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Google Caffeine & New Ranking Factors – Plus Some Black Friday Special Discounts

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o Google Caffeine & New Ranking Factors

o Some Black Friday & Cyber Monday Special Discounts/Sales


Since most of the people who usual read this will either be still
celebrating the Thanksgiving Holiday or out shopping, I will try
and keep this newsletter very short.

Since Google told everyone about Google Caffeine last summer and
gave us a Sandbox URL where we could check our sites and rankings
in Google’s new search engine, I have been very concerned about how
all these changes will affect my sites and rankings. You should also
be very concerned about it too!

Actually, I have become a bit obsessed with it mainly because I am a
full time search engine marketer and my livelihood depends on achieving
high rankings in Google.

Now, that Caffeine URL has been closed by Google, (www2.sandbox.google.com)
but one datacenter is now using the Caffeine search results. After
the holidays, Google will roll out the full version of Caffeine.

Needless to say, major updates in Google can be devastating for
online marketers and webmasters if your keywords disappear from
the first page listings. Many online marketers are holding their
breaths and wondering just what Caffeine will bring…

I have written a rather long article (sorry) on this whole
issue and given my views on Caffeine. Keep in mind, this is my
own observations of how my keywords reacted in the Sandbox URL,
no doubt, Google has made adjustments since then and what actually
happens with the full version of Google’s “Next Generation” search
engine goes live… is anyone’s guess. But you can find my views
on Caffeine and what it could mean for your site and keywords here:

Google Caffeine Ranking Factors

Black Friday & Cyber Monday

If you’re a regular reader of this ezine you will also know I am
a full-time affiliate marketer. I make my living from selling other
people’s stuff – mostly electronics and corporate business gifts.

All this week, I have been gathering all the major discounts
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them on my sites. It’s been rather hectic but there are some
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Monday as new deals come online.

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