Videos – Should You Use Them In Your Marketing?

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o Videos – Should You Use Them In Your Marketing?

You have probably already noticed, videos are everywhere on the web.
Online marketers and webmasters are using videos to bring in traffic,
to create buzz, to build links and to make more sales.

It should be a far gone conclusion that you should definitely
be using videos in your marketing even if you’re not selling
anything. It’s a great way to bring in traffic and create interest
in your site or brand.

Just ask Susan Boyle!

Videos can have tremendous impact on the web, especially viral
videos like many of those featured on YouTube and sites like it.
For promotion and word-of-mouth advertising… it can’t be beat.

Truth be told, I am a marketer who’s set in his ways, anything
new like videos makes me cautious. For a long time, I resisted
using videos on my sites. If you have been doing something
successful for years with your online sites – why change now?

The obvious reason – with online marketing, you have to change
with the times or go the way of the Do Do bird. If you don’t adapt,
you lose. Period, end of story.

Besides it has been my long-term belief that all the websites on
the net will eventually turn into something akin to TV channels –
the Billion Channel Internet. God help us all!

But it’s coming, most people are generally lazy, they like to get
everything done for them with the least amount of energy wasted
on their part. Videos give you the information you need quickly and
without any fuss – you just sit there and watch and listen. Videos are
the perfect teaching tools. Videos are the perfect marketing tools.

Years ago, I started placing other people videos on my site –
I even have one from SBI on my homepage. It is an effective
way of making more sales.

Few other sites have also used my articles and turned them
into videos – mainly Site-Reference. Here’s an example:

8 SEO Techniques Every Webmaster Should Know

Basically anyone can make a simple video with a camcorder
or even a webcam. There’s also free video making software that
you can use such as from camstudio:

You just capture what on your computer and the audio – as
you explain some marketing process or method. Many online
marketers use this technique for selling and/or explaining
their products.

Michael Cheney, Neil Shearing, Marlon Sanders… are all
top level marketers who use this method. Very effective way
to get your message across.

You rarely see any major sales page or letter these
days that doesn’t have at least one video attached to it.
Many marketers also use video testimonials because they
are so much more effective than an ordinary text plug.

Recently, I have started using videos in my own online
marketing – no I am not making my own videos, I pay
someone else to make mine for me. I use the article video
service through Bill Platt’s
– I was very pleased with the first video and will get
more done.

These videos are produced through
and are very professional.

I have this video now on my sites and used it in a PRWeb
Press Release which brought in a lot of sales for me.
You can view it here:

I believe you can’t stand still, you must change with the times… if
the regular static HTML site is no longer as effective as using
videos, flashmovies, javascripts, rss blogs… you have to change
with the times or go the way… you guessed it, that extinct bird.

Never doubt the power of video, it can really help get your
site or product noticed on the web. It is a great way to
promote yourself or your site. One video on YouTube can virtually
change your life overnight – it can be more powerful than
TV or the web alone.

It is also an excellent way to earn more revenue and to build
your list of contacts. It’s hard to believe but one teenager
using YouTube has built up a list of over 1 Million subscribers.
So this same opportunity is open to any Tom, Dick or Fred with
a video camera and a little imagination.

Videos on the web are here to stay, so you might as well
join in on the fun and help your marketing in the process.

So what about you – are you using videos in your marketing?
Are you using videos on your site? If you’re not, you may
be missing out on an excellent source of new traffic and sales.

If you want more information on video marketing, why not try
this article I wrote a little while back:

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