Rich Snippets – Will They Deliver More Traffic From Google

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Rich Snippets – Will They Deliver More Traffic From Google?

Rich Snippets are simply HTML code or formats you use to
help the search engines provide extra information about
your content. This added information can make your page’s
listing much more visible/useful in the search engines,
especially Google.

While Google clearly states on its Webmasters Tools page
that using Rich Snippets WON’T affect your rankings in
their search results or even guarantee that your markup
will be presented in their search – Rich Snippets may become
very important for the “amount” of traffic you receive from
the search engines.


Mainly because using these “Rich Snippets” will make your listing
much more visible in the search engines. It could give you a
competitive edge over your rivals, especially if they’re not using
the markups. For example, your product listing or review, could be
presented in the search engine with a “starred” rating and/or the
price displayed, as well as other information about your company
or business.

All this extra data is presented in the SERPS and makes it much
easier for the searcher to read/find the information they’re looking
for in their search. It also makes it more likely they will click
your link if they see all this information displayed… even if your
listing is not in the top spot but further down the page.

Using Rich Snippets could make your site or page “stand-out” from
the crowd and get you that vital click.

Here’s a Google video explaining Rich Snippets:

Google will recognize three types of formats when crawling/indexing
your pages: Microdata, Microformats and RDFa. You can find Google’s
explanation here: Rich Snippets

Currently the kind of content supported are:

Businesses and organizations

Plus, you can also use a Rich Snippet or Markup for Videos using
either Facebook Share and Yahoo! SearchMonkey RDFa. Find out how
here: Video Rich Snippets

Here’s a Google video explaining “Product Rich Snippet”

Here’s another Google video explaining “Review Rich Snippet”

Finally, once you get all your Rich Snippets and Markups in
place on your webpages, you can check them through this
testing tool from Google:

Remember, there’s no guarantee that Google will use your
snippets, but fully optimizing your content or site simply
means you must use these markups in the future. Besides,
if you run a review or product site, just the possibility of
having all this extra information displayed in Google or
any search engine is well worth the extra work.

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