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Negative SEO – What You Should Know About It

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Negative SEO – What You Should Know About It

Google Spot!

The whole issue of Negative SEO is quite complex – many webmasters
don’t believe your site can be affected by these underhand tactics.
Maybe Negative SEO has been blown out of proportion in the online
forums recently – but Google’s introduction of the Penguin Update
has definitely brought this issue back into the limelight.

Basically, negative SEO is using deceitful tactics to undermine the
credibility of another site, especially in the search engines. In the
advent of Penguin, this can now be building 1000s or even 100,000s of
spammy links from low quality sites and pointing all of them at your
competition. Penguin crawls these links and a red flag is thrown up
– your site’s rankings take a dive. Your competitor’s rankings go up
a notch or two.

These ruthless individuals can now even hire services which build
these links up over a long period of time and make it seem like
YOU’RE building or even buying these links.

Plus, negative SEO just doesn’t involve links, it can also include
creating duplicate content, using link re-direction, even hacking sites
to do serious SEO damage… in very competitive niches, one should
always be on their guard against such practices.

Google has always stated that another site can’t do much to harm yours
– but it seems this position has changed somewhat in recent months with
the introduction of Penguin. Since this Update is really judging your
link Profile – your external links have now come into play. Your anchor
text, site-wide links, links coming from bad neighborhoods… all come
into play and can seriously lower or even nuke your rankings in Google
because this is a manual penalty – if Google believes your site violates
its guidelines, it will be blocked.

If Google believes you’re trying to “game” or “manipulate” its rankings,
your site will virtually disappear from Google. Too many inorganic links
and your site could be history.

Now Google has given webmasters the opportunity to “right” this situation.
Through GWT, a webmaster can appeal their case after they have extensively
cleaned up their “link profile” by removing any offensive links or linking
practices. Depending upon your clean-up effort and the “subjective” judgment
of Google’s quality team – you might be able to partially regain your rankings
and your Google search traffic.

Other sites have recovered from Penguin – so it can be done. However, until
this quality team is satisfied – your site will remain in the doghouse.

This whole process can be a total nightmare especially if a webmaster has 1000s
of links on sites where the site owners simply refuses to delete your links.
Even contacting these sites can be a major headache and a major expense.
Removing or fixing links which have been built up over 10 or 15 years is a
massive job – one that is impossible to do.

Erasing the Internet is not an option!

Thankfully, Google may be introducing a “disavow link tool” in GWT in the
coming months. Webmasters can use this tool to tell Google to discard any
spammy “bad” links pointing to their sites. These links will no longer
influence your Google rankings. This potential tool could also become a
serious weapon against Negative SEO.

Find out more here: Negative SEO

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