Google Has Updated Its Webmaster Guidelines

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Google Has Updated Its Webmaster Guidelines

Google has made, in my opinion, a major update to its Webmaster Guidelines. Not
major in the sense that the overall goal of these guidelines have changed, but
major because Google has “fleshed out” or added more information and examples
to exactly explain what webmasters should do to create a quality site in
the eyes of Google.

For any webmaster, struggling with the Panda and Penguin Updates, this new
information or broader explanation can be helpful. For example, in regards
to Penguin and link building, in the new Guidelines Google has gone into much
more detail to what constitutes “link schemes” and how webmasters should avoid them.

Google now gives exact examples of forum comments, low quality text or articles,
links embedded in Widgets… and gives more tactics which webmasters should
avoid if they want to avoid being penalized by Penguin.

Google’s Webmaster Guidelines covers three topics:

– Design and content
– Technical
– Quality

Again, each one of these areas is expanded upon or fleshed out. Webmasters
can now get a better feel for what Google wants and expects in a quality

Google also points out the techniques and tactics webmasters should
avoid at all costs:

“Automatically generated content

Participating in link schemes


Sneaky redirects

Hidden text or links

Doorway pages

Scraped content

Participating in affiliate programs without adding sufficient value

Loading pages with irrelevant keywords

Creating pages with malicious behavior, such as phishing or installing viruses, trojans, or other badware

Abusing rich snippets markup

Sending automated queries to Google”

Each one of those topics has a follow-up article fully explaining
what these tactics are and how one should avoid them. These guidelines
should be the starting point for anyone affected by the Panda or Penguin

Find them here:

Google Webmaster Guidelines

For more information on Google’s recent changes and
how they affect your web marketing, try this link:

Panda/Penguin Special Report

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