How Many Sites Do You Need To Succeed Online?

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How Many Sites Do You Need To Succeed Online?

As I put the finishing touches on my 10th site,
it suddenly occurred to me, do I really need all
these sites to earn a living from the web?

I answered my own question with a firm NO!

Actually, some online marketers don’t even have a site of their
own and instead they promote other affiliate sites and products
with their marketing. While I don’t personally recommend this
route, many successful marketers have taken it and are quite happy
with not having to bother with the whole business of running
an online site of their own.

But you should have at least one main site, your flagship, your
address on the web where people can find you. This also gives
you an online identity. It tells everyone this is the area or
subject matter you’re promoting…

For years I had one main site which kept me extremely busy and
earned me a modest online income. I still have this site and yes
it still keeps me busy and it is still profitable.

So why build more sites?

Mainly because as you proceed with your online marketing, you
will find niches that require their own sites. You have to expand
and branch out from your main site. The new sites are connected
and supported with your old one. It is a very effective way of
building more quality traffic and business.

But the main reason to build new sites is to prepare yourself
for the future. You must stake your claim in all those
“keyword domains” that still can be had at the moment.

Let me explain further, having your main keywords in the domain
name of your site is important for SEO reasons – search engines
will clearly know what your site is about. More importantly,
and this is why I build new sites, your visitors will CLEARLY
know what your site is about because of its keywords.

I will explain further, my main site is entitled
– for the life of me, I don’t know how I came up with that
name, just wanted something to do with “bizware” since the site
is about marketing/business tools. When I created that site around
7 or 8 years ago, I was totally unaware of what keywords were or
how they worked on the web.

Over the years, I have developed niches related to business tools
and services. It’s no big secret that one of those niches is “Internet
Fax”. Now since those keywords are not in my original site’s name,
I really needed a domain/site that had those keywords and thus I created
a new site which has my keywords and also tells exactly what the site is
about, a guide to online fax.

It is much easier to promote this domain/site on the web because it’s
directly and only related to the subject of Internet Fax. Just by
glancing at the URL – visitors will know exactly what the site is

Why is all this important to you – you ask?

Well, if you’re a webmaster or marketer on the web, you should be
doing the same thing. Staking your claim in the keyword domains that
are still out there. Never underestimate the power of a domain name…
imagine having “” “”… those domains are priceless
for earning revenue on the web.

Getting domains with valuable keywords should be your goal. These are
the keywords web surfers are using to find your product or service.
These keyworded domains will make your marketing simple and easy.

And as you probably already know, most of the shorter keyword domains
are already taken. Marketers have jumped on this concept years ago and
most of the valuable domains are already staked and claimed. In the
future, as these keyword domains age, they will become very valuable,
especially if you build up your links and connections with other
related sites. Your site will be in the mix of things and all that
commercial activity.

Since most of the good shorter domains are already taken, what I like
to do is to add a third word to the main keywords I am targeting, like
in the case above, I added “guide” to “internet fax” since most of my sites
are also about educating potential customers about a particular product or
service. And since it’s about education, I don’t mind using an “.org”
instead the one you should always go with “.com”.

This gives me the opportunity to do comparison pricing, to build a list
of contacts, and to more easily market to people without actually
selling them anything since I am heavily into affiliate marketing and
the major vendors that I am promoting do the actual selling, not me.

But even if you have your own product or service, having your keywords
in the domain is just as important. It will make your marketing job
much easier to do. And if you have a service or product that has a lot
of sub-branches or related products, you just might want to build
new domains/sites directly related to those products.

It’s something you should be seriously considering – while there is
still time to get some of those valuable domains. You will discover
like me, two is much better than one. Actually, in my case, ten is
much better than one!


Kind Regards,