Google’s Disavow Link Tool Shows Some Effectiveness With Combating Penguin

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Google’s Disavow Link Tool Shows Some Effectiveness With Combating Penguin

Penguin Recovery via Google Disavow Link Tool

Tim Grice, the owner and editor for Seowizz has reported
significant evidence/proof that the Google Disavow Link Tool does indeed work.
In a very detailed article he shows how some sites have recovered from
having bad links flowing to their sites and neutralizing those bad links
when it comes to your rankings in Google.

If you have been following the whole Penguin/Panda/Google webspam opera
over the last year and a half, you will be familiar with all the manual
penalties, WMT warnings and rankings upheaval happening in Google search

Now, if you’re like me and following this issue closely, you will immediately
pick up or start questioning the “timeline” of these “recoveries” from Penguin…
the dates simply don’t add up. Google released its Disavow Link Tool on October
16 to the public – yet we have sites recovering in 7 days, 10 days, 3 weeks…
when/before the tool was even released.

However, you have go down to the comment section to discover that Tim (or the
SEO firm he works for) had a beta version of this Disavow tool. They can’t come
out and say it – but Google probably had sites/firms test this tool before it was
released to the general public. Anyone using this version were probably sworn to

If this is indeed the case, then the argument is pretty strong, we will probably
start seeing other sites recover from Penguin and from the influence bad/spammy
links have over their Google rankings. Webmasters who have seen a drop in rankings
from Penguin now have a powerful tool to fight these spammy links.

If you have received a manual penalty from Google, you will need to submit a site
reconsideration after you placed all your spammy links you want disavowed in a simple
txt file and submitted them to Google. This is simple to do but make sure you have
closely examined all your links which you will want disavowed.


Remember to double check your good links – the ones you want to keep and ones
which are giving you your rankings in Google. Obviously, if your previous rankings
in Google were the result of solely “unnatural links” and no good links… then using
the Disavow Link Tool won’t recover your rankings. However, your site will be back at
square one and you can start building links/rankings without being in the Penguin
Penalty box.

Matt Cutts and Google have stated that all the links you have disavowed might not
be dismissed – this tool is just a suggestion for discounting your incoming links
and if Google finds valuable links on this list, they might still count them when
ranking your site and content.

For now, its mainly a waiting game for many webmasters, you have submitted your
list of links you want disavowed via the Google Disavow Tool AND you have submitted your
Site Reconsideration Form to Google. No doubt, there must be a backlog of
thousands of sites/webmasters waiting for this Disavow Tool to kick in and bring
back those all important Google rankings. Maybe even before the lucrative online
holiday shopping season arrives.

For more information on Google’s recent changes and
how they affect your web marketing, try this link:

Panda/Penguin Special Report

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