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The Tricky Issue Of Duplicate Content & What Google Says About It

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The Tricky Issue Of Duplicate Content & What Google Says About It

Don’t know about you but one of the most worrisome issues has
to be duplicate content. I am mainly worried about my content
being ranked lower because the search engines think
it is duplicate content and penalizes it.

Now, for my major keyword content/pages even a loss of just a few
places in the rankings can mean I lose hundreds of dollars in commissions,
so anything affecting my rankings obviously get my immediate attention.

The whole tricky issue of duplicate content has caused me some
concern and I have made an ongoing mental note to myself to find
out everything I can about it.

My situation is compounded by the fact that I am heavily into
article marketing – the same articles are featured on hundreds,
some times thousands of sites across the web. Naturally, I am
worried these articles will dilute or lower my rankings rather
than accomplish the intended purpose of getting higher rankings.

I try to vary the anchor text/keyword link in the resource boxes
of these articles. I don’t use the same keywords over and over
again as I am nearly 99% positive Google has a “keyword use”
quota – repeat the same keyword phrase too often and your highly
linked content will be lowered around 50 or 60 places, basically
taking it out of the search results. Been there, done that!

I even like now submitting unique articles to certain popular
sites so only that site has the article – thus eliminating
the whole duplicate content issue.

Another way I have handled this issue is using a 301 re-direct
so that traffic and pagerank flows to the URL I want ranked.
You can also use your Google Webmaster Tool account to show
which version of your site you want ranked or featured:
with www or without the www.

The whole reason for doing any of this has to do with PageRank
juice – you want to pass along this ranking juice to the appropriate
page or content. This can raise your rankings, especially in

Thankfully, there is the relatively new “canonical tag” you can use
to tell the search engines this is the page/content you want
featured or ranked. Just add this link tag to your content which
you want ranked or featured:

link rel=”canonical” href=””/

Anyway, this whole duplicate issue has many faces and sides,
so I like going directly to Google for my information. Experience
has shown me that Google doesn’t always give the right information,
but for the most part, you can follow what they say. Lately, over
the last year or so, Google seems to have made a major policy change
and are telling webmasters a lot more information on how they (Google)
rank their index.

So if you’re concerned or interested in finding out more about
duplicate content and what Google says about it try these helpful

Video – Duplicate Content & Multiple Site Issues

This video is presented by Greg Grothaus of Google and
is quite informative on the subject.

Another great link is this page from Google Webmasters Support Answers
by Matt Cutts. It has a lot of helpful information, including a
video on the Canonical Link Element.

It’s located here:

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Crashing The Traffic Party – How To Use The World’s Top Sites To Promote Your Own Site

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o Crashing The Traffic Party – How To Use The World’s Top Sites
To Promote Your Own Site

Most times, common sense is the only Internet marketing strategy you need.
All you have to do is use some simple reasoning to achieve your goals, many
times it is only a matter of using your head to figure out the easiest route
to success.

For example, one of the hardest obstacles to overcome for most webmasters
is getting enough traffic to their sites. You need traffic if your site is
to succeed – plain and simple. You must have traffic and lots of it.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize, in order to get traffic you must go to
the places/sites that have the majority of the traffic on the web. These top
sites command enormous amounts of traffic each day and they get thousands
of visitors each second.

So it stands to reason, you must put or place your site into this whole traffic
mix of these top sites. Fortunately, this is very easily done without too
much work on your part, but it may mean joining many of these top sites and
doing some self-promotion.

First up, you have to tackle the search engines which represent or controls
much of the quality traffic on the web. People use these sites to find what
they’re looking for on the net, you must get your site listed/ranked on these
search engines, especially Google.

Google is the number one site in the world and until Bing/Yahoo replaces it,
you must gear your site towards Google. This is not difficult, actually it
is quite simple. One of the keys to getting listed and ranked well in this top
site of the web is quality unique content. Just create unique quality
content on your site and Google will notice you and send you traffic.

I like taking a holistic approach to Google, it is not simply a search
engine, it is much, much more. You have to tie your site into all the many
different facets of Google – use iGoogle to create your profile,
use Google Products to promote your products, use YouTube to promote
your videos, use Google News to promote your latest news or articles,
use Google Docs to promote your PDF files and ebooks, use Blogger to
promote your blogs and RSS feeds… and the list goes on.

By incorporating or totally immersing your site into the Google online
juggernaut, you will receive plenty of quality traffic. I also like to
connect my sites with the commercial side of Google by using Adwords
and buying search traffic. I also use Google Adsense on my sites to
off-set the cost of buying that traffic. Actually, truth be told, I spend
the majority of my time – adjusting, optimizing and promoting my content
within Google.


We have to go back to the common sense factor again, my traffic logs
and stats show that Google sends me around 80% of my traffic. It is
only natural that I concentrate on optimizing my site and content
to please Google. But that doesn’t mean I ignore the other search
engines or the other top sites on the web, just the opposite is true.

