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November 12, 2014

10 Surprising & Significant Facts About Social Media You Should Know

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10 Surprising & Significant Facts About Social Media You Should Know

10 Social Media Facts
Written by

Social media surfing is like mining for gold; you have to do some
digging before you hit pay dirt. I often come across helpful Infographics
on the web but seeking out the original source of these perfect jewels can
be somewhat challenging and/or confusing.

The Infographic on Important Social Media Stats featured below is a
perfect example. I first came across this one on Pinterest and it
was linked to who got it from
but the original source material is from a great article by Kevan Lee
on Buffer entitled:

10 Surprising & Important Social Media Stats You Need To Know

Regardless, I found some of these social media facts rather surprising
and good to know – especially if you’re working these sites to bring
in traffic and leads. Of course, the most important stats about these
social media sites can be found in your own traffic logs… how long do
these visitors stay, what do they do on your site… do they lead to
a subscription or a sale?

Here is the Infographic I found – enjoy:

Social Media Facts

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September 15, 2014

Triple Offers From Alienware

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Triple Offers From Alienware

Triple Offers from Alienware

Latest Offers from Alienware

Alienware, one of the best known brands for gaming PCs and laptops,
currently has triple offers on the table. These are excellent
incentives to purchase an Alienware product at this time.

These three offers:

Get a free tablet with the purchase of select Alienware systems

Get a $100 gift card with the Pre-order of Alienware new Alpha game console

Get a Mystery Coupon (savings up to 20%) on Alienware PCs

Alienware has been in the news lately with their upcoming releases
of two new products – The AlphaGame Console and the newly imagined
Area-51 gaming desktop.

Now is a great time to check out Alienware and see what they have
to offer – especially as shoppers are already placing their orders
for the upcoming Holidays. Don’t be disappointed. Order early before
the rush.

Try here: Alienware Coupons & Discounts

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July 4, 2014

Independence Day Sale – Get 33% Off Ken Evoy’s SBI & bizXpress

by @ 5:59 am. Filed under Site Build It

Independence Day Sale – Get 33% Off Ken Evoy’s SBI & bizXpress

Independence Special

SBI Independence Day Sale – 33% OFF
Written by

Sitesell’s popular web hosting packages from SBI! & bizXpress
(WordPress Version) have always been a favorite promotion on
the site. This is mainly because Ken Evoy’s
products over-deliver, not only on quality but also on all
the different features involved in these hosting packages.

They come highly recommended, especially for the beginning
webmaster or site builder who may need extra instructions
on how it is all done.

SBI and bizXpress will give you step-by-step instructions
on how to create a site. The material is extensive and can
be a little overwhelming but well worth it – if one puts
in the time and effort to truly work the tools given by

No other web-building system on the web even comes close to SBI!

However, don’t jump to the wrong conclusion, building an
online business will take much hard work and some time.
Nothing happens overnight, and this is not one of these
“get rich quick” deals… put that thought far from your

These hosting/site building packages will give you all the
tools you need to construct a very SEO friendly site and more
importantly it will tell you what “Not To Do” when building a site.

Perhaps, the most important part of the whole SBI and Sitesell
is the very active online forum which comes with these packages.
These active members will go out of their way to help beginning
and/or seasoned webmasters. It is this community, which has
built up around SBI over the years, that gives these packages
true value and worth.

This Independence Day you can check out these hosting deals
and seriously consider giving yourself a decent shot at your
own online independence. Believe me, the lifestyle cannot be beat.

Sitesell and Ken Evoy, for the first time, is offering 33%
off both SBI! and bizXpress with this Independence Day Sale.
This might just be the right time to check out these hosting

You can find our review of SBI: here.

Kind Regards,
+Titus Hoskins

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May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Sales on Laptops Desktops Printers

by @ 5:12 am. Filed under Laptop Coupons & Discounts

Memorial Day Sales on Laptops/Desktops/Printers (Hewlett-Packard Home Store)

Memorial Day Sales – Up To 50% OFF
Written by

New Memorial Day sales have just been posted on the
site for its Laptop Buyer’s Guide subscribers and visitors.
Whenever new online coupons (many of them exclusive) are offered
by the different computer manufacturers/retailers – these discount
coupons are featured on our site.

Over the years, we have helped thousands of laptop and desktop
buyers find the right device at the lowest price – especially
when it comes to holiday offers on days like Black Friday,
Cyber Monday and of course – Memorial Day.

This year there are especially attractive offers from HP.

There are also excellent discount bargains from Dell and Toshiba.

When buying any new computer system – whether it be for work, pleasure
or a graduation present – taking advantage of these Memorial Day
bargains will save you money. Don’t lose this opportunity – get
clicking here.

