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Google Instant Previews Video

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Google Instant Previews Video On SiteProNews

Something a little different this week. I am just going to give
you a link to a video which SiteProNews made of one of my articles
on Google Instant Previews. This video shows what these previews
mean for your site and the amount of traffic you get from Google.

And in an indirect way it also explains one of my best online
marketing tactics.

In a nutshell, one of my most effective marketing tactics this year
has been submitting UNIQUE content to certain key sites related to my
own. This content gets ranked higher in the search engines because it
is unique and only on that site. I highly recommend you find related
sites and see if they’re open to having your unique content (article,
guest blog post, web content…) placed on their site. Like me, you
might be surprised at the response you get.

Also remember, each site has what I like to call its own “keyword DNA”,
depending on how that site is viewed and ranked by the search engines.
This DNA is determined by the keyword layout of the site and the related
links pointing back to it. So an article that’s perfectly matched to these
keywords and placed on a related site will rank higher and bring in more

If you don’t have your own keyword research software, just use Google
to find the top sites which are ranking for your targeted keywords.

Anyway if you want to view the video it is located on SiteProNews here:–The-Implications-for-SEO

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