Mainly because Google has a complex algorithm they use to rank sites and
content on the web. One major overriding part of these 200 or so ranking
factors is how well your site is connected with other sites/content on the
web. Getting backlinks from high PR sites is vital for achieving high
rankings. Webpages are given PageRank from 0 to 10, with 10 being the best.

Now, by activily connecting/promoting your site within the top
sites on the web, you’re telling Google your site is important.
Moreover, web users are telling Google your site/content is important
and relevant. Getting backlinks on top sites like Wikipedia, YouTube,,… will tell Google your content matters to web surfers.
Likewise, getting your content bookmarked in all the social networking
sites like Facebook, MySpace, Digg, Flickr, Twitter… will tell Google
and the other search engines your content is relevant.

Proving that your content is relevant will be one of the major keys
to getting top rankings, especially in Google. Therefore, connecting
your content with all the major sites on the web makes sense, no matter
how you view it. Having your content discussed, bookmarked and linked
to will make all the difference in the world to the success of your

Now, as mentioned before, getting your site/content connected and linked
from these top sites is not difficult. Simply join many of these sites
and create profiles, submit content, add your links and so on. Another
way is to make it easy for your site’s content to be bookmarked in many
of these top social media sites. I like using a simple button like the one
from which makes it easy for your visitors to bookmark your
content for you. Again, common sense and simple practicality wins the day.

So is your site well connected to the top sites on the web? Does
it have a presence in all these high volume traffic sites? If the
answer is no, then your site is probably missing out on a lot of
free traffic which it could be getting. Just make a conscience effort
to involve and connect your site/content with many of these top
sites on the web. You will be pleasantly surprised with the results
of your efforts. So start mingling now!

Here’s a short list of some the Top Sites and their PageRank:
(Source Alexa)

1. Google PR10

2. Facebook PR9

3. Yahoo! PR9

4. YouTube PR9

5. Windows Live PR8

6. Wikipedia PR9

7. Blogger PR8

8. Microsoft Network (MSN) PR9

9. Baidu (Chinese search engine) PR8

11. Myspace PR9

13. Twitter PR9

18. PR9

21. Bing PR9

22. eBay PR8

29. PR7

33. Flickr PR9

38. Hi5 PR7

40. PR8

46. PR8

50. Blogspot PR8

Hope this helps you in some way.

Kind Regards,


Back To Work – How To Boost Your Traffic & Sales

BWMagic’s Internet Marketing News!

The beginning of September has always been the most
dreaded time of the year for me. Summer has just ended and
the long cold days of winter lie in waiting.

The first days of September also means “Back To Work” time
for me. In years past, it meant getting ready for a new
school year and all the work that entailed. Now it means
getting back to my Internet stuff. Just guess which one
I would rather be doing?

It also means a time for new directions and changes.
Reassessing what works and where to best spend your time
and efforts. This year I will be concentrating on increasing
my traffic to my different sites and finding new ways to boost
those numbers.

Two new directions for me are videos and social media/networking.
Unfortunately, these two areas are way out of my comfort zone,
however, one thing I have learned from working full-time on the
web, you must follow the crowd, no matter where they lead you.

You must plug your sites into the whole mix of what is happening
on the web. Inn other words, you must follow the traffic. Right now
there is a definite swing to videos and the social networking sites.
You must embrace these two areas if you want to get maximum


I have had enough success with videos that I went out and bought
a new camcorder (Canon Vixia HF200 – great little machine) with
the hope of making some “over the shoulder videos” of the different
marketing techniques and tactics I use in the daily running of my
9 or 10 websites.

Videos are a simple way to bring in traffic and sales. And it’s
not that difficult – I am still kinda shocked to realize some young
teenager not even in high school can pull in 4 or 5 grand a month
by partnering with Google Adsense on YouTube.

For many people that’s a full-time income. Heck, when I was in my
Starving Artist Stage – 5 grand would have made a nice yearly income!

Videos present an excellent way of producing sales and traffic.

They are also great for building your contact list. Many popular
YouTubers have lists of over 1 million subscribers. Just imagine
the marketing power of releasing a video about your favorite product
or program to hundreds of thousands of loyal subscribers.

Then there is the pure marketing benefits of using videos. It is
a perfect way to get your point across. I can’t remember any recent
major product launch that DIDN’T have at least one video on the
sales page. Videos have become a marketing stable for selling your
products – online or off.

So try producing your own videos or have someone else produce them
for you. If you’re like me, the real problem is getting the time
to make your own videos – I am hoping I will get the time to explore
for myself the whole process of making my own videos but if that
doesn’t work out I can still use the video services offered by such
places as… they produce very professional videos
which work.

Video marketing is the wave of the future on the net so you simply
can’t ignore this excellent way of bringing in more traffic and sales.

Social Networking Sites

If you have been marketing on the web for some time – it’s really
hard to believe how new social media/network sites have changed
how business is done. The growing importance of Twitter is just
one example of how quickly these sites have invaded our daily

It has also become an excellent way to build your list of contacts
and an excellent way to announce any new product or program you want
your contacts to know about. Online marketers are taking advantage
of Twitter to build their traffic and to boost their sales.