You can also check out other great Alienware offers here:

Kind Regards,
+Titus Hoskins

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May 7, 2014

Online Fax Revisited – Why Every Business Should Be Using It

by @ 6:06 am. Filed under Internet Fax

Online Fax Revisited – 2014

Online Fax Revisited 2014

Online Fax Revisited – Reasons Why Internet Faxing Has Become So Popular
(And 7 Reasons Why Every Business Should Be Using It)

Written by

What is Internet fax? Why should I use it? What are the best online fax
providers or services… after ten years or more of covering this topic
– these are the most common questions I hear from my subscribers and site
visitors. Usually these visitors or subscribers are curious about using
the web and your email system as your main fax machine.

But most of all, these visitors are asking how does it all work?

For years, I have been explaining this whole process in my videos, on my
sites and in my many articles on the subject. Perhaps, the simplest way
of explaining how it works is to use the one common denominator everyone
is familiar with – email. Your faxes or messages are sent/received via your
email system, usually as PDF or TIFF files or attachments.

computer to fax machine

However, what is not simple or not fully understood about this whole email
faxing process is the role of the online fax service provider. It may be
helpful to think of this fax provider or service as you would your home
Internet Provider or IP service. But instead of providing web services,
for a small monthly fee, your online fax provider will give you your fax
number (or you can port your current number over to their service) and an
online account where you can also login to read/send your faxes. This fax
provider facilitates or handles all your faxes.

fax to computer

This provider handles all your messages/faxes and is often referred to as
a “cloud” service because it is hosted on a remote third party server.
Someone sends you a fax via your number and this provider processes the
message and sends it to you via your email system as an attachment – you
can read the fax directly on your computer/laptop/smartphone or you can
log into your account and read it online.

Probably the next question that arises – is all this safe? Do I
really want my faxes online?

Well, the best way to answer that is yes – to a certain degree. Your messages
can be encrypted and securely stored online, but you must thoroughly check out
the quality of your chosen service or provider. Also remember, whether we
like it or not, most of today’s business is carried out through the web using
email and online sites. Any service or site is vulnerable to hacking attacks,
but this can be minimized especially if you pick your provider wisely.

Why go through all this trouble to get my faxes? Why can’t I just keep using
my traditional fax machine in the office?

Yes, you can but there are many reasons why using online fax is so much more
convenient and advantageous. Just ask yourself – why are you using email in
addition to snail mail? Most likely because it can be faster, cheaper and much
more convenient to use email. The same goes for using online fax.

In addition, you have to realize many individuals and companies have switched
over to online faxing for the portability or mobility it offers – you can send/receive
your messages from anywhere and at any time. You and your business are no longer
tied down to the office location and/or restricted to office hours. This fact can
give you a competitive advantage over your competitors and this reason alone may be
further propelling the use of these services.

no fax machine

Next, using Internet fax can be much cheaper than traditional faxing – especially
when you consider you do not have to buy and maintain a fax machine, nor do you have
the ongoing cost of all those inks, toners and papers. The monthly rates are very
reasonable – usually well under $10 per month and even if your business does extensive
faxing – the costs can be lower if you get a custom corporate plan or service.

There is also the whole issue of spam which can be a troublesome problem, but with an
online system you can easily block undesired numbers from spamming your business. Keep
in mind, fax spam in a traditional system can eat up valuable resources and tie up your
machine for hours.

environment friendly

Another whole angle is the environmental benefits of using a paperless system to
send/receive your faxes. This will obviously be much friendlier on the environment
than a traditional paper system. With all the concerns about global warming and climate
change, companies and individuals alike, can do their bit to help save the environment.

Lastly, and perhaps most important to remember, going with an Internet or computer based
fax system means all your communications can be easily integrated into your whole operation.
Messages can be sent to all departments or salespersons simultaneously and these messages
can be easily retrieved regardless if you received them five seconds or five months ago.

Virtual PBX Phone Systems with Online Fax

Another growing trend is the whole integration of many businesses (both big and small)
towards virtual PBX (Private Branch Exchange) phone systems, which offer many features.
These include voip phones, online fax, call forwarding, voice mail, video conferencing…
even a virtual secretary. One perfect example of this trend is the popularity of such
complete PBX systems such as RingCentral Office. It is just another way of further
modernizing your company or business to meet our somewhat crazy computer-obsessed
wireless world.

environment friendly

If you are ready to join this computer-obsessed world and looking for a good Internet fax
service or provider, there are a few factors you should first consider. Is the service
reliable and how much support does it give to its customers? What are the monthly rates
and how many faxes can I send and/or receive each month? What are the overage fees? Are
there toll-free numbers? How many email addresses are attached to the account? Is there
a free trial period to test-run the service?

Even if you still want to keep the traditional fax machine in the office, obtaining an
online fax service or number is probably the smartest way to proceed in today’s business
world. It can give your company or business that extra flexibility and all the advantages
associated with a web-based faxing system.

However like all business decisions, it’s your call?

And if you’re ready to make that call – you can
check out a whole list of Online Fax Providers
or download this comprehensive free online fax guide:

fax guide

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follow-up information on Internet

First Name:

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