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The Two Real Keys To Online Success

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The Two Real Keys To Online Success

If you have a site dealing with the whole subject of Internet Marketing
(I have two) you will surely get questions asking how all this “web stuff”
is done? Just how does one make the web give them a part-time or a full-time
income? What do you have to do…

While there are countless ways to make a living from the web and no we
are not talking about those hype-filled “overnight success stories” or
those “push button miracles” which will make the cash grow faster than
Donald Trump can say you’re fired.

But if you want to build a solid online business which will last for
decades to come, it definitely can be done. However, it will take some
work and time to build that business. Most people don’t like to hear that
and most end their online pursuits right there. Probably for the best,
because if you don’t have the time to spend at all this web stuff
– chances are great that you won’t succeed.

Now, starting a site or blog is quite easy, but creating quality content
over months and even years, is the hard part. Building quality backlinks
to your content takes a lot of time. So too, does the closely monitoring
of your site’s traffic and stats to find the keywords which lead to a sale
or lead. Plus, constantly updating your site or content will also take
up more of your time and energy.

And we won’t even mention all the SEO techniques and tactics you have
to master, nor all the web marketing knowledge you have to acquire in
order to make it all work for you and your site.

Trial and Error

If you’re like me and thousands of other successful webmasters, you might
be lucky to stumble upon a few tactics which work or some content which
quickly appears at the top of the rankings in Google. At first this will
be more of a “trial and error” technique than any marketing genius on your
part. Or maybe you will persist for so long and offer up so much good
quality material – the search engines simply can’t ignore you or your site.

When it’s all said and done, I believe many beginning webmasters and marketers
simply stumble onto tactics or content which just clicks. Suddenly, you have
web pages which are producing income… so what if it’s only a few dollars
a day. That’s how I started but those first few dollars are extremely
significant because you then know it can be done.

You also realize once you have earned your first dollar… all you have to
do is to repeat the process to make another dollar.

This will probably be your “ah ha” moment. It will open your eyes of things
to come.

But you won’t stop there, before long you will discover that the real benefits
of computers and the web is the fact that many tasks can be completely automated
and placed on autopilot. First, you will realize that once you build your website,
it will be up and running 24/7/365 regardless of what you’re doing. And once you
have that traffic flowing, it will be bringing in sales and leads around the clock.

Automation really is the key to making your online pursuits not only easier
but also much more effective. You can automate your list building systems,
you can automate your article delivery, you can even automate your content
creation in the form of visitor feedback and reviews, you can also automate
all your monthly payments and collections.

Automating everything also gives you more time to plan your marketing strategies
and tactics. It will also give you the time to create more niche sites and content.
Plus, it will free up your personal time so that you can do all the things you
want to do.

Once you have your online marketing and sites running on autopilot, you can
advance to the next important step which will increase your success even further.
That next step is “scale” or “scaling up” your marketing to increase those sales
and leads. Actually, this will come naturally, once you have a site or page that
is earning you income… you will instinctively want to create more pages and
more sites.

How far you “scale up” your online pursuits will depend upon your own preferences
and how busy or involved you want to become in your business. Some marketers start
creating niche sites like mad and even out-source the production of these sites
and content; paying other people to create those pages and sites for you. Instead
of a 10 page site, you have a 1,000 or even a 10,000 page site – creating income
for you, or instead of 1 site, you have 10 or 100 sites.

Scale And Automation Are The Real Keys To Online Success

Of course, some marketers go even further and hire workers or staff to run their
sites and create content. This is taking your business to the next level and can
bring its owns set of complications and risks.

Myself, I take a more safer route and keep my operations much simpler. I do
out-source my video production and article distribution… but mostly I create
all my content myself mainly because I want to keep a closer watch on the quality.
Plus, I like a less busy lifestyle and even with automation, running more than 10
or so sites is more than enough for me. In other words, I could scale up my marketing
but it would probably mean hiring workers and staff – which really is not what I am
looking for in my online business or in my life.

No doubt, you may be completely different and want a more involved role or a more
complex online business. Then using scale and automation will give you the tools
and means to go as far as you want.

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