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Learning To Code – Top 3 Best Infographics

Learning To Code – Top 3 Best Infographics

Get started with coding by viewing these three well-detailed Infographics. These graphics are packed full with all the information you need to get you coding like an expert. They will tell you the popular coding languages/programs you can use, how hard they are to learn and even where you can learn them.

Learn to Code

Learning To Code

Teach Yourself Code

Here are some places you can learn how to code – even for free.

Teach Yourself Code

HMTL 5 Cheatsheet

We have also included a very handy HMTL 5 Cheatsheet. This new versatile coding platform is quickly becoming the norm for modern websites and browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Plus, it is supported by both Android and iOS devices.

HMTL 5 Cheatsheet

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Titus Hoskins

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Simple Reference Guide of all those special HTML Entities, Symbols and Characters that are not found on your computer keyboard but can be easily created with the right HTML code placed directly on your web page or blog post.

When your blog post or web page needs that extra punch – just add one of these characters to make your content pop. Keep in mind, all HTML Entities start with an ampersand and end with a semi-colon. Just place them in your HTML code where you want them to show up ❤ – no other tags/code is needed.

Here are some of the most common HTML Entities gathered in a handy Infographic for your convenience.

Create Html Entities Symbols Characters for Your Blog or Site

Most of these Entities/Symbols/Characters can’t be found on your keyboard so you have to use the HTML code to produce the image or character you need. A more detailed/comprehensive list of Entities can be found here.

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Cyber Monday Offers At Bizwaremagic

Cyber Monday Offers At Bizwaremagic (Hewlett-Packard Home Store)

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