Google’s Panda Update and SEO

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Google’s Panda Update and SEO

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Whenever Google does a major update to their extremely
complex algorithm, the mathematical formula which runs
their search engines and rankings, we have winners and

Most often it is the losers you hear about… crying
foul that the Big G is treating them unfairly with
the latest changes. Panda, which also has been dubbed
Farmer Update by many, since it supposedly deals with
“content farms” and “low quality” sites – has created
a lot of fallout.

But does new changes affect how you do you SEO?

Well, yes and no. Producing great original unique
content should still the main goal of any website,
and this has not changed.

What has changed is that webmasters must take
some steps to insure their content is not “judged”
or “seen” as a content farm or of low quality.
In other words, you can have great content but
if it is splattered with ads and banners… this
could affect your SEO and rankings, at least within

In the same light, if your great content is poorly
presented with hard to read text… poor navigation
and loads very slowly, your great content can be
penalized by Google. You must give the searcher
coming from Google a good visitor experience or they
can lower your rankings.

Google has been very open to what they expect on your
site… but this hasn’t stopped the losers of this
recent update from complaining. In some cases, their
arguments are justified, they have been wronged, but
in many situations the lowering of rankings worked
properly – not exactly what some webmasters want
to hear.

Google now be judging your whole site, rather than
each webpage separately. This is very important because
a few low quality pages on your site, could lower your
overall site’s rankings… ouch!

You could have 90% excellent content but have 10% that’s
downright crappy – so it’s time to clean up your site
and present to visitors ONLY great content.

Now, I have written 10 extra points on the new update
which you should consider following. A lot of these
are standard SEO tactics which you should be using
anyway. Others are slanted to reflect this new
Panda Update.

You can find it here:

How Google’s Panda Update Has Changed SEO

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