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My Top Internet Marketing Tactics For 2009

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My Top Internet Marketing Tactics For 2009

As I close out my 10th year of marketing online, I thought
it would prove helpful if I listed my most effective online
marketing techniques or tactics for last year. Most of
these marketing techniques you may or may not know
them… but they have worked for me and there’s no reason
why they can’t work for you.

1. Going for the Double Whammy

I discovered long ago that it is much, much, much
easier to get TWO sites in the top five in Google
than it is to get one site in those top listings.
That is: instead of just getting one site listed,
try to get two of your closely related sites ranked
for the same keyword phrase.

Both sites will compliment each other and raise each
other’s rankings in Google. It takes more time to
build and promote two sites, but the rewards are well
worth it.

Marketing Tools

If you find building two sites is too daunting a task
for you – try using two different pages on your site
to rank for the same keyword phrase, that way you can
get that all important double listing for your phrase
in Google. Some marketers are extremely ambitious and get
two pages listed for each of their sites – thus having 4
or more listings in the top spots.

Marketing Tools

And as a marketing strategy from the very beginning
I picked the Internet marketing field, mainly because
I would be competing against the top sites and marketers
who knew exactly how to market online. This stiff
competition keeps me on my toes and in the game.

2. Get Triple or More Listings For The Same Keyword

Along those same lines, for a very profitable keyword
phrase I try to get at least three listings on the
first page. This is not hard to do for low-to-medium
competitive keywords, a little harder for really
competitive keywords.

Besides building multiple sites, I leverage the high
ranking power of such sites as Ezinearticles, Buzzle,
PromotionWorld, SiteProNews… to get my articles/content
listed on the first page of Google. I know this is an
indirect route or listing but traffic coming from those
sites and my articles are of the highest quality and
converts very well.

They have traveled thru my marketing funnels:

Google – Ezinearticles – My Content – My Site

Similarly, getting Blog, News and Video listings for your
keywords on Google’s first page will enable you to capture
more of given daily traffic to your keyword phrases.

3. The Simple SEO Power of the Press Release

One of my newest and one of my most effective marketing
strategies this year has been the simple Press Release.
I use PRWEB, which can be expensive since I like to
add videos to my releases and I always get the highest price
package. I also bid up my Release so that it is the top listing
on the PRWEB homepage for that day.

(Major Marketing Tip: Might seem obvious but getting that
top spot in any listing, whether it be Google, PRWEB or any
list simply means you get most of the attention and traffic.
Always aim for that top spot!)

This makes my News Releases more effective and they get
picked up and are placed on more sites. Again, bit costly
but the SEO benefits are worth it because you can place anchor
text links in your releases… these releases and links get
picked up by closely related sites.

But News Releases don’t have to be costly, you can use
free News Release services on the web – just google to
find these top free sites. I also like using the free Press
Release services offered thru Idealmarketers and Ezinearticles.

4. Article Marketing

Yes, I know this is an old marketing technique but it is
still my most effective tactic I use on the web. Just write
simple helpful “How-To” articles on the subject of your
site. Place these all over the web by using the free article
directory sites.

Use your main keyword phrase in the title of the article
and in the resource box at the end of each article. Also
include the main benefit for the reader in this link back to your
site. Place your targeted keywords in the anchor text (clickable part)
of the link. Use variations of your keyword phrase so you won’t
be keyword spamming.

5. Social Bookmarking Sites

Since they are growing in importance on the web, I have
started using the social media sites such as FaceBook,
MySpace, YouTube, Blogger, Twitter… in my online marketing.
I have told you about the ADDTHIS Button hundreds of times before
but I just have to mention it again because it has brought
me hundreds, if not thousands of backlinks over the last year.

AddThis Social Bookmark Button

Place this free button on your site and let your
readers bookmark your site/content for you. Simple,
yet very effective way of building backlinks and traffic.
I also have started using the Digg and ReTweet button
on important unique content on my sites.

I have also started making videos for Youtube and this
is bringing in a lot of traffic. These videos are now
on many different sites all over the web.

6. Search Engine Marketing

No matter what new programs and sites become popular,
one of the most effective ways to market on the web is
to use the search engines. Creating highly optimized
pages with unique high quality content is still the
best way to market online.

I am a bit old-fashion when it comes SEM, I like to place
my keyword in the Title, in the Meta Tags including the
description and keyword tags. I also place the keyword in
the first and last paragraphs on the page, in the alt images
tags and also at the very bottom of the page.

