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5 SEO Benefits Of Using WordPress Blogs

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5 SEO Benefits Of Using WordPress Blogs

As you probably know, I am not a tech person, but last
week I had to upgrade several of my wordpress blogs. On
one of them I even had to update the MySQL and PHP, as
well as backup a database and move it before I could
manually upgrade my WP blog to the latest version.

I mention all this because many webmasters are sometimes
discouraged from using a WordPress blog because occasionally
they will have to go in and handle some of the tech stuff.
However, the WordPress platform is very well established and
the directions/support/forums are all very professionally
run and managed.

So there simply is no reason why any webmaster shouldn’t be
using this type of free blogging software in conjunction with
their site or sites.

If you’re one of those who is not using WordPress or similar
blogging software with your site, here are 5 SEO reasons
why you should use it.

1. – Get your content indexed in Google almost instantly by
simply using a WP blog. I use Google Alerts to get an email
every time Google indexes any piece of online content associated
with one of my keywords so I know immediately when my blog
posts are indexed. Sometimes it’s a few minutes, sometimes
a few hours – but the content/posts get indexed almost
immediately. Needless to say, getting your content crawled
and indexed by Google is the starting point to getting more

2. – WordPress is “Keyword and Category Rich” so you can
easily target your main keywords and keyword phrases. You
can have your blog neatly divided into categories and the
proper sub-categories so that the search engines will love
your blog. Again, having this kind of blog software/platform
will make it easy for you to target your keywords and help build
your rankings. You can also place your main keywords directly
in the URL for your blog posts.

3. – Blogs are current and while that might sound rather
obvious but recently Google has come out and stated it does
take the “timeline” or “date” into consideration when presenting
their search results. Using WordPress will give you current
timelined content for Google to easily digest and present.
Having this relevant and current blog content can prove to
be a major SEO benefit in the months to come.

4. – All blogs have RSS feeds. This is another obvious
fact but many webmasters simply don’t understand what
RSS feeds do. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication
and it is a great way to get your content on the web.
Just think of it as a proactive method rather than a
passive method. RSS pushes your content out to all those
who want to receive it. It’s like broadcasting your content,
instead of just having it sitting on a static HTML page.

5. – Keyword anchor links embedded in the content of your
blog posts. Again, this is another one of those recent
SEO changes which affects the importance search engines
place on your backlinks. Years ago, backlinks coming at
the end of a post or article were good enough. However,
these days, search engines like Google are looking for
more natural backlinks which appear throughout the whole
body of your material, especially in the first couple of
paragraphs. Blogs give you the perfect chance to embed
your backlinks directly into your content so that you can
reap the SEO advantages.

Now, these are just 5 SEO reasons to have a WordPress
blog or blogging software on your site. There are other
SEO benefits such as allowing “comments” from users which
can add to the content of your site. These comments are
also judged by the search engines to see if you have a
live active blog or community. Only drawback, I have
found comment spam to be a problem, especially on a high
ranked site. But you can put software in place to cut down
on the amount of spam you get.

Another whole issue is Pingbacks/Trackbacks and how they can
affect your rankings or SEO efforts. These are like backlinks
but I usually manually inspect these links to determine their
quality and whether or not I want to accept them. But again, it’s
another way using a WordPress blog can have SEO benefits.

So even if you’re not a tech person, I would suggest
you put a WordPress blog on your site or if that’s too
much trouble you can always just create a free blog
hosted on the site. Regardless, this is a
great way to boost the SEO factors associated with your

Several ways to set up a WordPress blog… easy way
is to simply use the free hosted service at
– just follow the instructions on the site.

The other way is a little more complicated… you
have to download the WordPress Software first from
the .org site.

And then follow their instructions in the download…

Helping People Succeed Online Since 2002!

Kind Regards,
+Titus Hoskins

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This Internet Marketing Blog Upgraded To WordPress 3.3.1

This marketing blog is now WordPress 3.3.1 and unlike a few of my other
sites – this upgrade was automatic and quite painless. Manual updates are
so much harder, especially if don’t have the current version of MySQL on
your web host. Just a few more blogs to go and I will be finished.

