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Simple Marketing Tips For Black Friday & Cyber Monday

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Some Simple Marketing Tips For Black Friday & Cyber Monday

just a short email this week since I am extremely busy gearing
up for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Since I do a lot of targeting
to the “gift markets” especially corporate business gifts, I have
been updating my pages with the constant flow of offers/discounts
coming from the different companies which I promote.

Regardless of whether you’re promoting affiliate or your own
products… you should be taking advantage of next week and the
following weeks leading up to the Holiday Season. These have
always been my most profitable times, especially the days following

Although I must sound like a broken record and I know not
everyone reading this is into online marketing, but targeting
the “gift markets” is still one of my most effective ways to earn
online revenue. Getting buyers when they are ready to buy is
the whole key.

Obviously, someone looking for a gift is ready to buy.

Now you can target different kinds of gifts: wedding gifts,
graduation gifts, christmas gifts, holiday gifts, birthday gifts…
any occasion where people give gifts to loved ones or colleagues.

If you’re selling your own products – try to find a way to
promote them in any one or all of these gift niche markets.
This can be an easy way to boost your sales.

Since I am into affiliate marketing, many if not all of the
companies I promote, have special holiday discounts and deals.
Combining these holiday discounts with the gift market has
been a winning formula for me.

It has proven very effective since promoting holiday gifts with
special discounts will increase your sales. People are in the mood
to buy a gift but in these harsh economic times, they also want
a bargain and a way to save money. Just give them what they’re
looking for on your web pages.

While I promote products mostly through the big affiliate networks
such as Commission Junction, LinkShare and Shareasale… another very
good one for me has been Amazon.

Now, I find Amazon commission rates to be rather low compared to what
you can get through CJ and the other networks. However, there is a catch,
and it’s rather significant. Over the years, I have found that featured
Amazon products on my sites have a much higher conversion rate than
anything else that I have tried.

That is, you will get less for selling Amazon products but you will
sell more of them.

One of the major reasons I believe why this is the case has to do
with trust. Online buyers have come to trust Amazon. They know
they will get fast service and they will have few problems if
they want to return an item. This reputation or trust has been
built up over the years and can prove very beneficial to your
online marketing.

Another reason Amazon products convert very well are the low prices
offered. Prudent shoppers know where they can get a good deal and Amazon
is one of those recognized places that’s in the back of everyone’s mind.

Furthermore, another reason why I believe Amazon products sell so well
has to do with the very convenient way product ads can be placed on
your site… an image is given and the buyer just has to place the
cursor over this image and more information pops up – usually the price
appears, along with consumer ratings. Very effective.

Regardless of whether you’re heavily into affiliate marketing or just
want to earn some extra cash from your site or blog, I would strongly
recommend trying some closely related Amazon products. Tying in these
products with the upcoming Holiday Season gift market could prove very
effective for you – I know it works for me and my sites.

If you still have trouble finding buyers or visitors to your site
who are in the right “mind-set” to buy, I would suggest you use this
handy tool from MicroSoft which tells you the commercial intention
of your keywords.

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