I use my keyword and variations of it throughout the page,
I don’t worry about keyword density and my pages are written
to be read by the reader/surfer and not the search engines.
This is: I write content for my site’s visitors.

Perhaps unwisely, I do target most of my SEM marketing
towards Google. I optimize for Google and this year Google
has given webmasters countless tools and advice. One of the
best sources has been all the video interviews WebProNews
has done with Matt Cutts… if you really want to know more
about ranking high in Google, I would suggest you check out
all these videos at the WebProNews site. Or go directly to
the Google’s Webmaster Tools – very helpful material when
you’re just starting out or been at this stuff for 10 years!

SeoQuake ToolBar

To help me in my SEO battles I like to use the free SEOQuake
toolbar which I use on my Firefox browser. This toolbar quickly
gives me all the relevant SEO info on a site such as PageRank,
pages in Google Index, Alexa Rank, Age of site, Owner… but
most importantly it gives me the SEMRush Rank and the price
of the keyword monthly traffic going to a site. (What you would
have to pay if you were buying this traffic from the search
engines.) Basically, this tells me if a site is ranking high
for keywords and making money. If your monthly search engine
traffic is worth in the millions – that site is a potential
partner and/or competitor.

7. Track Everything That Moves

From a marketing perspective all of the above tactics are
rather pointless if they don’t convert into sales. Therefore,
you should track all aspects of your online marketing, especially
what content and keywords that converts into a sale. I find
myself relying more and more on Google Analytics for my tracking.
This free program from Google is invaluable for tracking and for
improving your conversions. It simply tells you what is working
and what is not on your site. It is also a great tool for testing
new content and pages. Place Google Analytics on your site if you’re
not using it.

I also like using the tracking codes which come with the different
affiliate programs I use, such as those with Commission Junction
– it basically tells me what banners and links are producing
the sales. Again, knowledge means more sales.

And one final disclaimer since 2009 has been the year of FTC
and their New Guidelines on how marketers can market online.

8. Staying Focused Is The Hardest Part Of Internet Marketing

You have to keep at it! One lesson I have learned from over
10 years of marketing online is that you have to stay focused
and persistent in your marketing. It took me 3 years before I
started earning any serious revenue, but then again, I started
from scratch learning HTML myself and building all my sites on
my own. I also created all my own graphics until I could afford
to source them out.

You have to keep working at this for months, even years before
you can see results. Sure, you will be bombarded by countless
programs and gurus who say you can do this stuff overnight or
within a matter of days. Of course, there are examples of people
who have created popular websites, products, videos… and who have
become successful in matter of days or months.


For the most part, this is not true. At least not for me, it has taken
me years to build my sites and keyword rankings. And it will probably
take you years to build your own sites and rankings, unless you’re an
exception to this rule. However, hard work and persistence usually pays
off in the end, if you can afford the time and effort to build a successful
online business, you will succeed. I just hope some of my marketing tactics and
techniques will prove to be of some help to you in your quest. Just go for it!

Happy Holidays,


Why 2010 Will Be A White Knuckle Ride For Web Marketers

BWMagic’s Internet Marketing News

Happy Holidays Everyone!

And I hope next year will be a prosperous one for you but
there are some things on the horizon which may cause
a few hiccups for anyone marketing on the web.

These are recent changes which may affect your sites
and online marketing or they may not. However, everyone
should be aware of some upcoming factors which could
lead to a very bumpy ride, especially if you’re doing
heavy search engine marketing.

Find out what they are by reading the following article…

Feature Article

Internet Marketing – Why 2010 Will Be A White Knuckle Ride For Web Marketers

Next year may just prove to be one of the most challenging times for pursuing online or Internet marketing on the web. It may just be a watershed moment for many marketers struggling to keep abreast of all the different factors which have come into play in recent months. Most of these changes will stem from two main sources for potential upheaval: the first being the New FTC (Federal Trade Commission) Guidelines regarding Testimonials and Endorsements and the second being “ALL” the recent changes within Google.

Actually, we already have the new FTC Guidelines which came into effect on Dec. 1st of 2009, but how these new rules are enforced will play out in the coming year as test-cases are brought to court. Basically, these new rules call for absolute disclosure and full transparency regarding Testimonials and Endorsements when a product or service is being offered for sale. Any business (monetary) relationship between the endorser and the company must be made known to the potential buyer. Obviously for those in online or affiliate marketing this could have a great impact if these new rules are strictly enforced. Just imagine all the website owners and bloggers who slap a few banners or affiliate links on their sites to cover hosting or operating costs… will they now have to disclose all these business arrangements?

