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5 Reasons Why You Should Use An AutoResponder

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5 Reasons Why You Should Use An AutoResponder

If I had to pick one marketing tool which makes working on the
web a reality for me, I would have to say it’s the autoresponder.

Truth be told, it is the heart/engine that drives all my websites and
all my marketing. Building a list of interested customers is the
key to making sales and for getting repeated targeted traffic
back to your site.

It’s just common sense, a visitor to your site only spends a
few minutes examining your content, but if they subscribe to
your newsletter or sign-up to receive follow-up emails from you,
then you can contact them again and again.

You can build numerous lists for all your sites, targeting each group
with different information that they need and want. You can have
hundreds, even thousands of interested prospects coming back to
your sites.

Now if you need more convincing how important autoresponders and
list building are to your online site and marketing… here are
5 Reasons To Use A Professional AutoResponder Service.

Please Note – If you’re just starting out and money is tight and
you simply can’t afford to pay for a professional service. Then do
what I did, I first started with a free autoresponder service
( and then when I could afford it I quickly
upgraded to a professional service simply because of the
reasons listed below…

5 Reasons To Use A Professional AutoResponder Service

If you have a website or if you’re running an online business, you will
already know the importance of building your own list of contacts and
customers. List building is a vital part of any business, online or off.
It can simply make or break your business, so it is very important you
use the proper procedures to gather your list of contacts.

With this in mind, many webmasters and business owners opt for a
professional autoresponder service rather than using an in-house
system. There are many reasons for choosing either option, but
going with a third party service has many advantages. So here are
5 good reasons why you should use a professional service.

1. Professionalism. These list building services, such as
aWeber and GetResponse, are leading specialists in their field and
supply a superior product. They know how to build lists, it is their
business. They have been doing it for years and follow all the proper
procedures so you don’t have to worry about breaking any spam laws.
Furthermore, they have the resources to handle any list building
projects, no matter how big. These services are also recognized by
everyone and have gained a good reputation with users.

2. Full Featured Services. These professional autoresponder
services have countless features which will help you build your lists
easily and quickly. Everything from pop-in forms to unlimited follow-up
emails, these services cover all the bases and will optimize your list
building to help you get the most contacts or subscribers possible.

3. Third Party Protection. Outsourcing your email sending and
follow-up to a third party service or site can help protect your site
from any spam complaints which can shut down your site. Besides following
“double opt-in” procedures, these services will also keep records of
subscribers who sign-up to your lists, including of course email addresses
but also sign-up times and IP addresses – just in case there should be
any trouble regarding these subscribers. Most services also make it
extremely easy to unsubscribe any contacts.

4. Automation And Scheduling. With these services you can easily
schedule your mailings to your contacts, this can be great for pre-loading
an autoresponder to gradually send your emails out over a period of time,
great for when you go on vacation or for planning long-term campaigns.
Automating all your list building should be your ultimate goal, set it
up once and forget about it.

5. Higher Click-Thru Rates. These professional list building
services will work with you to help improve both your sign-up numbers
and your click-thru rates of the emails you send to your contacts.
It must not be forgotten that these are professional services and
have years of experience which can be applied to your own contact
building so that you can reap the rewards of all this experience.
These services want you to succeed and will offer what assistance
you need in order for you to be a success – what more can you ask for?

For all of the above reasons, you should give a professional
autoresponder service some serious consideration when you start
building your lists. Going with the Pros may just be the right
option for you or your business and putting your list building
in the hands of professionals may just be a wise move for your
site or business.

Here’s the autoresponder I have used for years:


If you need help with building your lists try here: list building.

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