spam. Like any type of marketing on the web, you
shouldn’t have any problems if you keep all your communications/interactions
real and human.

Another element of these programs which can’t be denied, they are all free.
Anyone can use these social network sites to quickly build their list or lists
without having to worry about paying for it. Actually, in the case of YouTube,
you can become a partner and earn revenue from Google Adsense while building
your list.

There’s also no denying these social network sites have changed not only list
building, but how we use the web. These programs have a “pooling” effect on
all web activity, gathering like-minded individuals into or around certain
“pools” on the Internet. These concentrated pools of people can be formed
around a certain topic or even around a certain person. These are excellent
areas in which to carry out your list-building activities and your online
marketing efforts since they provide very targeted prospects. Ones you can
easily contact and communicate with by using these social networking sites.

While the old traditional email list should not be forgotten, list building,
as we know it, has been changed forever by the introduction of these social
networking programs. And as these network sites become more and more popular,
they will play an even greater role in all your list building efforts. A role
that can’t be ignored or dismissed, especially if you want your list building
to be truly effective.


Here are four essential social networking programs you should be using to help
build your list:




Twitter Bizwaremagic


YouTube LaptopGuide

Google Buzz

Google Buzz

If you need more help with building your list – try this link:

List Building

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