Code Is Poetry – NOT!



How Many Domains or Sites Should You Have?

How Many Domains or Sites Should You Have?

This is a question which I occasionally get asked by
subscribers. How many domains or sites should I have?

Of course, there are many ways to answer this question.

Around 10 years ago, when I first started online,
my answer would have been one site – which is enough
for anyone. However, after all I have done and
experienced since that time – my answer would now be:
as many as you can afford!

I started with my main general site dealing with the
topic of Online Marketing and Marketing Tools, but 3 or
4 years in, I started building other closely related
sites which were highly focused on just one topic or
niche market.

Most of these are what is commonly referred to as
“Mini-sites” – consisting of only 5 or 6 pages.
Although some can have more pages… these are the
kinds of sites you set-up and forget about them, more
or less.

I usually promote them once or twice a year with
an article or a relevant press release. But these
sites run themselves and if you build them the right
way – they can earn you revenue for years to come.

Keep Your Costs Low

I try to keep my overall yearly costs for a site
under $50 – I know webmasters who build sites for
a fraction of that price, but I like having a reliable
hosting that I can trust. Try Yahoo or GoDaddy.

The greatest benefit from having numerous sites, you’re
not putting all your “resources and hopes” into just
one basket. This was really brought home to me this
year by Google’s endless Panda Updates, which are
still ongoing and relentless.

A few of my sites lost traffic, while others gained
traffic. If I only had the one site – Panda would have
been a problem, mainly because it targeted duplicate
content including articles and all those valuable
backlinks. Article marketing has been one of my most
useful ways to get rankings and traffic,
Panda put a big dent in that whole process.

Build Exact Keyword Domains

What I really noticed about the Panda Updates and Google’s
Algorithm changes this past year… my exact keyword
domain sites rose or kept their rankings in Google.

This is extremely important for the following reason:
purchasing an exact keyword domain and building a small
site around this main keyword will usually get you the top
spot in Google for that keyword. If you have the domain
“” – with a little bit of proper SEO
and promotion – you will get top listings for the keyword
“bluewidgets” in Google.

I also consider keyword enhancers in the domain name
such as “buy” “buy online” “cheap” “best”… these added
words will usually increase your conversion rates… you
want visitors who are ready to buy your product or at
least seriously considering buying your product.

I try to find a lucrative keyword which has at least
5,000 to 20,000 searches a month. If you can buy that
exact keyword domain and build a mini-site around it,
chances are very good at the moment, that you will get
listed in the top 5 spots in Google for that keyword,
if not the top spot.

How do you know a keyword will be or is profitable?

One very simple thing I do is simply use Google Keyword
Tool to find the number of monthly searches and related
keywords, noting the level of competition for those
keywords. Next, I simply do a search in Google for a
chosen keyword, are there at least 10 sites/companies
advertising on the search results page? If people are
advertising this keyword is probably profitable and
making them money.

I also study the top 10 sites ranking for this keyword
phrase – can I compete with them? Do any have the
exact keyword phrase in their domain? How good are
the sites… and so on.

Even with low traffic numbers, you can still make a
profit because this is free targeted traffic from Google.
I have long learned that you should never underestimate
the very targeted visitors you get from Google. People
trust Google and once you get those top rankings,
your marketing job is already 90% done for you.

Use Social Bookmarks

Don’t forget to use the “social bookmark” buttons such
as ShareThis or AddThis… on all your content. Google
is paying much more attention to these social numbers,
including of course, its own Google+ numbers.

Now, many of these sites don’t get a lot of traffic,
they aren’t really designed to get a lot of traffic…
these are niche sites created to get free targeted
keyword traffic from the search engines, especially
Google. But if you’re targeting the right visitors, you
don’t need much traffic to make these sites profitable.

SiteBuildIt is having their annual “Buy One – Get One Free”
and the purchase link is now live. NO! I would not recommend
you use SBI for building “mini-sites” – it is way too expensive
for that purpose.

But if you’re new to this online stuff – SBI is great for
your first main site because it will take you step-by-step
through building your online site.

SBI SiteBuildIt Review

Kind Regards,
+Titus Hoskins

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