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March 20, 2010

Simple Way To Build Backlinks Via Google Alerts

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Simple Way To Build Backlinks Via Google Alerts

One of the most important factors in how high your site
ranks in the search engines are backlinks from other theme
related web sites and blogs. While other SEO factors do matter
and should not be ignored – it’s the number of quality related
backlinks your page has that will largely determine how high
it is ranked.

Over the years I have examined countless ways to build
these quality backlinks, but one of the best ways is also
one of the simplest to do.

The trick is to get quality links directly related to the
keywords of your site or page. You need links from other
highly ranked pages for your targeted keywords. If your
site is on “golf clubs” then you need links from sites
which carry or talk about golf clubs and golf equipment.

Now, one way to get links besides typing your keywords
into a search such as Google and then contacting the
high ranked sites which pop up – you can do that too
but I like doing it another way.

And it’s just as simple, I simply create Google Alerts
for my targeted keyword phrases and every time a new
site page or blog post is created and INDEXED by Google
– Google sends me an email.

I then check out these new pages to see if I can get a
link. Many of these new pages will be on blogs so you
can easily leave a comment with your link. Now again,
site owners are not stupid, you must add valuable content
or information in your comments or they will just get

Most times, if you join in the discussion and add your
two cents… most site owners will accept your links.
But it has to be true interaction with what’s being
discussed on the page.

It is this interaction and socializing that’s important
because the search engines are moving in the same
direction as the general surfing public – towards
the social networks.

As you probably have heard already, Facebook for the
first time is ranked higher than Google and took the
top spot. These social networks are where the traffic
is and fortunately they are also a great way to build
your links.

Commenting is an important part of these social sites
and you have to get your site into the mix. You have
to join in on the discussion.

One of the best ways is to create keyword alerts here:

Google Alerts

and when Google emails links related to your site’s keywords
– check out some of the links and see if you can get a
few backlinks. Do this for a period of time and you will
get those all important theme related quality backlinks.
Besides doing this is also a good way of getting quality
traffic back to your site.

You can find out more about this whole idea here at

Build Backlinks Via Google Alerts

Helping You Succeed Online Since 2002!

Kind Regards,

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March 27, 2009

How Much Traffic Do You Need To Succeed Online?

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How Much Traffic Do You Need To Succeed Online

If you run a website you’re probably very concerned with
the amount of traffic your site is receiving. One of the most
common questions from webmasters is this:

How much traffic do you need for your site to be

Of course, how you answer that question will be
directly related to what the objectives of your
site are? What are your goals? Do you want to
earn revenue from your site or do you have it
just as a hobby to build up a community of like-minded

I believe a common misconception is that you need
a lot of traffic to earn an online income. In many
cases this is not true. There are plenty of sites earning
good revenue with only 100 visitors a day.

If you have a site promoting your own product or
products you only need 2 or 3 of those visitors to
turn into paying customers to earn a healthy daily
income. Develop those customers into long-term
buyers of your products and you can plainly see
you don’t need that much traffic to succeed.

Even if you’re promoting affiliate products like
me, a site receiving only 100 visitors can be just
as profitable as a site receiving 2000 visitors a
day. Just depends on how targeted the traffic coming
to your site is and how ready they’re to buy from
you. Needless to say, selling big-ticket items also
helps to increase your income.

Much of the quality of your traffic is determined
by how will you have optimized your pages to receive
only the interested “ready to buy” visitors. You really
have to “pre-sell” your site or product BEFORE the
visitor comes to your site.

One of my most effective ways of “pre-selling” is thru
simple article marketing. I write simple short informative
keyworded articles on the products or sites I am promoting.
This draws in only people who are actively seeking my content
and products. They’re in the right mind-set to buy.

Even small amounts of traffic can be profitable if the
conversion rate is high. Some online marketers can even
earn a living by using small amounts of traffic from
the PPC search engines. Although this can be risky
for the beginning webmaster or online marketer – you
have to know what you’re doing or you can lose your

So what if you have a website and you don’t have enough
traffic and you want more?

Here’s some of the methods I use to get more traffic:

. Write articles and distribute them all over the web

. Construct more pages on your sites directed at long-tail keywords

. Participate in online forums and communities related to your sites

. Use PPC advertising in Google Adwords, Yahoo! & Microsoft Adcenter

. Run Follow-up messages to keep subscribers coming back to your sites

. Run a weekly newsletter to do the same thing

. Use the social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Digg…

. Participate in online blogs connected with your sites

Plus, you must also remember getting links, even reciprocal
links on popular sites will bring in a lot of traffic. So too
will placing your links in FaceBook, MySpace, Linkedin… the more
links you can build the more traffic you will receive. Many
webmasters forget links are also about getting traffic as
well as for SEO benefits.

One of the best strategies for getting more traffic is to
be persistent. Build your traffic up over a period of
months, even years. Keep at it. Keep increasing your daily
numbers until you’re satisfied with your results. And always
remember, even a small amount of targeted traffic can work wonders.

o Social BookMarking Traffic

Of all the things I have done to get more traffic
to my sites – this simple method has really produced
results. Some years ago I started adding the “”
button to all my sites and content.

This is a simple free program that lets your visitors
bookmark your content in all the social bookmarking/media
sites like Facebook, MySpace, Digg, Google Bookmarks…
something so simple but it actually works.

You just add the code to your wepages and visitors can
use this AddThis button to bookmark your content. If you’re
not doing this, you’re missing out on a lot of free
targeted visitors to your site.

Try it and see for yourself!

Kind Regards,

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