Should You Use Google Adsense On Your Web Pages?

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o Should You Use Google Adsense On Your Web Pages?

This week I received an email from Marlon Sanders since
I am a long-time subscriber to his Newsletter… and
in it he referred to a long discussion/thread going
on over at the WarriorForum. It is all about Google
Adsense and the thread was started by XFactor who
only goes by the name of “John”.

The title of this popular thread is called:

6 Months Later: $300 Daily w/Adsense (Lessons Learned)

Keep in mind, this XFactor guy is of course, plugging/selling
a $77 course entitled “Micro Niche Adsense Course”. So I have
long learned to view anyone selling stuff on the web thru my
battle-wary and all too cynical eyes. I am extra critical of
what claims they make. You should do like-wise.

However, this is a very interesting discussion and it
brought back the whole issue of whether or not you
should use Google Adsense on any of your sites or web

Now, I have been using Google Adsense on many of my web sites
and pages for years. I have become addicted to getting that
monthly Adsense check from Google. I could arrange electronic
payment but I simply get a kick out of receiving that check,
mainly because years ago when I started earning income
from the web, it was the only check that impressed my family
and friends. It’s a bit hard to explain but it sort of made
all this web stuff “legit” in their eyes. Google has that power
over people!

In many ways, using Google Adsense on my web pages doesn’t make
logical marketing sense – why get 60 cents for a click when you
can get 60 dollars instead by using an affiliate program. That is,
you can often get 10 times, sometimes even 100 times more by using
affiliate links on your pages rather than Google Adsense.

Why use Google Adsense at all?

Besides the thrill of getting those monthly checks, I use
Google Adsense to mainly create another revenue stream on
my pages in addition to my affiliate links. I know I am probably
losing some sales to Adsense but on the other hand, Adsense
is a very steady consistent revenue stream that I know will
be there each day.

Actually, it has been more consistent than any of my affiliate
programs, it pays a lot less but at least my pages are making
something each day. It’s a “SureShot”.

Another reason I use Adsense, I find it almost impossible to
find affiliate programs for all my web pages, so simply placing
that Adsense code on the page, monetizes that page for me.

After years of using Adsense, I don’t believe it lowers the
quality of my pages, it’s just another component that my site
visitors can use to find what they’re looking for. Since I
use PPC advertising and Adwords – I know the deals and offers
presented thru Adsense are some of the most competitive
offers on the web. Nature of the beast.

Adsense does serve a purpose, other than making money for Google,
it does give the consumer some of the best deals on the web
in my opinion.

Now, whether or not you use Adsense on your pages is up to you…
I am mainly talking about affiliate links here… so if you’re
selling your own products on your site, why send those customers
to another store? Why get $3 a click, when you can earn $30?

It’s your call?

Now back to the WarriorForum and the Adsense thread by John
XFactor… I only read some of the thread before warning bells
started ringing in my head. I am not saying what this person
is saying is not true but please be extra careful and thoroughly
check out any claims before you buy any product on the web.

I have been at this web stuff for too many years and I know
the only way to get really high click through rates (CTR) with
Google Adsense is to trick your visitors into believing the
Adsense links are interior links/clicks on your site. You camouflage
them to fit seamlessly into your site.

Create simple niche sites and then blend your links in at
the very top of the page… your visitor will click these links
more often than links buried on your pages.

Some people think this is wrong to deceive your visitors in this
way, others think it is a great way to make money. In either
case, the visitor is still taken to a great deal or site where
they can find what they’re looking for on the web.

Again, it’s a judgment call on your part.

Niche sites do work and people do make money with Google
Adsense on them but my main question to this XFactor
guy – if you have quality organic search engine traffic
flowing to your pages, why not use affiliate links instead
of Google Adsense?

To be fair, this guy is using Amazon links on his pages,
and maybe he just likes getting those Adsense checks each
month, but in the back of my mind I couldn’t dismiss the feeling
that he may be pushing Adsense in order to sell his course
or ebook.

I couldn’t help but notice that the XFactor guy doesn’t
have Google Adsense on his salesletter page for his
ebook. Maybe he likes getting $77 instead of 77 cents
for his clicks?

But check out this thread for yourself, it has many
good pointers and tips. Especially if you’re already using
Adsense on your web pages or are planning to use them in
the future.

Kind Regards,