Is Recovery From Google’s Penguin Impossible

Is Recovery From Google’s Penguin Impossible?

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Is There Life After Google Penguin?
Written by Titus Hoskins

Don’t know why reading a very informative article by Ben Pfeiffer
on Seroundtable entitled You May Never Recover From Google’s Penguin
came as a shock to me. Recovery from Penguin or any Google
Blacklisting may be extremely difficult, if not impossible.

This really seems to be the case with Penguin and not so much
with Panda, where site/content changes can bring back some former
Google traffic. However, with Penguin the doors may have been
permanently closed – your site’s link reputation has doomed it
from EVER getting any significant traffic from Google again
– especially from lucrative income producing keywords.

And it’s not like we weren’t warned since Matt Cutts said, at
the very beginning with Penguin – get rid of your domain and
start over. Forget your site, regardless of age or reputation,
and transfer your contents to a new domain if you want to get
traffic from Google.

Maybe Cutts didn’t phrase it in those exact words but that’s
the underlying theme of what’s been reported online in posts
and videos.

While we wait for another major Penguin Update coming in 2013,
one really has to wonder if all the link changes and link
removals will make a difference to how Google sees your site.
Will even using the Google Link Disavow Tool fix what Google
believes to be your “Spammy Link Profile” attached to your domain?

Perhaps the final verdict will be clearly seen in this next
Penguin Update, but for the moment, it looks like Google has
definitely “Blacklisted” certain URLs and recovery from this
“Blacklist” will be impossible. Once your site is marked, it’s
game over as far as Google is concerned.

Even more alarming, all those countless hours fixing problems
and trying to please Google, may have been a total waste of
valuable time for many site owners affected by the latest
Google fallout.

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