For professional affiliate marketers and the companies/products they’re promoting, these new guidelines could cause potential headaches and/or legal ramifications since a general blanket disclaimer on their sites will no longer be suffice. To help solve this problem, many of the major companies are now placing an “affiliate” tag on all their banners and making it obvious a business relationship exists with its affiliates. In addition, many online marketers are placing additional disclaimers, affiliate seals and in other ways making it known certain links are indeed affiliate links and a relationship does exist with the product and/or services being promoted.

With these new guidelines, another big issue is email marketing, one of the major marketing techniques of most online marketers. Will a full disclosure be necessary for every email sales pitch? Savvy web marketers know the key to increased sales is in the “follow-up” and the “cookie-ing” of potential buyers; how will the new Guidelines affect this very effective marketing practice? How all these new rules or guidelines play out will make next year a very interesting one for marketing on the web.

Despite this, perhaps the greatest cause for upheaval in the coming year will be Google. There are countless reasons why Google will be a major game changer in 2010 for online marketing. Ever since Bing and more recently the potential Bing/Yahoo competition, Google has gone into complete overdrive, implementing new changes and debuting new programs like there was no tomorrow.

Google Spot!

First, we have Google Caffeine which Google is introducing (full force) early in the new year. Google Caffeine, which is a major overhaul of its search engine, will no doubt cause many a marketer some sleepless nights as the total fall-out becomes evident. Other Google updates in the past (Florida Update comes readily to mind) have wrecked havoc on many top ranking sites, but this time Google is doing things a little different and have even given webmasters a beta version of the new search engine. Still, rightly or wrongly, many online marketers are bracing themselves for the full impact of Caffeine, will it mean smooth sailing or a stomach sickening roller-coaster ride for marketers and webmasters?

Second, we have the introduction of “Real Time” search which will be featured in Google’s SERPs. This will make the social media sites like Twitter, FaceBook, MySpace… much more important. Again, the implications for online marketers could be enormous since many can now reach the first page through a different route. Will it also mean more “Real Time” spam? But more importantly, will it mean a greater marketing opportunity for the online marketer who exploits it?

Third, we are seeing Google moving more and more towards “Visual Search” with the introduction of Google Goggles for mobile phones. Just take a picture and you get the Google results instantly – no typing, just point and click. Just envision countless clueless teenagers or more importantly helpless shoppers suddenly being empowered with knowledge and wisdom. Could do more for education since the invention of the printed word and the info-commercial combined. Talk about scary! But will the implications for web marketing be just as revolutionary and enlightening?

Fourth, Google has made it known through its spokesperson Matt Cutts, that site-loading times will be a ranking factor in the new improved Google. Also, proper and correct page coding will also be more important if you want your site to be at full advantage. Broken links will be a big “No-No”, while linking out to important related sites a big plus. All this is only logical, Google’s main product is and has always been its search results, anything which improves those results and provides a more pleasing experience for the Google user should be front and center. Obviously, one way for Google to stay on top, is to provide the best search results to its users.

Fifth, in order to please the end-user, Google is also moving more towards “Personalized Search” which will make SEO and ranking in the top spot for your chosen keywords a total nightmare for many professional SEOs and online marketers. If everyone can choose their own top results, isn’t SEO more or less, a lame duck? Again, the ramifications of personalized search will further play out in 2010, but will professional marketers like what they see?

Finally, while no one would argue Google is King of the Hill when it comes to online search, will all these new changes strengthen or weaken Google’s grip? Will the combined Bing/Yahoo be able to give this giant some much needed competition? Or will Google’s main competition come from an unlikely source, such as big name multi-national corporations who are moving their operations online. Can these big-name keyworded domains start directly pulling in the majority of the web’s traffic, making all search engines secondary? As people become more web savvy, will they go directly to what they’re looking for on the web, bypassing the search engines altogether – including the mighty Google? Such a scenario could have greater consequences for the affiliate marketer since a direct line to a company’s site or product will obviously mean less sales for the online marketer, who really works in coordination with the search engines, either through organic search or PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising in these same search engines.

Overall, the new FTC Guidelines and recent changes to Google, will make next year one of the most interesting times to be pitching anything online. Throw into this the full effect what a combined Bing/Yahoo might bring to the table, and you have the recipe for a tumultuous white knuckle ride, until the dust finally settles and marketers make adjustments like they always do. So hold on, because things will probably get a little hectic for many web marketers before we see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The author is a full time online affiliate marketer who has sold millions of dollars worth of other people’s stuff (mostly electronics) on the web.
His livelihood is derived from and depended upon search engine marketing and the daily monitoring of targeted keywords, mainly within Google. He operates numerous niche sites, as well as two sites on Internet Marketing, where you can get valuable marketing tips for free. Titus Hoskins Copyright 2009. This article may be freely distributed if this resource box stays attached.

