Google’s Latest “Content Farm” Update Have Webmasters Worried

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Google’s Latest “Content Farm” Update Has Webmasters Worried

If you have a website, you will probably already know about Google’s
latest algorithm update dealing with low quality sites. These sites
are often referred to as “content farms” because they usually offer
a whole bunch of inferior material on many topics within the one site.

Demand media and eHow (rightly or wrongly) come under this heading
and as you can imagine they’re not too happy about it. So too, are
plenty of other sites which have lost search traffic in Google’s
recent changes. For the last two weeks or so, many webmasters have
been complaining about these abrupt traffic cuts and the lowering
of their keyword rankings within Google.

For those of us who can remember a pre-google web, this is not really
a big deal. Google has made countless updates which have upset countless
webmasters over the years. In my experience, all you have to do is adjust
your marketing or SEO and within a few weeks/months… your traffic
numbers will return or in many cases, actually increase.

Don’t want to minimize this issue and maybe this time, things will
play out differently, but I don’t think so. If you produce quality
content and have a lot of backlinks, the search engines can’t afford
not to list your site, especially if you have a large following or
membership base like Ezinearticles and Buzzle, which were also adversely
affected by this latest update.

Anyway, if you want to find out more about this Google Update…
I have compiled some helpful links and some graphics/charts showing
how many sites were affected by this update. I also give you some tips
on how to increase your traffic numbers… find out Buzzle’s simple
tactic which (I believe) has increased their traffic numbers 200%
in the last year or so.

You can find the link here: Google Content Farm Algorithm Update

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