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TweetGlide – How The Big Guys Market Online

TweetGlide – How The Big Guys Market Online

This week I thought I would do something that’s a little
different and give you a simple case-study of how
the big guys actually do their online marketing.
Hopefully, it will give you a better understanding of how
these marketers earn the big bucks. It just doesn’t all
happen by pure luck or even by access to friends with
very large lists.

These guys operate on a set marketing formula that’s
tested and proven to work. They just have to come up
with a special product or service to plug this formula
into it in order for it to work. The more unique the product,
the more successful their marketing campaign will be.

In particular, I would like to dissect the whole marketing
system connected with a new Twitter desktop application
introduced just a few days ago by Mike Filsaime, a well known
and very successful online marketer. He has many products,
including other viral programs similar to this one, Instantbuzz
and ListDotCom comes readily to mind.

Since I have spent the last 7 years studying marketing tools
and systems with my two main marketing websites, I have become
extra critical when a new marketing tool comes along. And I find
myself becoming even more cynical as I enter middle age – comes
with the territory I guess!

But I was really impressed with TweetGlide for several reasons.

First, it ties your online marketing into one of the hottest programs
on the web at the moment – Twitter. Second, I have always had
a fondness for desktop applications mainly because it puts your
program and promotions directly on the computers of its users
– sort of like in your face advertising.

For years, I have been promoting my own Desktop eCalendar
with my main site and I know these desktop applications
can bring in a lot of traffic. It is a way of directly
connecting with your site’s users. Tie it in with a popular
program like Twitter and you probably have a winning
combination on your hands.

Now, TweetGlide is a simple desktop application that
lets you get full enjoyment out of Twitter. It displays
your Twitter Tweets, Direct Messages, Favorites, Mentions…
it basically hooks you up to all your Twitter stuff on
your desktop. Basically it is very similar to TweetDeck
but with an advertising component thrown in.

It’s a handy little free program which you can download
and use. For those who would like to use it for marketing, they
can promote it to also earn a few dollars. Mainly through a
OTO (one time offer) of a premier membership upgrade
that people who download the application can purchase.
You don’t have to accept this offer – the program is
still free to download.

I personally don’t like OTOs (some people call them
One Time Rip-Offs) but they are an effective and accepted
way of marketing on the web and Mike Filsaime puts it to good
use here. I personally bought the upgrade myself because
I wanted to fully test out this system and like I said,
I have a fondness for desktop applications. I also see promising
marketing potential for this one but only time will
tell if it was worth the upgrade price.

Filsaime has also smartly tied this application in with
an upsell product which is his coaching program.
Often times this backend product is where the big bucks
are make – most savvy marketers offer a lucrative backend
upsell to all the primary products they sell or promote. The
really, really smart ones, make this upsell recurring or residual
in nature, so that they can receive revenues each month
or each year.

For those building lists, notice how this experienced
marketer is building his lists thru TweetGlide and
especially how it places confirmed buyers onto his VIP list…
great way to build customer loyalty and make repeat
sales. This is a key element to profiting from your
lists… you must divide up and target special subscribers
with offers matching their interests and buying habits.

Overall, TweetGlide is a handy little marketing machine
where users can advertise for free but you can also buy
sponsored advertising. It is a simple way to build a viral
element into your online marketing. This viral element
will fit in nicely with the whole viral nature of Twitter.

Plus, big time marketers like Filsaime are savvy enough
to boost those viral elements with an attractive affiliate
program which may attract other big-name online promoters
and marketers. Roughly, 3000 downloads in under 24 hours,
were made with little promotion on Filsaime part. If this
thing goes totally viral, he will have an attractive and
lucrative program to add to his long list of successful products.

Ignoring all the marketing elements and sales pitches, you
still end up with handy Twitter desktop application that
puts all your tweeting functions right on your desktop.
Don’t know if this will become as popular as TweekDeck
but it is definitely worth a look.

Moreover, I was really impressed with the quality and
design of TweetGlide. The video introducing it was very
professionally done. The TweetGlide interface is very
simple to use and can be easily customized to suit your
own preferences. In addition, the download and installation of
the desktop application went quickly and smoothly.

So check out the video which explains it all in
greater detail in the link below. Please be aware
this is an affiliate link:


New Guidelines For FTC Regarding Endorsements & Testimonials

Due to new FTC updated guidelines regarding endorsements
and testimonials which go into effect on 12/1/09, any
endorsement or testimonial must be transparent and the
reader or consumer must know you’re selling a product
if you’re endorsing it.

Or at least this is my reading of the new guidelines;
I am not a lawyer but I am an affiliate marketer so this
issue has me very concerned. Like all online marketers
I am trying to understand the new guidelines. You can
find some very helpful information at the FTC website.

I have disclaimers on all my sites but just saying
“Results not typical” or the stronger “These testimonials
are based on the experiences of a few people and you
are not likely to have similar results.” May not even
be good enough anymore; which is a little scary because as
an affiliate marketer you’re promoting third-party products
which may come with testimonials as part of the promotional
material you’re given.

I believe FTC and the new guidelines will help cut down
on outrageous claims and on those endorsements/testimonials
which try to deceive the consumer.

Again, I am not giving you legal advice regarding thse
guidelines or how you should proceed. Just telling you
that you should be aware these guidelines which are coming
into effect on the 1st of December.