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My Internet Marketing Strategies For 2010

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o My Internet Marketing Strategies For 2010


Each year around this time, as I close out another year of working
online, I try to sum up what has worked for me over the past year
and what new things I will try in the upcoming year. The only reason
you should care about any of this, some of my marketing strategies and
tactics could be something that would also work for you.

Stranger things have happened!

Coming from a teaching background, I know sometimes it’s the smallest
suggestions which provide the spark to bigger things. It’s the simple
exchange of ideas that can really change how we do something or how
we approach a problem. More importantly, if you see the mistakes of
other marketers, you can avoid them in your own marketing and save
yourself a lot of disappointment and/or headaches.

For me last year was not an easy time to be marketing online, I believe
the recession in the States has finally taken a big toll, not in the number
of sales or revenue generated online because those have never been higher.
However, we are seeing the fallout of all those laid off workers,
many of them are turning to the web for a source of income – therefore
you have increased competition like never before.

In my marketing niches especially, I have seen a ten-fold increase in
the number of competitors competing for the same sales. And it’s not
just the small time webmaster or marketer – major corporations are now
targeting the online market in a much more savvy SEO way. It’s one thing
if your competitor is some joe-blow down the street, it’s a totally different
ballgame if your competitor is Dell, Apple or Sony.

These multi-national companies have the resources and very deep pockets
to pull everything out when it comes to SEO. If they want a number one
ranking in organic search, they can usually get it through white hat link
building and keyword positioning. Once these guys start moving into
your keyword phrases, you’re going to have to settle for second place,
if not lower.

Now you can still rank in the top spot and you can still make the sales
but your competition is much stiffer and more powerful – the end result,
you have to work harder to make the sales and get that top spot.
For me it has meant building more sites and doing much more aggressive
promotion in 2009, more articles, more press releases, more videos…
keeping my sites and promoted affiliate products front and center has
been a little harder.

I find myself concentrating on several important niches, rather than a broader
range of products which I would like to be doing… and which I have more
successfully done in years past. Now, because of the stiff competition,
I have to focus more of my time on just a few lucrative niches and keep
those keywords at the top. End result – my online marketing has become
a lot tougher and harder to do, which is not necessarily all bad, since
I believe I am becoming a better marketer because of this fact. Just
complicates things a bit and all those easy sales of the past is a distant

Besides this increased competition, two other major events or factors
have overshadowed last year and I would like to talk about them in
some detail here because, I believe, going forward these two factors will
play major roles in online marketing. It might help you to be aware
of them and proceed accordingly.

New FTC Guidelines

First, the new FTC (Federal Trade Commission) Guidelines which came
into effect on December 1st of this month has everyone in online
marketing rattled up and running more than a little paranoid. How these
new rules will be enforced regarding “Testimonials and Endorsements”
could bring significant changes to how marketers can market online.

Major Internet Marketers are closing sites and giving away their products
for free in an attempt to bring their marketing into line with the
new rules. For affiliate marketers like myself, full disclosure and
transparency must now be a part of ALL your online affiliate links.

This could have some serious consequences for those marketing online
and I myself have added seals to my sites stating these are affiliate
marketing sites… how all this plays out in 2010 will be very interesting
to watch. Especially as we see test-cases taken to court and discover
what these new guidelines and rules will mean for hard-working online
marketers, who are only trying to make an honest-buck.

Over the last two or three years, I have focused my own online marketing
towards “real products” mainly in electronics and away from “info-products”
which many people look down upon for many reasons. This move towards
selling real goods had more to do with earning income, rather than any
real dislike for info-products on my part…. selling real products and
services has become much more lucrative for me and I am only following
the money. Like you would!

Since I am doing affiliate marketing, how the new FTC guidelines and
rules play out, has my full attention and I am keeping my eyes peeled
to this issue in 2010. All of my own info-products/guides from all my
sites have and will always be free… I believe all information should be
free and not sold. Old teachers never die, they just end up broke!

The second major issue of the moment is Google.

Ever since Bing has come on the scene, Google has gone into overdrive.
At first I thought it was just me being a little sensitive to Google
since most of my traffic and income comes directly or indirectly from

But according to a recent CNN piece Google has released over 68 new
products within the last month or so. Major among them is the introduction
of “Real-Time Results” into their search index and if that wasn’t enough
Google is introducing Google Caffeine which is a major overhaul of its
search engine. I have told you about Caffeine in the last few emails that
I have sent.