I have started using Twitter myself but as mentioned before I am
not one for these social networking sites… I would rather concentrate
my marketing efforts on ranking high for my chosen lucrative keywords
but I can’t ignore Twitter because it has become a popular program
everyone and their grandmother is using. You have to take advantage
and plug your site and marketing into this whole traffic hub.

Mainly because your content must be seen as relevant by the search
engines and one simple way to do this is to tie it all in with these
new network sites… I make it a point to have my content linked
(in one way or another) to many of the top 50 sites on the Internet.
That’s why I like using sites/programs like Blogspot/Blogger,
YouTube, Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, WordPress, Wiki, Craiglist…

Try linking/connecting your site/content to all these top ranked
sites in the world and you will see a marked improvement in both
your traffic and sales. You must place your content into the whole
mix of what’s happening on the web.

Getting your content into these places/sites is not difficult. In fact
it is extremely simple – you can even place your content there yourself
or have your visitors place it there for you.

Can’t count how many times I have told you about the free
button which lets your visitors bookmark your content in all of the
above sites FOR YOU. This button and others like it, actually works
if you have quality, interesting content to share… you will also
see a rise in your rankings because the search engines are paying
special attention of what content gets repeatedly bookmarked by ordinary
web users.

Using this social bookmark button or others like it is a simple way
to boost your traffic and sales.

Are you using it?

Other Ways Of Boosting Traffic And Sales

When I need to get more traffic and sales… here are some of the
things I do:

1. Write Quality Articles & Distribute Them All Over The Web

Doesn’t quite work as well as it once did but for popular articles
that get picked up and placed on countless related sites, article
marketing is still one of my most effective ways for getting traffic
and sales. I mainly use Ezinearticles, Phantomwriters, iSnare,
Submityourarticle… for getting my articles out there.

2. Put Out Press Releases

I am seeing great short term and long term results by using Press Releases.
They have become one of my major marketing tools of the moment,
I am mainly using PRWeb but it is rather expensive. So if you’re on a
tight budget, you can try the many free press release sites such as

3. Increase My PPC Advertising Budget in Google Adwords, Yahoo and

When I want targeted traffic fast – I simply buy it! But be careful
because you have to know exactly what you’re doing with PPC or you can
lose a lot of money fast. So do your homework first.

4. Release a New Video On YouTube

YouTube is a great place for getting more traffic coming to your
site or sites. I like doing “how-to” videos and offering free guides
to build up my contact list of interested customers. The sale is in
the follow-up.

5. Post More Entries In My Different Blogs Around The Web

I have blogs with Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal, Bloglines… this
always brings in immediate traffic to my sites and it is extremely
easy to do. Just make sure the content is of high quality and it will
get picked up or linked to on other related blogs.

6. Create More Keyword Targeted Content For My Many Different Sites

This is a more “long-term” solution for me, but this is the most effective
way to get good quality traffic, especially from Google. Until Bing/Yahoo
enters the picture, Google simply supplies the most search traffic on the
web so gear your sites towards Google for the immediate future.

7. Release a new viral eBook, Report or Guide

Many times I even create a new website to go along with these new guides.
The most vital part of selling on the web is that you must never play the
pushy-salesman role; but rather be a helpful guide who buyers turn to for
help and information. Learn the art of the “Pre-Sell” and you will
succeed online. Let the real selling be done by your affiliate partners.

8. Send Out Newsletters to all my Different Contact Lists

I run many newsletters and follow-up programs; it is still one
of the best ways to get repeat traffic to my sites. Sometimes
I wonder the wisdom of passing along the marketing tactics and
techniques I use to create profitable sites since I am really giving
my competition some valuable information that can be used against
me. But I have over-ruled myself and only keep the very vital
specific stuff relating directly to my sites secret.

9. Do Joint Projects With My Online Contacts and Fellow Marketers

The more you help others, the more you will succeed. This is also
the main reason I keep writing this newsletter, I have been tempted
many times to shut it down because of what I discussed
above – information can be used against you, especially in very
competitive niches. However, I get more good results than bad by
helping other people succeed online!

10. Use Your Site’s Raw Traffic Logs and Stats

When I get some spare time – I spend it digging through my raw
traffic log stats. I hunt down lucrative long-tail keyword phrases
that are already bringing in some traffic and sales. I then boost my
rankings for these keyword phrases by placing them in article titles,
blog posts, etc. and linking that content to my ranking page. By closely
monitoring what keywords are bringing in the traffic and sales…
I can adjust my marketing to rank higher for those keywords, mainly
in Google.

My content is ranked for thousands of keywords but the real trick is finding
the profitable ones and building traffic for those specific keywords and
boosting your sales. Close examination and tracking of my site’s traffic
logs will offer up the real jewels in the crown. The same probably applies
to your site or sites. Go find those long-tail keywords and exploit them.

Hope these tips help you in some way. Trying just some of them should
bring in more traffic and sales… they work for me and they should
also work for you.

Kind Regards,

Or try the Back To Work Special from Ken Evoy’s Site Build It:
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