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10 Surprising & Significant Facts About Social Media You Should Know

10 Surprising & Significant Facts About Social Media You Should Know

10 Social Media Facts
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Social media surfing is like mining for gold; you have to do some
digging before you hit pay dirt. I often come across helpful Infographics
on the web but seeking out the original source of these perfect jewels can
be somewhat challenging and/or confusing.

The Infographic on Important Social Media Stats featured below is a
perfect example. I first came across this one on Pinterest and it
was linked to Business2community.com who got it from Fastcompany.com
but the original source material is from a great article by Kevan Lee
on Buffer entitled:

10 Surprising & Important Social Media Stats You Need To Know

Regardless, I found some of these social media facts rather surprising
and good to know – especially if you’re working these sites to bring
in traffic and leads. Of course, the most important stats about these
social media sites can be found in your own traffic logs… how long do
these visitors stay, what do they do on your site… do they lead to
a subscription or a sale?

Here is the Infographic I found – enjoy:

Social Media Facts

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