Google is really changing and 2010 will be a watershed year for everyone
connected with Google. How Caffeine rolls out and how it affects your
site’s search results will have a full impact on how well you do in the
coming months… I have been holding my breath since last summer, waiting for
this monster to drop. Could be a smooth transition or a total roller-coaster
ride for my sites. Regardless, Google is going to make 2010 very interesting
for every online marketer.

They have even started suing certain companies for using the Google
name and trademark to scam people. Google has become such a force
that its no wonder, scammers have used it to rip people off and those
scammers should be held accountable. But for legitimate marketers who use
the Google name or talk about Google on their web pages or in their
marketing… it can get somewhat scary. You have to be extra careful
of what you say.

Google also has many new free products or services which are turning
a few heads, I especially marvel at the new “Google Goggles” for
mobile phones. Just take a picture and you get the Google results
instantly – no typing, just point and click.

I just envision, countless clueless teenagers suddenly being empowered
with knowledge and wisdom. Could do more for education since the
invention of the printed word. Talk about scary!

Anyway, Google is indeed, the one to watch in 2010.


Here’s My Quick “To-Do” Marketing List For 2010

1. Google Caffeine – Totally examine and monitor how Caffeine affects all
my sites and major keyword phrases for which I currently rank on the first
page for in Google. Work out and/or create marketing strategies to counter any
negative effects Caffeine has on my marketing.

2. Bing/Yahoo – This search engine will produce more traffic in 2010 for
everyone involved so it can’t be ignored, no matter how important Google
becomes, B/Y will still deliver the goods. Check and try to improve my rankings
in this non-google search engine.

3. Videos Are It! – Videos have become a very powerful marketing tactic on
the web. I am planning to take full advantage of this powerful marketing medium
by making more site and product related videos to be placed on YouTube and
around the web.

4. Press Releases – These have become extremely important in the new
“Real Time Search” web. Getting your links and information onto the web
and into the search engines have never been easier. I am planning on doing
many more Press Releases in 2010.

5. Article Marketing – Writing simple “How-To” articles and placing them
all over the web, is still a very effective marketing technique, especially
when it comes to SEO and getting related one way links back to your site.
High quality articles perform the best, so I will be concentrating on producing
less, but hopefully more powerful high quality articles.

6. Twitter – This has become a major marketing medium on the web.
One that I plan to fully examine and to take more seriously in 2010. Great
list building program which I would like to exploit in the coming year. I am
also expanding my use/link building efforts with all the social bookmarking
sites such, Digg, Stumbleupon, Facebook… I believe these
bookmark/links will play a greater role in SEO in the new revamped search engines.

7. Unique Content Links – Writing unique content and placing it on other
related sites around the web is probably the best “off-page” SEO which you can do.
I plan on exploring this marketing technique in 2010 and reaching more sites by
offering unique quality content out to any takers. Win-win situation that you will
see more and more of in the coming years.

8. Revenue Streams – Fully boost my existing revenue streams and start new ones,
especially placing most of my marketing efforts on those streams which give me
residual or recurring income. Expand my targeted “keyword list” to fully take
advantage of those revenue streams. Continue my major keyword battles full force.

9. Cross-promotion With Other Marketers – Doing joint marketing promotions
with related sites and marketers is a great way of building traffic and credibility
on the web. I plan to do more of these in 2010, especially interviews with
major online marketers or with the affiliate products/services I promote.

10. Keyworded Domains – Having your major keyword in your domain name
or URL will become even more important as the web evolves… which is only
common sense. You can rank higher in the search engines for that keyword
phrase if it’s in the domain. I have already bought a few new keyworded
domains which I will build new sites for in 2010. Full steam ahead.

One other consideration for 2010, which I am seriously thinking about has
to do with this newsletter. I am thinking about giving it up entirely!

Basically, over the years I have given valuable marketing information away,
and I have always applied this knowledge to my own online sites and marketing.
Unfortunately, I am also giving away valuable information to my competitors
who are competing against me! Not a very smart idea and an even dumber one
now that my competition has increased tremendously.

If this newsletter suddenly stops and you no longer get it, it will mean
I have discontinued it and gone into stealth mode. But you can still follow
me on Twitter…

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DISCLAIMER: The above information is for educational purposes only. Use
at your own risk. Consult your own SEO experts, business experts, professionals…
before proceeding with any business decisions or plans. For further information
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