Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2018

Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2018

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2018

During Black Friday & Cyber Monday alert online shoppers can get the best deals of the year. It looks like 2018 will not be an exception to this rule.

Although holiday gift buyers should be aware the Black Friday “timeframe” is expanding and excellent bargains can now be had during the days/weeks surrounding Thanksgiving. For years Bizwaremagic has listed the most attractive offers and deals to its subscribers and visitors.

Here are some of the best Black Friday Deals of 2018.


Dell offers some of their best computer, laptop and monitor deals around this time of year. Save up to 50% off popular Dell models and electronics. To find out more click the banner below:

Black Friday - Dell Deals


Enjoy some of HP’s biggest deals with up to 62% off laptops, PCs, and monitors. Free shipping, good quality, and easy returns make this one a great choice this Holiday season. Find out more here.


zChocolat – this top French chocolate maker offers some of the best chocolate gifts – especially their Luxurious Mahogany Gift Boxes and Christmas Collection. Also, watch out for their annual Double Chocolate sale on Cyber Monday. Check them out by clicking this link: zChocolat


This is one of the best companies for getting memorable gifts – ones that can be personalized with engraving or embroidering. During Black Friday you can get 25% off entire site and 50% off their best buys. You can check them out here: Extra 10% OFF Personalized Gifts at Things Remembered! Use code A259 from 11/25-11/28 to save. Stacks with site promotions.

Office Designs

Herman Miller and Steelcase Holiday Sale – get up to 15% off popular items. Check them out, including the famous Leap Chair here: Save up to 15% + Free Shipping during the Holiday Sale at Office Designs. (Valid 11/19/18 – 12/10/18)


For gamers and bargain hunters, Alienware is offering some great deals. Buyers can save $560 on the Alienware Aurora i7 desktop PC with 16GB of memory and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics or get $450 off on the Alienware 15 i7 gaming laptop. Find more deals here: Alienware Discount Coupons.

Corporate Business Gifts

Needless to say, there are countless other bargains and deals to be had during this Black Friday & Cyber Monday. If you’re still on the hunt for that perfect Black Friday deal you might want to check these out:

Corporate Business Gifts

Wacky Gifts

Amazon Gift Guides

Happy Shopping!


How To Create Responsive Pins On Pinterest

My pins got 4643 saves on Pinterest last week and I am now up to 2.7 million monthly viewers. So I must be doing something right with my latest pin creations.

Recently, I have changed how I created my pins and the results seem to be working wonders. Small changes which have made a big difference in the numbers of saves, close-ups and clicks my pins now deliver.

These are design changes within the pins and also “coding” changes which I have made on my web pages. I have become serious with my Pinterest marketing and I have explored many different approaches to expanding my reach.

Pinterest Results Saves

Since my Pinterest marketing seems to be gathering traction I have written a very detailed “How To” section on my main website. This content is on for those interested in improving their Pinterest numbers. This is a detailed report on my latest Pinterest Stats/Numbers and a simple guide for creating more responsive pins.

If you want to improve your own Pinterest numbers – I would suggest you have look at these new tactics I am now using. These simple Pinterest tips and tactics may also help with your Pinterest marketing.

You can find it here: Pinterest Marketing Tips.


Why Is Pinterest Blocking Website Traffic By Throwing Up False 404 Links?

Recently, Pinterest has been showing false or incorrect “404” Not Found page signals for Pin URLs that are definitely on the web. Why?

 Why Is Pinterest Incorrectly Blocking Traffic?

Written by

What’s going on here? Does Pinterest have a coding problem or is it deliberately blocking traffic to your website by throwing false 404 links? Or is it blocking traffic to affiliate sites/links?

Something is definitely not right in the land that Pin built. I have been getting these 404 “not found” links (like the one in the Screenshot below) for over a week now and it is totally ticking me off because I am a die-hard Pinterest fan and user.

Pinterest Giving False 404 Not Found Pages Screenshot

I like finding helpful content and clicking thru to read the article on the linked site. But lately, all I am getting is these annoying “404” pages.

I swiftly learned these sites/links are not 404 pages – but are still up and running. I just as quickly started to edit out the jumbled link and click the desired URL.

Here’s what I am talking about. You see an interesting pin in your feed.

Pinterest Incorrectly Blocking Traffic Example Screenshot

Then you click the Pin for a closeup.

Pinterest Incorrectly Blocking Traffic Examploe Closeup Screenshot

You click the Pin to go to the interesting content and this happens:

Pinterest Incorrectly Blocking Traffic Screenshot - NOT FOUND!

But don’t despair – the content and page IS STILL on the web.

Pinterest Incorrectly Blocking Traffic Screenshot - Blog Page Example Alive and Well on the Web - Marked 404 by Pinterest.

If it’s great content and it’s still on the web – I want to read and view it. Just takes a little more work since Pinterest is falsely 404ing these pin links or pages.

Don’t know why Pinterest is doing this? Coding problems? Blocking affiliate links?

Or do they want to keep visitors on their site longer?

Can’t believe they would be so foolish as to try the last one. Mainly because their whole business model is letting users view images and then clicking thru to read the bookmarked content. It’s what makes Pinterest work. It’s what makes Pinterest fun to use.

And it’s what makes Pinterest great!

Just wonder what’s really going on and how long I will have to play “hide & seek” with Pinterest links?


This Is How To Find The Good URL In Your Pinterest Pins:

How to find the valid URL in the Pinterest Code - Paste it into your browser to go to the URL.


This Issue Seems To Be Fixed So It Probably Was A Coding Hiccup.